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Thread: R&R Krusty Gets Busted

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    One of my favourites of the season, behind Moaning Lisa and Bart The General. A great first appearance for Sideshow Bob. 8/10 and a high 4/5 for the poll.

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    This is probably my favorite episode of season 1. Great first apparence by Sideshow Bob. Its easily the funniest of season 1, i wont list the gags i liked, as there was so many funny moments, so i simply say some other things i liked about it. I really liked seeing Bart and Lisa trying to solve a mystery for the first time together. (Correct me if im wrong) The revelation was great as well. Overall i have no complaints about this awesome episode. Grade:A+
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    Good one, not great.

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    Another one of the best, the first appearance of Sideshow Bob. 5/5

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    I just watched this again, and man, this never gets old! I could say that this is the first truly brilliant episode, and the best of the season 1 for sure.
    Sideshow Bob's introduction to the series is legendary, robbing the bank, Homer hiding behind snacks, Bart's Krusty-fandom, the great plot. Too many amazing stuff here, a definite 5/5

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    The best episode of Season 1. It reminds me a lot of subsequent seasons. It begins to show what The Simpsons writers are able to do with plot by creating an engaging story that also develops Bart's character. Not only is he a mischievous prankster, but he is also clever and intelligent when he wants to be. It also shows how Bart and Lisa make a good team. 8/10

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    Best of the season


    Sideshow bob! Sideshow bob!

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    Not a fan of Sideshow Bob or this episode.


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    7/10. Any episode with sideshow Bob is a good one and this is no exception.

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    4/5 a classic episode!
    Simpsons collector cince 2007 and i like it!

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    I'm watching the series for my first time through - so take my opinion with a grain of salt, but I thought the Krusty character was incredibly grating (I know that's kind of the point but still, he's just annoying to me). Sideshow Bob is great though and it was fun recognizing Kelsey Grammar's voice. I'd give the episode 4/5 for Sideshow Bob's character alone, but am NOT looking forward to more Krusty-centric episodes.
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    To those saying this is the best of the season, I would put Crepes of Wrath, Bart the Genius (not Bart the General) and Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire above it (if only because it was the very first episode and introduces the characters so effortlessly).

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    Ah, the very first Sideshow Bob episode.

    Also, I think, the most important episode of season 1.

    Every long time watcher or fan should watch this one.


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    Classic. I recall way back when even before the Simpsons DVDs, resorting to taping episodes off of Fox and this happened to be one of them i had on that VHS tape. Definitely a staple of the series and a classic in Season 1. I mean for one thing, it started off the whole Sideshow Bob saga that would come back again and again later in the series. Entertaining!

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    Well, I can say that I love the show for some of the funniest moments. There are some scenes that were removed for syndication, such as the Itchy and Scratchy one, but other than that, It was so funny and good, especially with Homer misspelling "guilty" and unable to tell which clown is which. But anyways, it shows off the first speaking appearance of Sideshow Bob (Kelsey Grammer), who even shows off his pipes for the first time when he sings "Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye" (showing off Grammer's first use of his singing skills also). (Bob had been silent since his first appearance in "The Telltale Head", but after Krusty's arrest and conviction did we hear Bob speak.) Anyways, I could tell that from the moment he chose Bart Simpson, they would become frenemies and arch-nemeses when Bart reveals who the real suspect is by whacking Bob on the feet. Also, there's some heartwarming moments when Bart finally gets his Krusty memorabilia after saving the clown and goes to bed with them. Overall, what a good episode. I give it 8.5 out of 10.

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    ur way too obsessed w/ sideshow bob

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    This episode seems like it could easily of been a season 2 episode. The plot is good, along with the characters. 5/5.

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    what does that even mean

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    That the episode could have aired in 1991

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    I don't understand how anyone could rate this great episode below 4/5. It is currently one of the greatest episodes of The Simpsons aired , and probably always will be as the new episodes are nowhere near as good as the episodes in the first 10 seasons. Easily a 5/5

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    When I think of Brad Bird's involvement with the Simpsons, I think of this episode. To me it seemed to be the highest-quality out of all the Season 1 episodes, in terms of animation.
    I never saw the full episode until we got the Season 1 DVD set for Christmas 2001. It was such a great episode, and had quite a bit of funny moments, and a great plot as well. I also love how Bart was the one that solved the mystery at the end, thus setting up a classic grudge of Sideshow Bob against Bart.
    As for Krusty being illiterate, I remember how apparently the staff behind the show either eschewed or forgotten about it. An easy explanation could be that Krusty learned to read after the episode took place, but "Lisa's First Word" and "Burns' Heir" feature instances where Krusty could read before "Busted" took place.

