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Thread: Rate/Review -- KotH: "DaleTech"

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    space-time condominium chris's Avatar
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    Question Rate/Review -- KotH: "DaleTech"

    Things seem to be picking up this season! "DaleTech" was even better than "Après Hank" last week, which instills hope in me that the show might be coming out of its rut. Great, great use of the Cotton/Dale friendship. Although, uh, for some reason I've already forgetten how it ended; was Cotton still an officer? Did he go home? And such a shame about Topsy... (5/5)

    On the other hand, "Rich Hank, Poor Hank," did not fare well on its repeat viewing for me. It was one of my favorites this season, but it seemed a bit bland this go around; Bobby's whole brilliant fantasy sequence about having escapades with his millionaire dad is still the best part.

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    biennial playoff contender Rowdy's Avatar
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    I found this to be another flawless episode. Just as strong as the classics from the early seasons. Let's hope the trend continues, and I do agree that "Rich Hank, Poor Hank" is a fine episode, but it definitely looked great by comparison to the rest of this rather lackluster season.

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    where is everyone Cole's Avatar
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    Very good episode with a surprisingly entertaining mystery element. I assumed Dale was the one who was moving things around in Hank's house as part of his elaborate yet ill-conceived DaleTech plan. A

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    Mod, eh? Tomacco's Avatar
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    Everything came together beautifully in this episode. What started with a confusing cold opening became a great episode, and the return of Cotton who it feels like I havn't seen in ages. One of the top this season, even beating last week's if you ask me. Nice to see two weeks in a row of good good KOTH.

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    Couple of trivia points:

    1) Topsy was originally supposed to die onscreen in the "Returning Japanese" episode, but it was cut.

    2) Another sixth-season episode, "Torch Song Hillogy," had a B story where a character becomes an auxilary police officer, but it was cut for lack of time. I guess the aux-cop idea finally resurfaced here. But in that episode it was going to be Luanne who became an aux-cop, so I assume the plot was somewhat different.

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    THAT'S MY PURSE! pocketfox's Avatar
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    I loved this one, especially the line "We accept Blue Cross? What kind of a brothel is this?". The best Cotton episode yet. 5/5
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    hi kevin's Avatar
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    Another winner. KOTH is exceeding expectations now. 5/5

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    pee air true dough Larson Something's Avatar
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    Best one I've seen for a while. You can usually count on Cotton episodes. 4.

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    Dr. America

    They shouldn' have killed Topsy. Topsy was a great character. I think if they are killing off Topsy, it might be a sign that the end of the show is near.

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    enfranchised and entrenched Spartan's Avatar
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    Very sexily produced episode. I loved just about all of it. Although I sorta got disgusted at the part when Cotton was treated like a freakin' baby in a little prison. Dale, once again, makes this episode what it is. Kahn gets a new layer to his character, a turn for the better.

    Who knows, maybe DaleTech (the actually "company") can be used in plot lines later on.

    TheSpartan's Official Rating: 9.2/10

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    The Spring in Springfield
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    It actually felt like it could have been from seasons 4-6.

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    Junior Camper
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    Great ep, but, naturally, I love just about ANY ep that features Dale and Cotton together ( I just LOVE the dynamic between those two! ).
    P.S., Too bad about Topsy. He will be missed...

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