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Thread: Rate and Review: Old Money

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    3/5, a good episode about Grampa. I don't really pay much attention to it, sometimes forget it's even an episode, but it's pretty good. Ranked number 47 in my top 150.

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    Old Money: C+, 3.5/5, 6.5/10, Adequate

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    Easily one of my favorite episodes with Grandpa Simpson in it. There are great scenes in this episode that can really give you good laughs. Bea Simmons is a wonderful one time character (they really had a lot of good one time characters in Season 2. Another example is Mr. Bergstrom).

    I've also come to notice that the story from The Old Man And The Key (Season 13) was just a cheap copy and paste of this wonderful story. The writers mustn't have had many ideas at the time.

    But lets come back to Old Money. The scenes I really love are the one at Discount Lion Safari where the family gets stuck in the car, the one where every sprinfieldian is trying to prove that they're the ones who need Abes money and I also really laugh a lot each time I see that scene where Abe is on a roller coaster and Bea appears as a ghost.

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    Very nice. Another emotional episode that is really uplifting at the end, altho it doesn't centre around a brilliant storyline. Perhaps in lacking it deserves a '7' but my love for Grampa pushes the grade up. 4/5 and 8/10

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    Character-driven story, very well-told, with genuine emotion. Some really inspired moments, but not too consistently funny, which is why it doesn't stand out in a very strong season.

    Rating: B+
    Season 24 ratings (by latter-Simpsons standards): "Moonshine River": D+, "Treehouse of Horror XXIII": B-, "Adventures in Baby-Getting": A-, "Gone Abie Gone": B, "Penny-Wiseguys": C, "A Tree Grows in Springfield": C+, "The Day the Earth Stood Cool": B, "To Cur with Love": A-, "Homer Goes to Prep School": B-, "A Test Before Trying": B, "The Changing of the Guardian": C, "Love Is a Many-Splintered Thing": D, "Hardly Kirk-ing": B+, "Gorgeous Grampa": C+, "Black Eyed, Please": C+, "Dark Knight Court": B-, "What Animated Women Want": D, "Pulpit Friction": B+, "Whiskey Business": B, "The Fabulous Faker Boy": C

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    Well, this episode is not that high on laughs. Althought there are still some good stuff, like the springfield people trying to get the money and their ideas, Grandpa refusing to give anything to Homer, The Lionel Hutz apparence, Grandpa yelling in the rollarcoaster when he sees Beas ghost. The plot however is very emotional and the caracterizetions is generally spot-on. I dont have much else too say that has not already been said. Grade:A-

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    Nothing spectacular, but a solid episode. 7/10

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    One of the really good ones from Season 2. Just outside the Top 5 for the Season.

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    Good emotional episode but at times got a bit dull but was still good. 3/5

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    A great episode hidden towards the end of Season 2. This one seems to be dismissed by a lot of people, which I think is unfair. It's an excellent example of the blend of emotion and humour that make Seasons 2 and 3 so amazing. 5/5

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    6/10: Not much gags in this episode but a good story to it. Abe meets a women named Bea at the retirement home who leaves him an inheritance when she passes. Since hes not materialistic he decides to leave it to people who need it. He decides to hold a function to see whos most deserving. It becomes big news as Kent brockman reports it live and proceeds to stand in line to plead his case for the money. As always Lisa's wisdom comes into play here as she guides grandpa and helps him decide what he wants to do with his money.

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    One of the few decent grandpa simpson episodes, what makes this one so good is he's actually humanised as a character and there is some depth for once. You have a lot of sympathy for him when he loses his girlfriend, and can understand why he has trouble forgiving Homer, which he eventually does. It's actually a bit weird seeing Homer upset in this episode, not for a ridiculous slapstick/bi-polar reason but because there is genuine emotion behind it instead of a sudden mental breakdown like often in the newer episodes.
    The ending with the retirement home being rejuvenated is sweet and you get the feeling that the old folks feel they finally have some dignity in the end. Although I think a lot of the humour in the episode is very dry and it is in dire need of a sub-plot to take the edge off quite serious subject matter in the episode but it's season 2 after all.
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    The show's first attempt at a Grampa episode is a subtly sweet effort, even if it's not particularly memorable or quotable. It's falls into the relatively large camp of episodes which are competently assembled but don't manage to stand out. The unfortunate issue is that, even though he is an hilarious and well-realized character, Grampa often works best when used in small doses, such as a well-timed rant somewhere in an episode. He's not the most well-equipped character to carry a 20 minute story, although it can be done, such as in 'The Curse of the Flying Hellfish'. However he has more low-points than high ('Lady Bouvier's Lover', 'The Old Man and the Key'). Grampa's main shtick (like almost every old character in the show) is that he's annoying and grumpy, and he makes his family miserable whenever he's around them. This is always played up for comic effect, but it's very easy to inadvertantly annoy the viewer with the character along with his family. Just my observation on why Grampa episodes are generally hit-or-miss.