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    You know it's weird, I was just thinking about what if this episode were written today, if it were I bet there would have been a massive feud between Homer and Bart, I mean I'm shocked that Bart didn't make Homer's life a living hell after Krusty got convicted

    still this was a nice intro episode for Sideshow Bob (even though his first episode was technically Tell-a-tale Head but was silent

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    Count me among the fans who consider it a classic, with a 5/5 rating.

    I always liked the earlier characterisation for Krusty. I know the show has gotten a lot of mileage out of him being a burned out hack who was never any good, but I always preferred him as a local celebrity who was a competent entertainer and took pride in it, but was also troubled in his personal life and not necessarily someone to look up to (as Bart in particular did). However, the fact that he did put on a show that resonated with the children of Springfield and seemed to give a damn about it meant that it made sense that he was so beloved and admired. It certainly works for this episode, where Bart has to confront the fact that Krusty - even though he was framed of the crime he's been charged with - isn't necessarily the greatest person in the world, as he believes. The "fallen idol" story was nothing new, but it's timeless and always relevant.

    As far as mysteries are concerned, it's pretty solid. It's obviously the proper introduction of Sideshow Bob, who has become an iconic villain as Bart's long-time nemesis. It's not the most cryptic mystery, but it doesn't have to be. The clues were logical and laid out properly, and although the twist/reveal is pretty obvious in hindsight, the story is well-paced and generally very well-told. There's some great performances and character moments, though Reverend Lovejoy's first appearance definitely has him acting more "fire and brimstone" than his later characterisation.

    I think the humour is pretty good, too. Krusty's heart attack is darkly hilarious because of Brad Bird's poses and facial expressions, Homer's terrified dive into the snacks at the Kwik-E-Mart is great, and there's some really good dry and awkward humour in a few of the lines, such as Chief Wiggum's apology to Krusty. It's a good mix of humour, mystery, and emotion, exploring themes such as hero worship, celebrity scandals and public reactions, and professional and personal jealousy. A really great episode, and a memorable origin story for Sideshow Bob.
    A little less Generic than before.

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    A little weak in the humour department, but an enjoyable outing nonetheless. I can't fault the smart story structure or characterization, and there's no denying how important this episode is, as it kickstarts the whole Sideshow Bob saga (the only form of serialization in the show). It's nice to see the first (right?) example of Bart and Lisa working as a duo, as they would in many future episodes. Interesting how Sideshow Bob/Kelsey Grammer doesn't even get lines until over halfway through the episode, although it makes sense from a mystery writing perspective. Sideshow Bob's character is expanded upon a lot better in his next chapter. Springfield is already feeling alive after just 10 or so episodes.


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    Krusty Gets Busted is often chosen by many as the best of the first season. I never understood why, until the day I saw the episode again from a critical perspective. Sure, in my memories, this memory was not as fun as others. But, from now on, I can say that I understand the general consensus. I do not join them (my favorites are the pilot and Bart the General), but I do understand them. It's very good.

    He is primarily responsible for the positive reception of the episode.

    On this occasion, a splendid introduction was made to one of my favorite characters. Obviously, I mean the unmatched Sideshow Bob. Perhaps, at this time there was no intention to deepen it in the future but, probably unwittingly, prepared the ground anyway. Bob is presented as what he is: a criminal and dangerous antagonist, as well as surprisingly intelligent, but with a carelessness that prevents him from achieving his evil plans, and with certain humanity that sometimes plays against him (as in this case, conversing in the air with Bart to solve your problem). Of course, Kelsey Grammer makes her debut here, which is, by a huge difference, the most spectacular guest star on the show. On this occasion, to top it off, we have the honor of hearing him sing, which is always an absolute pleasure. Great debut for both.

