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    Who's next foreign characters voiced by real-life foreign people?

    Hi everyone!. We all know that The Simpsons black characters now are voiced by real-life black people such as Carl Carlson, which is voiced by Alex Désert and not by Hank Azaria and Dr. Julius Hibbert that now is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson and not by Harry Shearer. But who's next? Non-American characters voiced by real-life non-American people?. I refer to The Simpsons characters from other countries such as Groundskeeper Willie (Scottish), Luigi Risotto (Italian), Fat Tony (Italian), Üter Zörker (German), Akira (Japanese) and others. I think that Groundskeeper Willie would no longer voiced by Dan Castellaneta, but by a Scottish voice actor or Luigi Risotto and Fat Tony would be voiced by an Italian actor who can speak english and not by Hank Azaria and Joe Mantegna respectively. Or Akira by a Japanese voice actor or Üter Zörker voiced by a German actress. I think that for some it is an act of xenophobia that Americans make voices of non-American characters and and I think that in the future they could bring they bring foreign voice actors to voice foreign Simpsons characters.

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    We already have a thread for this

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    Give credit to Joe Mantegna who is Italian.

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