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Thread: Rate/Review Futurama's "Kif Gets Knocked Up a Knotch"

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    Rate/Review Futurama's "Kif Gets Knocked Up a Knotch"

    Well, they reaired this episode tonight on Fox, and I'm still not seeing what everyone else is hating. I think it's been one of the better episodes of the last year. Very funny, interesting plot, and all-around solid entertainment. (7/10) So what gives, people?

    By the way, during the episode, Fox actually aired an advertisement for the Futurama: Volume Two DVD...weird.

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    3/5. Kiff is creepy and this just weirded me out. I loved the line at the end with the minister going "I live here so I 'm not leaving, but you don't have to talk to me" Not an exact quote, but it was funny. I don't dislike any futurama ep. though.

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    After seeing it tonight for the first time, I don't see why everyone dislikes it so much. It had some slow moments, but it was pretty good. I like the idea of Amy becoming a mother unwillingly (and unlike many cases where that happens, it wasn't her fault). 7.5/10, or 4/5 for the poll.

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    Re: Rate/Review Futurama's "Kif Gets Knocked Up a Knotch"

    Originally posted by ComixFan
    By the way, during the episode, Fox actually aired an advertisement for the Futurama: Volume Two DVD...weird.
    Well, they aired an ad for the first one, why not the second one?...BTW: How's the sales doing on it?

    About the episode, 3/5. Funny, but I was hoping for more when it originally aired...

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    Plain boring. Fry had a total of 3 lines... not good when hes sort of the main character. Bender was just unfunny, and another Kif and Amy relationship episode was a bad idea, especially when comparing it to the brilliant Amazon Women in the Mood. 2/5.

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    I like it. 4/5

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    This had the potential to become a classic. After all, a male character getting pregnant, that would have had limitless comic potential. Alas, it's all wasted, it's boring and not very funny. The spinning invention used to determine who was the "father" was stupid and just used for a laugh. Poor, poor stuff.

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    SEASON 28?!? Wavy Gravy's Avatar
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    Hey, I didn't think it was all that terrible. Hell, there were a lot of laugh out loud moments for me ("Some things came off me and clogged the drain", "Scruffy's rollin' out a large pill", Kif trying to pull the moon out of the sky, Leela socking Zapp in the face, "That's where I live! I have no home!", Zoidberg's baby-like crying, "But the best gift of all--""MINE.", etc.) And I may be in te minority, but I like the Kif/Amy relationship. Still worthy of a double-page in my "Futurama" complete guide, IMO. 4/5.

    EDIT: Almost forgot this hilarious bit:

    BENDER: What's that fat, ugly thing? A frog? A toad? Or yo' mama? Heh, heh -- (it eats him)
    KIF: It's a poisonous froad! I'll take care of it. (he inflates his head; the froad spits Bender out in fear)
    BENDER: (lighting a cigar) I'm back, baby.
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    juice with the people prince jafar allah's Avatar
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    I have to agree with ComixFan, I liked this episode, and don't see what everyone's hatin'. It certainly had no glaring flaws. Unfortunately I cannot remember WHY I liked it, so that's all I have to say on the matter.

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    strangulation! robb's Avatar
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    I didn't see the whole episode (Jenna Jameson was on E!'s True Hollywood Story, so I went back and forth) but what I saw was good, so 3/5

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    Drinking on jet streams PhthaloType's Avatar
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    There were some pretty funny Zapp Brannigan lines.

    "Uh, let's try that a little lower and a lot softer."

    "By the way Kif, your flush seemed to be set on stun, not kill."

    "Leela! How could you? Our love has had to endure your constant hatred and now this?"

    Just kidding, ECHELON.

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    Originally posted by Wavy Gravy
    Almost forgot this hilarious bit:

    BENDER: What's that fat, ugly thing? A frog? A toad? Or yo' mama? Heh, heh -- (it eats him)
    KIF: It's a poisonous froad! I'll take care of it. (he inflates his head; the froad spits Bender out in fear)
    BENDER: (lighting a cigar) I'm back, baby.
    IMO, that was the only hilarious bit. This episode is one of my least favorites, they were obviously struggling to fit it into 20 minutes, so they dragged in Leela been the mother, which doesn't have much point in the story. Not THE worst episode, but one of the worst.

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    Not as good as other episodes - 3/5

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    Ridiculicious that70sguy92's Avatar
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    A pretty disappointing episode in such a great season. Very slow.

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    Apple Genius Legalize Dylan's Avatar
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    Not very good.

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    fan fatale of Takena Nagao jal90's Avatar
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    Well, a nice one. Sort of... underrated? I -don't know why- thought people were usually more positive on this episode.

    I have never bought the Amy-Kif affair; as it seems to try some development in characters that are better used as funny stereotypes. I don't see where does this character development come from and it doesn't manage to look interesting, no matter what they do. Maybe because they aren't exactly my cup of tea, but heh.

    Getting past this problem I always have with these protagonists and going to this specific episode, I actually think it gives some interesting concepts using its weird premise. What the imminent motherhood means for Amy is quite well-portrayed, the story makes a strong effort at showing us how these new plans affect her system, which in turn creates a stress situation in her. And the fact that the classic fictional role models of each sex are inverted as long as it's Kif who carries the weight of pregnancy works because it fits their main character traits, specially Amy's carefree and independent lifestyle being suddenly truncated by her new responsibility. In that sense, this is the best thing they've done with these both characters since they decided to focus on their relationship.

    The episode is not that bad in humor; there are not many memorable jokes, but then again, the way the story is told makes it interesting enough. My only concern with the humorous aspect is the use of Bender, which is too often not properly-timed, forced, and unfunny. It sort of reveals the big problem that came from transforming a character into an icon, as most of his appearances here weren't needed for the plot to be there and they killed the mood (as it happens -more dramatically- in The Luck Of The Fryrish). He is just meant to do and say pointless cool things, just like the show is saying "here's Bender, buy me". And I hate that.

    Oh, well, and the Grand Midwife is a very, very expendable character. And she has one of the worst and most cringeworthy phrases in the whole Futurama: "I will now take my leave. I live here so I won't actually be going anywhere, but you don't have to talk to me anymore." <--- how did anyone find it funny?

    All in all, I like it, with its main flaws coming from some jokes and maybe some slightly underdeveloped passages. Although I wouldn't say it's underrated, there are some aspects of it that are often overlooked (imo) and make the episode an enjoyable and worthy experience. Not a classic though. 8/10
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