    Look at him, so adorable and disturbing at the same time. He will always be the 1.

    It is remarkable the importance of this episode in Bart. We know three of his relationships that would give the character more development. One of them, which we all perceive, at first sight, is the beginning of his enmity with his new enemy, Bob. But there are two other dynamics, even more important, that are also explored here. One of them is the one he shares with his sister Lisa. This is the first time that we see them working as a team, in search of the same objective. He brings good vibes. She, intelligence. And, together, they managed to solve, in a few seconds, a crime that nobody in the police managed to solve. The third relationship is the one he shares with Krusty. Bart went from being a follower of the Clown, to feeling for him an extreme fanaticism, considering him for the first time as his idol and admitting that he bases his life on his teachings, which made me very pleasant and sad at the same time.

    The idolatry of the child to the Clown is something as beautiful as the picture of his hand with four fingers.

    The story, like most during the first season, has a really high potential. But, in this case, it is exploited to the maximum. They did everything in their power to make it catchy, even though the focus of attention is not "Who is the thief?" but "how do we save the innocent?" which is not so interesting at first sight. The aforementioned relationship between Bart and Krusty is one of them. This, is accompanied by the crossroads of Homer, between doing the right thing or what would make his son happy. It also develops Bob's wickedness and falsehood, Lisa's disbelief, Krusty's illiteracy, Bart's hope and goodwill, the ineffectiveness of the police, the opportunism of the religious and the annoyances that Patty and Selma generate. Oh and, by the way, we also have Judge Snyder without the skin color that would characterize him from then on. Something very common in the first season.

    Snyder yellow and Krusty without makeup. The beads of the first few times.

    Humor is the weak point, although at times it is effective. For example, in every abuse of Krusty to his sideshow. Also when Homer has fun with clowns, even though they are all depressed. Also, it's very funny to me that the police believe that Krusty is the only one because the criminal uses his own make-up. So is the deployment of such an operation by a simple robbery to the Kwik-E-Mart. On the other hand, there are genuine emotions that are perceptible to the viewers. The loneliness that Bart feels, in his room, after his hero has apparently failed him, achieves a fantastic realism. It is also amazing the expression of evil that shows Bob when it is revealed that he was the one who assaulted the mini-super, with that diabolical laugh. Finally, I want to highlight the good cultural references that are in Bob's program. I wish I had seen more of this throughout the show.

    One of the most shocking scenes of this season.

    Krusty Gets Busted not only stands out for its quality in itself but also for the importance it will have for the future of the series and for how well it develops several facets of certain characters, as well as serving as the first appearance of an excellent character such as Sideshow Bob.

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    Good episode.
    I like Sideshow Bob's read of "The Man in the Iron Mask"
    However, IMHO, this is not the best Sideshow Bob episode (I said about entire episode, not only Sideshow Bob's part). On the other side, considering this is only season 1, the episode is pretty solid.

    TOTAL 82.7/100. GOOD!
    IMHO the best and the worst episodes of each season (in bold — the best and worst of overall series, upd. 24/04/20):
    1. Moaning Lisa/Homer’s Night Out 2. Bart vs. Thanksgiving/Simpson and Delilah 3. Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington/Homer Alone 4. Homer’s Triple Bypass/Marge in Chains 5. Secrets of a Successful Marriage/Bart’s Inner Child 6. Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part I)/A Star Is Burns 7. Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily/Treehouse of Horror VI 8. My Sister, My Sitter/The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase 9. Miracle on Evergreen Terrace/Bart Star 10. Wild Barts Can’t Be Broken/Simpsons Bible Stories 11. Days of Wine and D’oh’ses/Pygmoelian 12. Homer vs. Dignity/New Kids on the Blecch 13. Poppa’s Got a Brand New Badge/Weekend at Burnsie’s 14. Moe Baby Blues/Helter Shelter 15. Fraudcast News/Co-Dependent’s Day 16. Goo Goo Gai Pan/A Star Is Torn 17. Bonfire of the Manatees/Kiss Kiss, Bang Bangalore 18. 24 Minutes/Stop, Or My Dog Will Shoot! 19. Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind/Husbands and Knives 20. Coming to Homerica/Four Great Women and a Manicure 21. The Squirt and the Whale/Treehouse of Horror XX 22. The Blue and the Gray/Elementary School Musical 23. A Totally Fun Thing That Bart Will Never Do Again/Moe Goes from Rags to Riches 24. Hardly Kirk-ing/Gorgeous Grampa 25. Brick Like Me/What to Expect When Bart’s Expecting 26. Sky Police/Treehouse of Horror XXV 27. Halloween of Horror/Treehouse of Horror XXVI 28. 22 for 30/Havana Wild Weekend 29. Flanders’ Ladder/Springfield Splendor 30. Baby You Can’t Drive My Car/The Clown Stays in the Picture 31. TBA/TBA
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    I think that thoughts may differ, because so many people, so many opinions.