    Interest how, despite them dumping him in a home and generally trying to avoid him as much as possible, Homer is always deeply effected whenever Grampa is angry at him, as seen in this episode. Homer and Grampa probably have the most strained and complicated relationship in the family. The episode itself has one plot, although on paper it's more: Grampa gets a girlfriend, transitions into Grampa is mad at Homer, transitions into Grampa trying to figure out how to spend a large sum of money. But it all ties together nicely. I liked the casino scene, and the montage of Grampa interviewing people to see who deserved the money (even though it almost outstayed its welcome, maybe one or two people should have been cut). Also there were lions and a ghost. This episodes packed a lot in without me even realizing it.


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    Great episode.
    Classic "golden age" of The Simpsons.
    Much as emotional as funny moments.
    However, I needed more comedy moments.

    TOTAL 93.5/100. GREAT! #8 overall episodes (in my personal list).
    IMHO the best and the worst episodes of each season (in bold — the best and worst of overall series, upd. 03/08/20):
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    This episode's story is rather weak. I like all the stuff with Bea, but Abe figuring out what to do with Bea's money is very padded. The interviews of people who want the money are funny, but they go on for too long and end up feeling with filler. And the casino scene is also made pointless. Abe's decision to give the money to the retirement home makes sense, but the events of the third act didn't help in moving him towards that conclusion, aside from Lisa's speech.

    Also the angle of Abe getting mad at Homer is incredibly underdeveloped. Bea's ghost just tells Abe to forgive Homer and he does. It's not focused on enough to be very emotional.

    On the other hand, this is a funny episode. I like the run-down Safari and there are many other solid jokes throughout. I think if the story was more focused in the retirement home, this episode would've been stronger. 6/10

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    I'm not a big fan of this episode, I like the beginning but it degrades really fast. The 2nd act is very borring, but the end is cool. 2/5

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    I was surprised when I realized that the show delayed 30 episodes to dedicate one of them to Abraham Simpson. He needed desperately a development since we knew too little about him. He was related to wars and he doesn't have a strong relationship with his son. That was almost all we knew about him until this episode, which presents a bit more about the character.

    Another thing we already knew about him is that he is always with a smile on his face.

    The best part about this episode, and about Grampa, is near to the beginning when he meets Beatrice. He takes out one of his most brilliant facets. The one of a gallant, when he proves he is a winner with women. It was love at first sight, it's true, but there was a brief process of flirtation that Abe approached with a compliment and a seductive look. After that, they take their pills in what was a nice parody of Tom Jones, and Grampa, once again, shows his facility to interact with women and gets a date with her. They had their moments of splendor in a montage where we see them dancing, feeding pigeons, drinking a milkshake, riding on the beach, and singing together. They called my attention easily and they were consolidating quickly as a fantastic couple. And then, when the atmosphere was built, when the ground was prepared for an unforgettable love-story... Beatrice suddenly dead. I never understood what was the point to kill her, because she was a great partner to Abe, the characters had actual chemistry, and there was more to do with them. I guess this situation shows the biggest strength and the biggest weakness of this show: writers are capable to create a great character/story easily but then they trifle away that precious material. At least, this decision allowed one of the most heartbreaking moments in the history of this show, when Abe noticed Bea passed away, he regrets himself to be absent in that moment and blame himself for what happened to her. It was so distressing that it shakes me every time I see it. It was an excellently well-done scene but sacrificed a course that was precisely appointed: Grampa wouldn't get a girlfriend yet.

    Seriously, they were incredibly charming together.

    And what happened then? Well, it was just melodramatic. A moral lesson about how to handle money, with a father/son conflict in the middle. I never really cared about what comes after Beatrice's death. Abe received an inherited from Bea and we see how the money doesn't buy happiness with Abe under-appreciating some activities that don't fill his soul. And that's obvious, he was found a woman who gives sense to his routine and he lost her in a flicker. He needed to face a duel instead to see a show with two young girls watching on the mud, for example. And was the ghost of Bea (ah?) who make him noticed that, and she advises him what to do with money: spread it around the neediest. That derived in an overlong but uniformly funny gag were some Springfieldiers wants to get the money. Kent Brockman putting himself on-line after present the news, Otto trying to customize in a ridiculous way his bus, Mr. Burns dragging on to improve his account, Moe searching a treasure (and being the best one in Abe's standards), Marvin Monroe asking for the money to buy a baby to experiment in a perverse machine he already built, Bart asking for gifts as he does with Santa Claus, Frink trying to perfect a ray that only has evil applications (he was my favorite contender) and Lisa making him reflect and asking for a pony in the process. Obviously, none of them got the big prize. So, Grampa reflects once again and he takes a reasonable decision that surely most of us would take in that situation: bring every ancient of the geriatric to a casino and bet everything to improve the fortune to can help everyone! Well, it doesn't have too much sense but at least what a plot-twist that nobody could predict. Right?

