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    Rate/Review King of the Hill's "Patch Boomhauer" (Season 8 premiere)

    4/5 for me. Good use of Boomhauer and good expansion on his character.
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    Bad. Plot was used up, dialogue was mildly interesting, ball-and-chain gag was horrible. I'm disappointed in Brad Pitt, he has been doing some good stuff of late. This was just a bad episode of KOTH

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    Probably too low-key for a season premiere (where I'm always looking for something spectacular after a five-month KotH drought), but good. Best moment was Patch imitating Hank, complete with the trademark Hank neck-rub.

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    i thought that episode was awesome. it had a great plot and it was all about boomhauer 5/5 i hope season 8 is like that episode.
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    It was kinda predictable but I enjoyed it.
    I don't like the digital animation though. Seems they've switched over entirely, as Simpsons did last year. It just looks weird, because for KOTH, the animation was really a huge part of its feeling. They had a few isolated scenes last season done digitally and then the following scene would be in old animation style, and I found it really glaring.

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    Hmmm...didn't notice the digital animation change. The episode was pretty good, but that's coming out of a guy who doesn't watch KOTH on a regular basis, yet knows who all the characters are...

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    Enjoyable enough. Got enough laughs out of me to warrant a decent grade at least. Brad Pitt did a good job as Patch, and it was nice to see an episode devoted to Boomhauer again. My favorite gag might actually be a background one, with Bobby presenting the burger to Patch and Katherine, but later proceeding to eat it himself.

    However, the plot could've used some work. The episode was probably aiming to be a more meaningful episode, like with "Dang Ol' Love", here examining Boomhauer's unresolved feelings for Katherine and his jealousy of his brother. There were some encouraging spots, mostly when Katherine shows up at Boomhauer's door. Unfortunately, the episode only half succeeds and falls victim to contrived storytelling tactics, here with everybody just assuming Boomhauer is out to ruin Patch and Katherine's wedding, but Boomhauer is the only one smart enough to see through Patch's unwillingness to give up his womanizing ways. Eventually, Hank and crew will catch on, the wedding will be called off, feel-good ending, the end. This storytelling tactic really doesn't reveal anything about Boomhauer that isn't made already obvious within the episode, and around the time Hank and crew boot him out of the party because he (and others) believe he hired "women of low moral integrity" (is that what Hank said?), the episode just felt it was going through the motions. And there were moments of stiff dialogue too. The ending with Katherine's justification for Boomhauer's hiring of prostitutes was a bit of stretch already, but then having to explain that it was not OK for Patch to do the same thing after he confesses? Strained tired dialogue. And this last thing might be a nitpick, but their reasons for marrying each other were a bit vague really. Was Katherine really just trying to use Patch as Boomhauer? Did she have an actual interest in Patch? Or was she just confused?

    Nevertheless, it was funny enough though, and a decent premiere. Even if, as arlen_texas has already stated, it was "too low-key"

    Grade: B-

    Edit: The episode I believe is titled "Patch Boomhauer". Somebody (arlen_texas, Tomacco, anyone else) correct me if I'm wrong on this.
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    Originally posted by Tomacco
    I don't like the digital animation though. Seems they've switched over entirely, as Simpsons did last year.
    Oh, jeez. I've thought the show has started to look horrible lately. This would explain it. With The Simpsons, the digital animation helped to bring back a kind of warmth to the appearance of the show; with King of the Hill, it's turned it sterile and cold.

    The episode story-wise? It was okay. Kind of bland, like all the episodes of last season, but still enjoyable enough. 3/5

    It's sad to see that King of the Hill has really started imploding in on itself lately. I hope it makes it past season 8 for the better.

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    I should nitpick that it's actually not "digital animation," either on KotH or The Simpsons. It's still hand-drawn animation, but it's digitally painted and photographed.

    Wes Archer, who returned as supervising director during season 8, gave an interview where he said that he's working on some techniques to overcome the "still" look of digital and imitate the look of cel animation. Any Simpsons fan will know why I have faith in Archer's ability to bring some visual interest to the show.

    The interesting part of this episode was not so much the relationship of Boomhauer and Katherine (who, if she hasn't already figured out the truth about Patch, must be pretty danged dumb), as what it said about the relationship of Boomhauer and Hank; it reminded us that Hank respects Boomhauer more than any of his other friends -- and as someone said on another message board, holds him to higher standards than he has for Bill and Dale.

    On the continuity front, was it weird that there was no sign of Boomhauer's parents or grandmother at the wedding rehearsal? Also, Luanne was seated next to the "Cheesy guy" she and Hank met in the bar in the "Night and Deity" episode. (She was invited to the wedding but Boomhauer's parents weren't?)

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    Episode earned megaratings due to NFL....always good to see KOTH getting props...

    Great, great episode. Funny although a bit predictable....better than half of what we saw last season, so we're off to a great start.

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    That's the name they used? Jeez, not too creative.

    I didn't see all of it, but it was fairly humorous. Is it just me, or is Boomhauer becoming more comprehensible?

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    That's the name they used?
    No, the actual title was just "Patch Boomhauer."

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    Originally posted by arlen_texas
    No, the actual title was just "Patch Boomhauer."
    Whoopsie daisy. I read in a few different places that it was Dang Ol' Love 2, my mistake. Can a mod edit the title of this thread or something?

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    Great for a season premeire especially. Patch is a funny character in my opinion. A

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    As a casual KOTH fan, I thought it was very funny. Just knowing Brad Pitt was doing that speed talking was enough to make me laugh.

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    Patch was perfect for Brad Pitt's voice. (Especially after listening to his gibberish in Snatch.) However, I had the feeling that when this episode was written, they just thought up an ending in five minutes. They were really just looking for an excuse to have Brad as Boomhauer's brother, which was understandable, since the scenes where Patch and Boomehauer were talking to eachother were hilarious.


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