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    This is an extremely well made episode. Unlike other good episodes which either excelled in only certain areas while ignoring others or just did everything fine, this episode does everything really well. There's compelling character drama, a well constructed mystery, and a good amount of funny jokes (part of which is thanks to the extremely expressive facial expressions. This is easily the best looking episode of season 1). Sideshow Bob is amazing in every scene he's in and even though I knew he frames Krusty from the start, I was surprised by how he does it. The episode literally shoves the answer in the audience's face, yet I still didn't get it. That takes some extremely talented writing. 10/10

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    Thumbs Up Krusty Gets Busted

    Krusty Gets Busted.gif

    "Krusty Gets Busted" is an episode that introduced many different characters and story arcs. We are introduced to possibly one of the greatest Simpsons characters, Sideshow Bob and we also get the Sideshow Bob-Bart conflict that will continue for the next 31 years. I view this episode as the best Krusty the Clown-centric episode, because of the construction it has and the difference it made for Krusty as a character.

    I will start by saying that this episode highlights two things: Bart's admiration for Krusty and Krusty's personality in how he is treating his colleagues. I don't know, but for the first 3 or 4 seasons, I didn't think of Krusty as someone, who only thinks of himself, but rather careless and sometimes innocent. This is basically the reason, why I love this episode! He is not a violent, cruel, addicted to alcohol and cigarettes celebrity, but instead a man, who just wants to do his job and went too far by treating Sideshow Bob the way he did. It was just for comical effect, but I feel Bob in some ways, because he was always in the shadow of Krusty and was never allowed to do anything, but being the victim and the butt of Krusty's pranks and jokes. However, I don't believe a saint person would try to frame his partner and try to murder a 10-year-old multiple times, without getting sick of it! I also need to remind that this 10-year-old, Bart Simpson managed to reveal his master plan, putted him in jail numerous times and avoided getting killed on various occasions and all that for his favourite TV clown, who, most of the time, whenever they meet ignores him or doesn't even remember his name, despite Bart saving him, his life and his career for 31 seasons!

    Now, there are two things I need to mention. The first one is Homer's role in the episode and the other one is Sideshow Bob's role. I said it a lot of times before, but I really admire Homer in season 1 for a specific reason: He seems to love his children unconditionally! The fact that Homer went to court just for Bart is something that the current Homer Simpson would probably do, but will try to kill time by sleeping inside the courtroom. I saw, however that he still somehow didn't believe it was Krusty. I mean he saw the whole thing, but I think that Homer was still smart to realise that this is not the same Krusty. I also love Sideshow Bob in this one! He is truly the best villain in "The Simpsons", aside from Mr Burns. I want to believe that Bob is so smart that he was actually able to fool everyone into believing it was Krusty, found a Krusty costume, maintained his voice etc. Who knew back then that he was going to be defeated by a 10-year-old boy? Brilliant acting for Kelsey Grammer and a marvellous appearance for Dr. Robert "Bob" Underdunk Terwilliger, probably his best!

    ACT 1

    The episode begins with Bart, Lisa and Maggie watching Krusty the Clown on TV, something they do for almost every episode! During the show, a reluctant Sideshow Bob is launched from a cannon, as a girl's wish for her birthday. I don't think girls 1990 wanted something like this for their birthday! Marge is hurt by all the unnecessary violence, with Lisa, as the smart child of the family, pointing out that if cartoons were meant for adults, they would be placed on prime time, literally referencing their own show as one of them! Later, Marge asks Homer to go and buy some ice cream, as Patty and Selma are coming over to show some slides of their trip to Mexico. Hmm.....I remember the repeated that joke in a modern episode titled "Puffless". I guess the writers were rewatching season 1 again.

