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Thread: R & R: Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk

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    Back when Homer losing his job had actual ramifications. I know they're already retreading the same ground as 'Homer's Odyssey' in some respects, fortunately this episode is much better. Like most of season 3 and 4 this plot is fairly thin, but it's filled with great gags, and they make the most out what they have. The status quo is restored in a way that feels believable, and I really liked Burns taking the plant back when he realizes that without it people don't fear him, it feels very true to his character. And of course it has the very memorable land of chocolate sequence. For an episode about the SNP it's not quite as good as 'Homer Defined', but it's damn close, and still a classic.


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    This episode is certainly a top 10 of Season 3, which is one of my favorite seasons. However I find the ending sort of just comes at you all at once and wraps itself up quickly.

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    Burns and Smithers are among my fave characters and I love episodes they star. More than that, I also love episodes where the power plant is a regular setting — or even an inanimate character. The 3rd season just brought two of the best of them, this one and "Homer Defined."

    Homer talking to his stock broker, Homer meeting the German businessmen at Moe's (and one of them mentioning to buy the Cleveland Browns), the lunch in the Hungry Hun, the newly-rich employees' cars arriving in the parking lot and Burns mocking the Germans by the end of the episode are among the best sequences in the show; And I appreciate details like the German flag on barbed wire fences when it's announced the plant had just been sold.

    Also, Homer's chocolate daydream sequence is a classic scene for posterity.

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    when I saw the tracy ullman short Bart the Hero, I actually joked that if that short was made in this day and age Homer would have drank Bart's rewards money, which is kind of what happens in this episode. I don't have that much to say about the episode, especially when I'm watching another episode at the same time, I'm starting to wonder if Moe knew that bart was crank calling him this whole time....oh wait yes he did the Regina Monologues proved it
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    Good episode!

    The "The Land of Chocolate" scene is classic Golden-age comedy.
    Besides that, this episode is my the least favourite episode of season 3. The plot is too simple (it's actually "Good, but Season 3 has better").

    TOTAL 79.2/100. GOOD!
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    As a Mr. Burns episode, of course this episode has some great stuff from him as well as other solid gags like the land of chocolate. The problem is that I don't find this episode to be that funny and the story is just okay. 7/10

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    There wasn't many stories about Mr. Burns in the third season, but this is one of them and maybe its most prominent and well-known. It is also an episode I think is great one and an little gem of sorts, with its rather enjoyable and memorable plot about Mr Burns feeling desillusioned with his power plant and ends up selling it to a couple of German businessmen, who takes over and makes some changes to overhaul it (with the most noticeable one which is firing Homer for his incompetence) and a collection of great scenes and a lot of fun, well-written jokes. Maybe not a "masterpiece" but still a solidly great episode which I have always had a soft spot for (and I'm not just thinking of the Land of Chocolate daydream which is just one great moments in an episode full of solid moments).

    I love the opening with Smithers washing Burns' hair and the latter being saddened and to Snappy the Alligator (an alligator sock-puppet performed by Smithers) voicing his disillusionment with his plant and thought of selling it and Homer struggling with the vending machine (and Smithers mistaking his grievance for being worried for Burns). The following scene with Homer getting a call from his shady stockbroker about his power plant stock having gone up and Homer selling his shares to get $25 which he uses to buy a fancy beer at Moe's and at home finding out the stocks skyrocketed just afterwards (which caused him to lose $5,200) wasn't that necessary to the story per se, but it had some funny moments like the stock broker scene, Homer & Bart fantasizing about what they'd do with the money, the introduction of the Germans (which had a nice joke with one having had a big company in West Germany, the other a big one in East Germany and now, after the Berlin Wall, they have a very big company together) & the scene at home with Homer finding out that he sold his shares too soon & Bart kicks him in the butt. Then there was Homer seeing what his co-workers got for their small fortunes (among which Lenny got an apparently botched facelift, which left his face with a permanent smile).

    Then there was a neat little scene of Burns (and Smithers) meeting the two German investors (Hans & Fritz) at a restaurant and Burns is prepared to turn down their offer, but they offer him $100 million which he immediately says yes to, at first with hoots and hollers (nowadays that amount would be seen as petty cash by billionaire Burns so I guess the Germans would have to cough up more) & I also liked the farewell scene between Burns and Smithers (who stays at the plant, preparing himself by training his suck-up skills with the "Sycophantic German" which was a funny gag, while Burns heads off to his retirement which he intends to make an adventure). I liked pretty much everything with the Germans taking over the plant, such as Homer being worried and trying out an Battlestar Galactica puzzle, athird German (Horst) evaluatiing the employees, Homer worrying about meeting his new superiors (with Horst simplifying his request for a meeting several times), his failure of an interview (much due to his long Land of Chocolate daydream which comes up during a discussion about candy in the vending machines; it still holds up as a well-executed joke with great visuals) & Homer getting fired (which was perfectly understandable, yet the writing allowed you to sympathize and feel bad for the guy.

    The Simpsons cuts their budget at home and half-measures to save money in a nice scene until Homer has a new job (involving Lisa having done Marge's hair and it looks terrible, split in two and all but Marge thinking its nice) & Homer funnily complains about his sacking as he was deemed unsafe (while twisting around a fork in the plugged-in toaster). Bart gets another prank call to Moe's and there's a neat bit with him having to go there to get Homer out of there (he's worried and Moe recognizes the voice, but the boy is greeted with joy and sings a song after Moe asks him; there is something very wonderful about that bit). Burns enjoying his retirement with playing bocce, doing somce beekeeping and going to Moe's were all good moments (and the last bit with Burns deciding to get the back after Homer and the others prove to not being the slightest bit afraid of him anymore. His "What good is money if it can't inspire terror in your fellow man?" is a great quote. He goes to beg for the plant back and the Germans end up accepting his $50 million offer (due to the plant having proven to be in such a bad shape and costing much to fix); they still threaten him and he mocks them by pretending he's scared of them (great little bit and it shows Burns being back again and on top again, not afraid anymore).

    The last scene of Burns going back to his office (that the Germans had turned into a daycare for toddlers and babies for some reason) and settling in again, intending to rehire Homer since he wants to keep his enemies closer and one day intends to get him in some way (demonstrated by stabbing a plush doll left on his desk). The very final cutaway to Homer hanging up the phone and exclaiming "I got my job back!" to the family before it cuts to the credits was a perfect abrupt end note (one of the best of its kind on the show, as it just works so well and leaves an opening for future happeneings.).

    So all in all, it is a very good one, if not great. It is one I remember fondly and it keeps holding its quality with its fast and loaded storytelling despite the fairly simple ans straightforward plot, with some neat animation and a lot of very funny jokes and gags as well as lines. It is not perfect as it has some moments that could have been a little better at times (and the stock sideplot in the first act still feels a little out of place and unneeded, even though it was fun) but for the most part it comes together very well.

    I think I'll have to give it a 5/5, rounded up from 4.5/5.
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