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Thread: regrouping the episodes strictly by their production codes

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    regrouping the episodes strictly by their production codes

    Would your overall season ratings differ significantly, if you'd regroup the episodes by their actual production codes?
    (Season 1 = all 7Gxx episodes, season 2 = all 7Fxx episodes, season 3 = 8Fxx, [...], season 31 = ZABFxx, season 32 = QABFxx)

    I for myself consider the seasons 2 - 5 as the shows prime. Season 1 has without doubt great episodes overall, but you can cleary see these were experimental to some degree. Seasons 6 to 8 have also many great episodes but not as consistently as it was the case with previous seasons. With season 9 the decline became obvious.

    Surprisingly, nearly a decade later season 18 has showcased many good or great episodes. (aprox 1/3 of them were rated by myself with 8/10 to 10/10 - from memory those were "Springfield Up", "Homerazzi", "stop or my dog ...", "youkent always ...", "24 minutes", "he loves to fly ...", "Homer of Seville" & "midnight Towboy".

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    It wouldn't change a lot in my opinion. I think season 5 would be a bit weaker without Homer's Barbershop Quartet and Cape Feare. On the other hand season 4 would confirm its reputation as one of the best seasons ever along with 7 and 2 in my opinion.
    Season 7 would be even stronger with episodes such as You Only Move Twice but on the other hand season 8 would be definetely a decline even if undoubtedly classic.
    And it would be much more clear season 9 isn't part of the classic era without its holdover episodes. You would have Trash of the Titans and When You Dish Upon a Star in the same season and no City of New York vs Homer Simpson or Lisa's Sax. The decline would be immedeatly evident.

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    I think recent thread on the same topic (ranking episodes by their production codes) is also suitable
    IMHO the best and the worst episodes of each season (in bold — the best and worst of overall series, upd. 15/12/20):
    1. Moaning Lisa/Some Enchanted Evening 2. Bart vs. Thanksgiving/Itchy & Scratchy & Marge 3. Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington/The Otto Show 4. Homer’s Triple Bypass/Selma’s Choice 5. Secrets of a Successful Marriage/Homer the Vigilante 6. Two Dozen and One Greyhounds/Lisa’s Rival 7. Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily/Homerpalooza 8. My Sister, My Sitter/The Homer They Fall 9. Miracle on Evergreen Terrace/Bart Star 10. Wild Barts Can’t Be Broken/Monty Can’t Buy Me Love 11. Days of Wine and D’oh’ses/Pygmoelian 12. Homer vs. Dignity/New Kids on the Blecch 13. Poppa’s Got a Brand New Badge/Weekend at Burnsie’s 14. Moe Baby Blues/Helter Shelter 15. Fraudcast News/Co-Dependent’s Day 16. Goo Goo Gai Pan/A Star Is Torn 17. The Seemingly Never-Ending Story/Marge and Homer Turn a Couple Play 18. 24 Minutes/Treehouse of Horror XVII 19. Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind/Husbands and Knives 20. Coming to Homerica/Treehouse of Horror XIX 21. The Squirt and the Whale/Treehouse of Horror XX 22. The Blue and the Gray/Elementary School Musical 23. A Totally Fun Thing That Bart Will Never Do Again/Moe Goes from Rags to Riches 24. Hardly Kirk-ing/Gorgeous Grampa 25. Brick Like Me/What to Expect When Bart’s Expecting 26. Sky Police/Treehouse of Horror XXV 27. Halloween of Horror/Treehouse of Horror XXVI 28. 22 for 30/Havana Wild Weekend 29. Flanders’ Ladder/Springfield Splendor 30. Baby You Can’t Drive My Car/The Clown Stays in the Picture 31. The Way of the Dog/The Incredible Lightness of Being a Baby
    The Simpsons season ratings:
    1 > 2 > 4 > 7 > 3 > 6 > 8 > 5 > 27 > 21 > 9 > 12 > 20 > 25 > 29 > 10 > 17 > 26 > 24 > 15 > 18 > 13 > 14 > 28 > 19 > 31 > 30 > 16 > 23 > 11 > 22

    I think that thoughts may differ, because so many people, so many opinions.

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    Season 4's 9F code would be the best. My rankings from the other thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by Trab Pu Kcip View Post
    Only doing the first 12 seasons...