    Moe, Monroe, and Frink polished this opaque, ridiculously overlong sequence.

    While he decided what to do with the money he also affronted a hard moment in the relationship with his son. After all, Homer was responsible for the absence of Abe in the last moments of Bea, which, by the way, coincided with her birthday. I have mixed feelings about Homer's behavior. On one side, he is an irritating man who doesn't know to hear, who only thinks of himself, who doesn't catch a sarcastic comment. But on the other one, he is regretful for his actions and tries to patch up the damage generated. There are moments when he deserves a hit and others when he deserves a hug. The rest of the family didn't get important participation. Family's dinner was all right: Lisa and Bart fighting, using corn cobs as swords, the boy claiming for the money and the father shutting up him although he wished the same. I liked to see the family planning the activity to the next third Sunday of the month and according to go to the Discount Lion Safari. I've watched this episode many times before, but I remembered too little about this family sailing. I knew they went there and have some troubles. But I didn't remind some jokes from that scene, like Abe's complaints, Homer taking the wrong way or he and Lisa asking Bart to get down to push the car. The scene of the funeral also passes over my mind. I'm telling this because I want to emphasize how forgettable it was beside Abe and Bea's love story. It had good pacing until her death. It's really unusual that I was so confused about what happened in early episodes when I know most of them from memory. But this is the case of this one.

    At least we got one of the most hilarious images from the entire family.

    Finally, both plots have a common outcome when Homer convinces his father to don't bet everything to a number in the roulette. There isn't a discernible reason for that desperation from Abe, especially after shows himself as a smart and cautious man throughout the story. But I suppose it was necessary to recompose their relationship. The Casino is the scenario for other forgettable moments, like Abe's speech paraphrasing Rudyard Kipling. However, I have to admit that the end was kinda sweet. I think the destine of the money was correct and invites everyone to reflect on how would we like to live at that age. I really liked that final scene, with ancients enjoying their new life-style and everyone preparing for dinner together. There were other dynamics I liked between Abe and done secondary characters. The one with Herman was polished once again. I loved how they became more interesting when they interacted. It's a shame that that side of both characters was forgotten with the pass of the time. It was revealed that Herman is a swindler and his military relics are actually a farce. Another one was with Lionel Hutz. This one was under-developed. Phil Hartman's character did an inconsequential appearance, too far from his standards. Without a memorable quote, without a hilarious contribution. He was just treated as a normal lawyer beside that joke of the night in the haunted house. I would like to see more between the joker lawyer and the anger old-man.

    They are a symbol of the first seasons. An unforgettable duo.

    Old Money is loved for some people, but the general consensus accord it is a weak one in the second season. And I can agree with the majority. It crossed the limit between emotive and melodramatic, throw away a great secondary character, and focused the efforts in the wrong place, but it is still a watchable episode.

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    As some people may know, this is my favorite episode of the show. Sure, there are funnier ones (it's still pretty funny though, Lionel Hutz and people's ideas on how to spend Abe's money is great), but it's easily the one that touches me the most. It tells a story that's deeply human and impactful. It can be difficult to find love at this point in your life since many are either long-time married or feel that a new love can never replace the previous one. So when Abraham forms a connection with Bea, you feel really happy for him. Even though there is that hilariously gross pill sharing sequence, they are incredibly cute together. You can see why Abe feels so affectionate about her.
    Unfortunately however, Bea passes away before he gets to see her one more time (which is why the scene of the family stuck at the safari always frustrates me) and is left in a state of turmoil, not knowing what to do with himself. The conflict that arises between him and Homer is remarkably sad, and has very high stakes unlike in most instances (the only time this would happen again is in Grampa Vs. Sexual Inadequacy). I always tear up the most here.
    When Abe inherits a fortune from Bea, he doesn't know what to do with it and almost does something as stupid as gambling it away at a casino. Grateful that Homer stopped him from losing it all, their relationship rekindles. What Abe then chooses to do with the money is incredibly noble. You gotta love what a big heart he has wanting to make things better for his peers at the old folks' home, knowing how poorly he and others usually are taken care of there. Too bad that didn't last very long however. I always kinda hated the ending in a later episode where the residents just blindly stare at a static screen because Lisa isn't allowed to help out anymore. This one definitely has a more positive outlook.

