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Thread: R&R Maximum Homerdrive

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    Mapple Fan-boy HMS pinafore's Avatar
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    Not perfect but an underated, one of the better scully episode

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    Pin Pal alex_on_ice's Avatar
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    Yeah, you're absolutely right HMS pinafore. This episode from Season 10 is largely underrated. Personally it has always been one of my favorite episodes in Season 10 and I know a lot of the french simpsons fans really love this episode (on The Simpsons Park forum many of the members consider it to be the best of Season 10. At least when I was there).

    I love the atmosphere at the beginning of the episode with Homer and his family who go out to a restaurant. And I love the whole competition between that truck driver who is able to eat huge steaks and Homer who's trying to show he's better.

    But the whole idea of having truck drivers not needing to drive their trucks because of a new machine is wonderful. The scene where Homer and Bart are sitting on the trucks windshield is hilarious!

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    Season 10 continues when Homer become a trucker! Lisa tells the family she's protesting a new steakhouse and Homer insists they eat there. While there he ends up challenging a trucker named Red to an eating contest. Red wins, but dies of food poisoning. Homer, feeling bad for indirectly causing his death, takes it upon himself to ensure the man's last delivery arrives in Atlanta, with Bart tagging along. Meanwhile Marge and Lisa decide to find a doorbell for the house.

    While on the road Homer and Bart get into wacky shenanigans. Marge and Lisa get their doorbell but it won't stop and ends up keeping the entire town awake. Homer nearly kills himself and Bart but inadvertently discovers the truck has been installed with a machine that can drive it without the trucker needing to do anything. He is told by other truckers to keep this a secret but can't help but blab. In response the other truckers try to forcefully silence him but he manages to make it to Atlanta anyway and plans to take a train home with Bart. Meanwhile the doorbell problem is solved by Senor Ding-Dong himself as the episode ends.

    Overall I don't think this is a terrible episode but its pretty mediocre. I actually like most of the first act up until Homer just decides to drive the truck without consulting Marge at all. That's when Homer become pretty damn stupid for the remainder of the episode. The steakhouse set piece provides several solid laughs involving Mr. Burns and Tony Randall. But once Homer is on the road he gets pretty unlikable. From planning to divorce Marge and live in a diner to testing out the machine he just learned of by trying to run down a woman he is just really a jerkass. The Lisa and Marge subplot hardly needs to be mentioned at all as it really is just there to take up time, although I guess the very end was alright. Not much else to say really, I don't think this is anywhere near the worst episode of the show, or of this season for that matter, but it isn't even average, 2/5.

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    Why couldn't the sub-plot deal with Lisa petitioning to close down the steakhouse (Something that would have been at least a tiny bit relevant to the plot) and not about her and Marge looking for a new doorbell...

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    I'm baaaack! Patches O'houlihan's Avatar
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    Because this episode was written in the era when the writers really began to believe in their own brain vomit of "its a cartoon! It doesn't have to make sense!". The writers were like: "shit, making sense is too much work! Mike--let's go on autopilot and...hey, I just thought of joke with Homer, a semi and the spice girls and a panda...nah, we'll save the panda for later."

    I know some of you have this internal dialog when you read these reviews:b-but it is a cartoon. H-Homer is such a funny fat guy I don't know s-someone can't like him. me laugh. he's funny!"

    1. Shut up.

    2. This is the attitude that's produced the horrid episodes since season ten, which means about 80% of them. If appealing to the lowest common denominator had a dick, Scully would put on a skirt and be going down on the Lowest ComDom faster than a Thai hooker: "Oh, Al, stop making puns! This is great you've got to try this!". It's not like Mike's fooling anyone with that three-days growth of stubble in all his photos, he's a girl.
    Last edited by Patches O'houlihan; 07-29-2011 at 12:43 PM.
    Well, ya'know if you stay positive and forget about trivial things like "proper characterization," "Satire," and "emotional depth" watching new Simpsons episodes can be a seemingly enjoyable lie.

    I tried watching a new episode the Simpsons, but I realized the show hit a new low, like a brand new, underground parking structure of sadness.

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    I agree to a lot of stuff that Jake is saying ^

    3/5, I've seen this episode numerous times and it has a few good laughs. But still, as stated before. The plot just isn't believable.

    My favorite:
    "And for a drink?"
    H:hmm, meatballs
    "Excellent choice, sir"

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    I'm a real user of women hutz's Avatar
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    (2 birds with one stone. An episode review and an Episode Club review)
    Average season 10 outing.
    It's a pretty typical Scully episode, with flourishes of Mirkin thrown in (the speech by the trucker at the end, the Jehovahs Witnesses, Homer being distracted by the squirrel).
    I can remember seeing the premiere of this one and thinking it was pretty good, but not particularly memorable. Not much has changed.
    The b-story is actually one of my favourite Scully ones.