    1: 9FXX
    2: 3FXX
    3: 2FXX
    4: 7FXX
    5: 8FXX
    6: 1FXX
    7: 3GXX
    8: 7GXX
    9: 4FXX
    10: AABFXX
    11: 5FXX
    12: CABFXX
    13: BABFXX
    My Favorite and Least Favorite from every season.
    U1: Babysitting Maggie/Burp Contest, U2: Space Patrol/The Funeral, U3: The Bart Simpson Show/Bart's Nightmare, S1: Krusty Gets Busted/Homer's Odyssey, S2: Lisa's Substitute/Principal Charming, S3: Saturdays Of Thunder /Mr. Lisa Goes To Washington, S4: Homer The Heretic/Marge In Chains, S5: Deep Space Homer/Sweet Seymour Skinner's Badasssss Song, S6: Lisa's Rival/Another Simpsons Clip Show, S7: Bart Sells His Soul/Scenes From The Class Struggle In Springfield, S8: The Springfield Files/My Sister, My Sitter, S9: The City Of New York vs Homer Simpson/All Singing, All Dancing, S10: Lisa Gets An 'A'/When You Dish Upon A Star, S11: Behind The Laughter/Kill The Alligator And Run, S12: Trilogy Of Error/Simpson Safari, S13: I Am Furious (Yellow)/The Frying Game, S14: Bart vs Lisa vs The 3rd Grade/Helter Shelter, S15: I, (Annoyed Grunt) Bot and The Wandering Juvie/Bart Mangled Banner, S16: Don’t Fear The Roofer/On A Clear Day I Can’t See My Sister, S17: Girls Just Want To Have Sums/Bonfire Of The Manatees, S18: 24 Minutes/Rome-Old and Juli-Eh, S19: The Debarted/All About Lisa, S20: Coming To Homerica/Lisa The Drama Queen, S21: Homer The Whopper/The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed, S22: Homer The Father/Love Is A Many Strangled Thing, S23: Holidays Of Future Passed/Treehouse Of Horror XXII and Lisa Goes Gaga, S24: The Saga Of Carl/Love Is A Many Splintered Thing, S25: Steal This Episode/Diggs, S26: Simpsorama/The Musk Who Fell To Earth, S27: Barthood/Friend With Benefit, S28: The Town/The Last Traction Hero, S29: Flanders Ladder/Treehouse Of Horror XXVIII, S30: Baby You Can't Drive My Car/Treehouse Of Horror XXIX, S31: Highway To Well/Warrin' Priests, Both Parts, S32: Treehouse Of Horror XXXI/The 7 Beer Itch.


    Undercover Burns: 2.5/5, I, Carumbus: 3.5/5, Now Museum, Now You Don't: 1/5
    Treehouse Of Horror XXXI: 5/5 (Toy Gory: 5/5, Into The Homerverse: 2/5, Be Nine, Rewind: 6/5)
    The 7 Beer Itch: 0.5/5 - WORST OF SEASON SO FAR
    Podcast News: 3/5, Three Dreams Denied: 1.5/5, The Road to Cincinnati: 2.5/5, Sorry Not Sorry: 2/5, A Springfield Summer Christmas for Christmas: 1.5/5
    The Dad Feelings Limited: 4/5
    Diary Queen: ?/5

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    Only gonna do 7F to 5F

    7F - Looks a little stronger than before, don't mind either of the inclusions here.
    8F - Slightly better than before with the inclusion of 'Kamp Krusty'.
    9F - Gains one of the best flashback eps and 'Cape Feare', season 4 gains huge benefits here.
    1F - Worse than before but not by much. Loses two of its best episodes for 2 great episodes from season 6.
    2F - Looks a little weirder with both parts of 'Who Shot Mr. Burns' being part of the same season, but it doesn't hurt the season. Probably slightly worse than before due to no 'Bart of Darkness'.
    3F - Gains the two best eps of Season 8, obviously benefits greatly.
    3G - An ok 4 episode run.
    4F - Loses two of its best eps for one of the best of season 9 (New York), a slightly underrated but very infamous episode (Principal), and an episode that I don't remember looking all that much (Lisa the Simpson). Also loses the 2 3G episodes. Definitely worse off than before.
    5F - Also loses 2 3G eps, and another 3 episodes I've already talked about. Gains 3 very solid episodes from season 10 (Wizard of Evergreen Terrace is the best ep of season 10, fight me). Overall, I don't think its overall quality changes.

    I'd say 9F and 3F are the two best codes for the show. 4F looks to be the weakest of the ones I've looked at.

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    season 23 would loose Holidays Of Future Passed and the Book Job, making it even more easily one of the worst seasons ever.

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    i can't keep making these furnace jokes

    both eps are already bad

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