    So, yeah... a masterpiece. 10/10
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    Here we have the very first full Grampa Simpson episode

    and they got a real television veteran to voice his girlfriend, sadly just as quickly as we are introduced to Beatrice Simmons we say goodbye to her (hmmm I wonder if she and Mindy are related) she leaves him a ton of money and eventually does the best thing he could do with it.....he uses it to fix up the retirement castle

    and because not everyone has internet yet and everyone has been asking, we get a treat in the end credits......we learn who voices who!
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    This is one of the least popular episodes of the second season and can see why it is considered such, with its kinda heavy, not too funny and unexciting plot about Grampa (rarely anyone's favorite Simpson) getting a love interest in fellow senior Beatrice "Bea" Simmons at the Retirement castle but losing her and ending up with the fortune that she left for him, but it is one I always liked. It has a solidly interesting grounded and realistic plot with some very good drama and emotions (with Grampa and his love story that ends in a sad way, the conflict with his son Homer (whom he blames for missing out seeing his love one last time) and trying to find what to use the money for), a lot of heart and some good jokes here and there, most of them very character-based. Not a personal favorite, but when it comes to overlooked episodes, this is one stands out.

    It had the perfect opening with Grampa dropped off at the Retirement castle by the family after an pretty miserable weekend, before shifting to tgeh old man himself (in his first starring role). Grampa meeting Bea for the first time was a nice scene, which led to some all solid sequences of their love for one another developing in an good, romantic heartfelt fashion (with an fun old folks twang to it); they had some nice chemistry which I liked as well. Then several weeks later the family comes and drags Grampa with them on a Discount Lion Safari" which he doesn't want to go on since he has a date, but Homer is insensitive and takes him along anyway: the following sequence where they go on the safari, but get stuck in the jungle section with lions everywhere was an nicely done sequence (I enjoyed Grampa being so surly and sarcastic, even in the face of danger; I really felt his frustration). Ten when they get him back to the home the morning after, Bea has died and he missed her last moments (a sad scene that definitely made you feel bad for Grampa & understand his situation).

    It continued with the funeral, where Homer learns that Grampa is still angry at him and ignore him (to the point of having essentially disowned him, which was nicely dramatic and sad. It really worked since Homer wasn't made that unlikeable, just blind and ignorant of his father and what he thinks), and Grampa finds out from Lionel Hutz (just as funny as his previous appearance) that Bea had $106,000 and left all her money for him, leaving him the man of the hour (at least as far as the solicitors are concerned). The conflict between Grampa and Homer continued nicely (with Homer's depression and Marge trying to help) and Grampa deflecting the retirement home director's attempt at get a donation was a good bit (I wonder why the director never made it as an recurring character). Grampa tries to have fun, buying a fez from Herman and going to an amusement park, but still being unhappy, until Bea appears to him as a spirit and inspires him to give the money to a worthy cause, which he thinks is a good idea (I really liked the solemn tone, upped a little by some specks of humor).

    Grampa and Homer reconciling was a great little moment (and felt well earned as Homer had shown to be remorseful) and then there's the "audition" scene with Grampa seeing on Springfielder after the other and hearing what they would use the money for; a lot of funny bits here, but Professor Frink's (in his first ever appearance) ray gun & Marvin Monroe's isolation chamber were my favorites. Lisa inspiring him to donate the money to the needy was an good little dramatic scene, finding the money to not be enough and deciding to up the amount at a casino (I liked how Ottot drove the senior bus). Homer rushing there to stop him from gambling away the money (but at first going for a Krustyburger, good gag) was a great climactic scene, with Grampa being sure of success and continuing putting all the money on the line, but Homer fighting on and ends up stopping his father losing everything. There was something very effective here, despite the simplicity. Then Grampa sees his fellow seniors and decides to use the money to refurbish the Retirement Castle (in an heartfelt end).

    There we have it, an pretty splid and often overlooked episode of the second seaosn. It is not as funny or as clever and well written as many of the others from season 2, but with a good story for Grampa (that also has a good, if brief, love interest for him, well portrayed by Audrey Meadows) and an very good, effective emotional core made for an nice, dramatic and sweet episode centered around Grampa and his relationship with Homer (which is well developed here), tying every event and plot beat together in a nice package. Enjoyable and surprisingly poignant stuff.

    This is a 4/5 for me.
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    I quite enjoyed this one and it had some funny moments. I did feel like it dragged a little and there was a bit too much going on, but it tells a good and coherent story. 4/5.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Abominable Dr. Lenny View Post
    I quite enjoyed this one and it had some funny moments. I did feel like it dragged a little and there was a bit too much going on, but it tells a good and coherent story. 4/5.
    I think it's the best "grandpa falls in love" episode. And one of the strongest grandpa episodes overall even if I prefer Raging Abe and his Grumbling Grandson a bit more.

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