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Thread: Itstinkz - Captain Wacky criticizes "The Critic"

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    Itstinkz - Captain Wacky criticizes "The Critic"

    Having mulled long and hard over both the strangely complex horizon-spanning sprawl that technically constitutes Al Jean's (and, to some extent, Reiss's) involvement in the Simpsons (the show's four inaugural seasons, two as a showrunner, the... variable-quality freelance episodes for S6 and S7, the majority of the Scully era's darkest days and the infinite trudge into oblivion comprising the Jean era in its numerous surprisingly-homogenous incarnations) and, arguably more bizarrely (and inevitably) the vast gulf in quality between its components, the wackiness of my train of consciousness has invariably led me onto "The Critic", variably characterized as Jean and Reiss's attempt to escape the all-encompassing shadow of S1-4,'the one linked to 'A Star is Burns' or merely a blip on the radar of the gangly assortment of shows comprising '90s 'adult' animation. While, evidently, the crew and cultural influences defining "Critic" differ substantially from that of Jean-era Simpsons (or, arguably, S1-4 to some extent), it's intriguing to look back over the series through the lens of its role in hindsight as an incongruous diversion in the Jean's career and examine its run as both an individual show and within the context of Jean and the stylistic influence he bore on the Simpsons while, possibly, reflecting on the faults ultimately catalyzing the brevity of its lifespan. In light of this, I guess the time has come to delve into the past of Jean (I refuse to pronounce it in any way save for an exaggerated French way) and Reiss and determine whether a show ABC assumed to 'stink' authentically affirms its protagonist's ostensible catchphrase. Here we go, I guess. FIRST REVIEW THIS WEEK.

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    Even though it has some flaws, The Critic is a good show. I'll be interested in reading your thoughts on it.
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