    So, Homer goes to the Kwik-E-Mart to purchase the ice cream, but while there, he becomes the witness of a robbery held by a man that appears to be Krusty, which in a modern day episode with Krusty as the protagonist would have happened. Then, it cuts to two scenes: Patty and Selma showing the slides and Homer giving a description of the robber to the police. Meanwhile, Krusty is relaxing in his apartment with a drink, unaware of the robbery that has his name on it, when a SWAT team bursts into the house and arrests him and Homer identifies Krusty the Clown as the robber. He returns home as they finish the slides and grateful that he missed it, but his happiness soon fades as he sees the camera recorded every single word he said about the visit of his two sisters-in-law and as Homer hides from embarrassment, Bart is devastated that his idol could have done such a thing.

    This is the end of act 1.

    Krusty The Thief.jpg

    Krusty without make-up.jpg

    ACT 2

    In act 2, Kent Brockman tells the history of Krusty and reports on his upcoming trial. In the meantime, Reverend Lovejoy gathers all the Krusty merchandise to burn them, despite the fact that it may not be the right period to burn stuff. The next day as Krusty walks up the steps, Bart and Lisa look him in disbelief. They see a man that is far from the TV clown they know, he doesn't wear make-up, he has small feet and wears a prison uniform. Inside the courtroom, Homer points out with hesitation that Krusty is the robber and returns home with Marge to burn all. the Krusty merchandise in Bart's room, with a sad Bart watching his favourite things in flames. The next day, during another trial, they discover that Krusty is illiterate. Nevertheless, the reach to the guilty verdict, after examining Krusty's knowledge.

    Back at the house, Lisa and Maggie watch Sideshow Bob, who now has his own show, promising that the show will be more educational. Bart is obviously upset about it and convince Lisa to help him prove that Krusty is innocent. They go to the Kwik-E-Mart to examine the crime through the security camera tapes and they discover many inconsistencies. They point out that the robber had used a microwave to heat his burrito, which has sign warning that it is unsafe for pacemakers users. Lisa even recalls that a few years ago, Krusty had suffered a heart attack and had a pacemaker installed. Also, the robber is reading a magazine, but recently they learnt that Krusty is illiterate. This the moment Lisa realises that Bart was right all along and she asks him who would want to frame him and she him suffer, so Bart suggests going to Sideshow Bob, Krusty's best friend, who might know some of Krusty's enemies that wanted him to go to prison. Meanwhile, Sideshow Bob has finished his show up and asks his crew to have a few moments alone, as he is still devastated by Krusty's recent imprisonment. Soon, however, his crying transforms into a sinister laughing, such a good friend.

    Bart feeling disappointed by his hero.png

    ACT 3

    Act 3 is so good and satisfying in both characterisation of the characters and for the episode. Anyway, at the television studio, Sideshow Bob has a meeting with show runners to discuss merchandise ideas, when Bart, Lisa and Maggie pay a visit to him. He dismissed their questions and offers them tickets to his show. In the audience, a saddened Bart is sitting with Bob noticing him and inviting him to a new psychological show called "Choices". There, he reveals that his saddens comes from a feeling that Krusty was wrongfully framed, but Bob tries to convince him otherwise by brushing off the clues he found. In response to that, he reminds Bob that he used to be his sidekick to which Bob claims that the man could have easily killed him by launching him from the cannon. Later on, he points out that he has big toes and Bart recalls a scene from the security camera's videotape, with Homer accidentally stepping on the toes of "Krusty", but when Lisa and him saw Krusty he had normal-sized feet. After a lot of thinking, Bart concludes by saying that Sideshow Bob is the murder. Of course, this makes him upset and tries to defend himself, but Bart graced the microphone and proved that his theory was true by hitting his feet with a mallet. Hopefully, the police was watching the show at the time and Chief Wiggum orders the arresting of Sideshow Bob.