    Best Quotes:

    Marge: You still haven't told us why Lenny bit you.
    Homer: Well, I really gave him no choice. You see-

    Mr. Burns: I think I'll take ... Oooh that one.
    Mr. Burns: No, he's a bit listless, isn't he? Give me..Oooh, that spirited fellow!
    Mr. Burns: He didn't put up much of a fight. Why don't you pick one for me
    Mr. Burns: On second thought, I'll just have a glass of milk, from THAT cow.

    Homer: What's happening to me? There's still food, but I don't want to eat it. I've become everything I've ever hated!

    Dr. Hibbert: This man is dead. Look's to me like meat poisoning .. probably from some other restaurant.

    Bart: I want to go with ya, Dad!
    Homer: Don't you have school?
    Bart: Don't you have work?
    Homer: Ah, touche

    Marge:.. Lisa you ought to be a doorbell salesman.
    Gil: Ah, that's just what I need, another piranha in the tank.

    Jehovah's Witness Noreen: Wait, Marlon, I just had a thought. Maybe we're bothering people by trying to change their religion. What if we don't have all the answers?
    Jehovah's Witness Marlon: You're right, Noreen. Let's go get real jobs.
    Marge: Umm, I would have feigned interest.

    Trucker 1: Then we'll have to teach our friend some discretion.
    Trucker 2: Yeah, just like we did to Jimmy Hoffa.
    Trucker 1: Hey, shut up!

    Lisa: Mom, I need to get some sleep. I have a test tomorrow in birds suddenly appear-I mean English.

    Senor Ding Dong: Does anyone have any jumper cables .. Oh, you stinking Chevy!

    Highlights include the Tony Randall references, the heimlich machine, Homer's hallucination(lousy drunks, I'll show them!), the "truck driving music", Homer pulling his horn(Lousy punk!), Marge and Lisa's unsuccessful attempts at a doorbell ring, Homer and Bart at the drive-in(It ate Everybody, Stupid), The Gassy Knoll, Homer being distracted by the squirrel, and the Autotron bailing out.

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    Administrator Sam's Avatar
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    In a twist, I used to very much dislike this one, but now I've come around to appreciate it thanks to @zach during the Weekly Simpsons thing. 4/5.

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    pushed a woman into 9/11 zach's Avatar
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    aww...that makes me think about joining the club again.


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    A Lonely, Insignificant Speck Insanity Pepper's Avatar
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    Right before Homer declares that Red Barclay isn't breathing, Red Barclay blinks. This episode is okay, especially before the autodrive thing kicks in. After that, it gets pretty wacky. 4/10

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    Hired Goon
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    So... in the spirit of wacky Homer doing things on a whim, I decided to watch some random Scully episodes and see if I can hold the same disdain for them as I do with modern episodes. I'll be using my usual "act by act" reviewing style.

    ACT ONE:

    We begin right off the bat with Jerkass Homer being a jerkass, with him actually bragging about antagonizing the nurse. Then we get the cuckoo "animal rights" Lisa, announcing that she's going to protest a new steakhouse because she doesn't think that people should eat meat. Didn't the writers see Lisa the Vegetarian? I forgot that this version of Lisa was actually introduced this early.

    There's some good material from the eating contest, though. "Who's a greenhorn? What's a greenhorn?!" as well as the hilarious "What's happening to me? There's still food, but I don't want to eat it. I've become everything I've ever hated!"

    Then it gets obnoxious again when Homer just decides to jump into the truck on a whim.

    ACT TWO:

    There's some good material like Homer putting on The Spice Girls and dancing pleasantly to them, but there's also the usual obnoxious Scully shit, too, like Homer attempting to run down the kid.

    The doorbell subplot - I don't know what to say about it. There's some things I like about it (like the Jehovah's Witness scene, which is probably the highlight of this episode), but overall I just find it dull and poorly planned. Lisa just randomly picks one out, knowing that it's the doorbell Marge wants? Marge somehow knows how to install one herself? Shit don't make sense…

    Oh yeah, and then Homer falls asleep. Whatever. Maybe I would have felt the suspense if I haven't already seen this one.


    Ugh, now it's gotten bad.

    We have that stupid autopilot device, and a group of truckers manage to scare him into not telling anyone about it. And then guess what? He's giddily telling everyone about it!

