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Thread: R & R: Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk

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    Back when Homer losing his job had actual ramifications. I know they're already retreading the same ground as 'Homer's Odyssey' in some respects, fortunately this episode is much better. Like most of season 3 and 4 this plot is fairly thin, but it's filled with great gags, and they make the most out what they have. The status quo is restored in a way that feels believable, and I really liked Burns taking the plant back when he realizes that without it people don't fear him, it feels very true to his character. And of course it has the very memorable land of chocolate sequence. For an episode about the SNP it's not quite as good as 'Homer Defined', but it's damn close, and still a classic.


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    This episode is certainly a top 10 of Season 3, which is one of my favorite seasons. However I find the ending sort of just comes at you all at once and wraps itself up quickly.

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    Burns and Smithers are among my fave characters and I love episodes they star. More than that, I also love episodes where the power plant is a regular setting — or even an inanimate character. The 3rd season just brought two of the best of them, this one and "Homer Defined."

    Homer talking to his stock broker, Homer meeting the German businessmen at Moe's (and one of them mentioning to buy the Cleveland Browns), the lunch in the Hungry Hun, the newly-rich employees' cars arriving in the parking lot and Burns mocking the Germans by the end of the episode are among the best sequences in the show; And I appreciate details like the German flag on barbed wire fences when it's announced the plant had just been sold.

    Also, Homer's chocolate daydream sequence is a classic scene for posterity.

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    when I saw the tracy ullman short Bart the Hero, I actually joked that if that short was made in this day and age Homer would have drank Bart's rewards money, which is kind of what happens in this episode. I don't have that much to say about the episode, especially when I'm watching another episode at the same time, I'm starting to wonder if Moe knew that bart was crank calling him this whole time....oh wait yes he did the Regina Monologues proved it
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    Good episode!

    The "The Land of Chocolate" scene is classic Golden-age comedy.
    Besides that, this episode is my the least favourite episode of season 3. The plot is too simple (it's actually "Good, but Season 3 has better").

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    As a Mr. Burns episode, of course this episode has some great stuff from him as well as other solid gags like the land of chocolate. The problem is that I don't find this episode to be that funny and the story is just okay. 7/10

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