    Outside the studio, he confesses his crime and explains that he did it, because he got sick of Krusty's antics and spending of the shows profits on gambling. He also felt his intelligence was wasted on the show and wanted to make something educational for the public and himself and with a Scooby-Doo reference, swears revenge on Bart and warns criminals to treat kids as equals, because their smartness doesn't have to do with their age. In the end, everything is back to normal: Krusty's released from prison and Chief Wiggum apologises for the misunderstanding with Homer. He forgives them and thanks the support of the populace and Bart for sticking to the truth. They proudly take a photo together and we finally see Bart sleeping with his room refurnished with new Krusty items.

    The Sideshow Bob Show.jpg

    I liked the episode! It has everything I like: Heart, Humour, satire and drama! Hilarious and exciting! I give it a 4/5! Pretty good for their first mystery!

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    The penultimate episode of the first season is a nice one, having a good mystery story centered around Krusty the Clown who robs the Kwik-E-Mart and Bart being the only one who believes his idol to be innocent with nice plotting, drama, humor and pretty stellar directing by Brad Bird. It was showing more signs of how good it would become and even though they wasn't there just yet and the episode not being that amazing (especially not compared to later Sideshow Bob episodes), it is still a one that holds up and stands out as one of the better episodes of the season.

    The proper introduction of Krusty the Clown (and Sideshow Bob) was an effective one, setting up the plot nicely & showing how big of a Krusty fan Bart is. Homer going to Kwik-E-Mart to buy ice cream and becoming the head witness of Krusty robbing Apu was an well-done dramatic scene with some decent humor from Homer's cowardly reaction (with his quick dive among the heavily-salted snack treats) & I liked him having to focus to identify the robber from a clown lineup and a SWAT team breaking into Krusty's home to arrests him in the most ridiculously dramatic fashion. The news get to the media and Bart becoming crushed at his hero being a crook (that scene of him in denial in his darkened room was a real good bit; the synth music in that scene felt odd, as the show usually uses orchestral music).

    There's some good back info on Krusty (the blooper with his on air heart attack is a funny moment or dark humor). The courtroom scenes were good, having some nice humor with Homer outed as a coward, drama as well as character development with Krusty being revealed to be illiterate. The burning of the Krusty products (headed by an dramatic Reverend Lovejoy) was also an memorable part. Bart getting Lisa to help him and the two going out to solve the mystery was nice overall (first time they worked together as a crime-solving duo) and them picking up the leads was some good, zippy stuff (and Apu being something of a gun nut early on, even here appearing on the cover of a gun magazine with his firearm of choice, was a detail I found weird, as was him threatening to shoot the kids).

    Sideshow Bob, getting a lot of focus as he takes over from Krusty and turns the show into a more sophisticated one, was certainly a highlight. Kelsey Grammer did a great job bringing the the deep voiced, well-spoken machiavellian to life for the first time. The identity of him being the perpetrator was decently hidden (if it hadn't been for his laugh post-performance transforming into an evil one it would've been even better). Bart and Lisa confronting him was a nice scene, as was Bart going on air with Bob to tell about the evidence they found (that show's how it couldn't possible been Krusty), leading up to revealing Bob to be the culprit by hitting one of his large feet (as Krusty has small feet, but only big, long clown shoes).

    So Bob is arrested, taken away while explaining his motive about hating Krusty for his squandering personality & praising kids in an amusing scene (also giving that stereotypical "If it weren't for those meddling kids" line), Krusty is cleared and forgiven by an very regretful Chief Wiggum and thanks Bart for saving him (it is rare to see Krusty so nice) & Bart can easily sleep that night, surrounded by Krusty products once again. What a nice ending, maybe a bit too perfect, simple and neat but it felt deserved, all things considered.

    All in all, a solid episode, probably not reaching up to the highest marks for me for whatever reason (while it is a real good one, it just doesn't reach up to the top marks so another 'Bart The General' it is not) but having all the ingredients and a nice execution of its elements. There were also lot of memorable stuff, such as an pretty serious tone similarily to 'The Crepes Of Wrath' and an intentionally less focus on humor and silliness, and little off-feeling details so it made for an interesting episode.

    A strong 4/5 for an overall quite good episode. If they hadn't chosen to air 'Some Enchanted Evening' after this, it would have made for an perfect season finale.
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