    Then the plot comes to a resolution when the convoy chases after them and they manage to defy gravity by jumping over them. What. The. Fuck?

    The doorbell subplot ending was definitely very abrupt as well, with Señor Ding Dong just showing up and fixing the doorbell by whipping it. Again, what. The. Fuck?


    Yeah, Scully sucks. But I'm saying what we are all thinking. 2/5 (D)

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    Humor: Perhaps one of the least funny Simpsons episodes of all time. The only moments i found funny were the scene with Mr Burns and the cows, Homer hallicunating under the eating contest, and i think i got a mild laugh out of Senor Ding Ding. Grade: F

    Plot: The mainplot is another wacky Homer adventure with him acting like a dumb jerk with some-one following on his wacky antics. The thing with Homer discovering some kind of truck device and him and Bart getting chased at the time reminded me more of some action movie rather than The Simpsons. The sub-plot was garbage too. Grade: F

    Characters: Homers is very annoying and jerky in the episode. Forexample, the little fight Homer has with Randall before the eating contest, Homer trying to run down a old woman, Homer trying to run down a kid, Homer planning to divorce Marge. All pretty horrible stuff. Marge and Lisa are just used for a boring subplot. The sub-plot is probably my third least favorite sub-plot next too the Sunday Cruddy Sunday/The Boys Of Bummer subplots. Pretty terrible as well. Grade: D-

    Cant believe i used to like this pile of shit. Worst episode of season 10. Dont know if i would go as far as too call it one of the worst of all time but its up there. Grade: F

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    Pin Pal AdrenalinDragon's Avatar
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    Holy crap! Another Season 10 episode that's really underrated! This one is kind of silly and shouldn't be taken seriously. Homer didn't bother me at all and I thought this was a great episode overall.

    My Top 100 Simpsons episodes

    My Simpsons season rankings (1-23):

    6 > 8 > 5 > 7 > 3 > 4 > 10 > 9 > 2 > 12 > 1 > 11 > 16 > 15 > 13 > 17 > 14 > 18 > 20 > 19 > 23 > 21 > 22

    Simon Era - Reiss Era - Mirkin Era - Oakley Era - Scully Era - Jean Era

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    Stonecutter Mazamaxe's Avatar
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    "Oh, humans are so ridiculous.He's not even halfway through Walter and he's already hallucinating".
    "Lousy drunks! I'll show them!"

    One of my favorites lines in the episode.

    A very good episode.


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    Junior Camper
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    3/5 Don't really get the hate for this one

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    Junior Camper mrserious's Avatar
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    One of the worst episodes I've seen. Most of the jokes were painful and unfunny. The plot was absurd, and the sub plot was about a friggin doorbell. WTF. Personally, I like to pretend this episode never existed.

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    Junior Camper Dr. Bill Harford's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Green_Peaness View Post
    Like some others said, it has its moments. They happen to be hard to notice because of how irritating Homer is and how awful the subplot is...and the main plot certainly isn't good either. But really there are good moments. "Wow, it's even more wonderful than Lisa said" is that not hilarious?

    Bottom line is, it may be the most season 10-y episode of season 10. It's shrill and has an uninteresting plot, and yes there are plenty of bad/childish jokes, but if you look past that there are some really hilarious moments here and there. There's a reason why casual fans often say the show was great from seasons 2-10 (or 3-10...that's their loss).
    Great post, though I'd be less forgiving of this. Still, it brings back good memories. "You can sit back and feel your ass grow" used to be one of my absolute favourite lines. Far from good, but much, much worse has been produced. D+/C-

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    Junior Camper Liks's Avatar
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    This a great episode of season 10, it's really underated. Some people says that is another Homet wacky adventure, but no. This is episode is absurd, and yeah that's the point, like Homer at the bat (s3) or The Springfield Files (s8). A very good episode 9/10.

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    One of the worst episodes of a mediocre season. 2/10

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    Stonecutter ComicBookGal's Avatar
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    I actually like this episode, homer does something spontaneous for a guy he only knew for like ten seconds (but his heart was in the right place at least) and i'm kind of envious right now I'm trapped at home because of the virus and the truckers get to keep doing their job

    that doorbell did not sound a bit like Close to you (okay maybe it does but that is a terrible chime tone)
    Simpsons Comics 1993-2018

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    Well, I liked the 2001 reference.

    "I'm afraid I can't let you do this, Red. The risk is unacceptable."
    "I'm not Red, I'm Homer!"
    "Gotta go!"

    And I liked the Marge/Lisa subplot if only because we hear Marge say "Dammit, ring the bell!" which was hilarious the first time I saw this.

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