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Okay. So if youíre still reading you must be invested! Here ya go. A profile for my silly fan-character.

Name: Barbara ďBunnyĒ Chesterfield.

Age: 30ís

Hair Color: Blonde

Clothes: Pink shift dress with a Diamond brooch.

Location: Chesterfield Manor in Shelbyville or Burnís Estate.

Occupation: Heiress.

Interests: Firearms, Social Climbing, Event Planning, Subjugating ď the common peopleĒ. Diamonds.

Social Circles: Burns and Smithers, Springfield Glen Country Club.

Influences and Satire: Any character Lucille Bluth has played, Marilyn Monroe and Alice Rosevelt.


Mr.Burns: Bunny is the current target of Burnís latest scheme for more money and power. The only living heir to the illustrious Chesterfield Manufacturing fortune. He has his sights set on marrying her so that he will expand his empire to not only the infrastructure in Springfield but also annex neighboring Shelbyville. Bunny and Burns actually do like each-other and have natural chemistry. Bunny is a bit old fashioned in that she doesnít mind taking a backseat to a man and being more seen than heard. That is to say if a situation will call for her unfiltered brand of honesty she will not hesitate to share her opinion. She and Burns enjoy shooting guns together, playing with Guard Dog; Schnitzelís puppies and making out in Burnís car. While Smithers drives of course.

Burns: Bunny. I think we both know where this is going. Youíve not been able to keep your eyes off of me all evening!
Bunny: Can you blame me? I thought I was the only one that could strike fear into the hearts of the staff at the club.
Burns: Pish-tosh itís not that hard. You just have to..
Unison: Know the names and locations of their loved ones.
-Both gasp with delight and then kiss-

Smithers: Bunny is not oblivious to Smithersí obvious attraction to her husband. It doesnít really bother her because she knows her husband doesnít feel the same way about him. Even if he did she still wouldnít care. Bunny was brought up in a world of affairs and paramours. It wouldnít be awkward for her. Sheís made peace with the fact that her marriage will contain 3 people. Even if Burns doesnít care for Smithers that way. Waylon however canít stand her. Sheís the biggest obstacle to his affection. Smithers doesnít care to throw barbs at her and takes glee whenever something embarrassing happens to her. He doesnít wish anything bad to happen to her and if she was in danger he would save her because he knows how much Monty cares about her and it would ďbe such a botherĒ if his young wife died.

Bunny: Smithers. Youíre more petty today than usual. Is everything alright?
Smithers: Yes...Mrs.Burns. Iím fine-grumbles-
Bunny:My mother used to tell me. Those Jimmy Choos are going to hurt at first but once you get used to them. It only hurts a little.
Smithers:...Tch. You would like Jimmy Choo.

Larry: Larry only met Bunny once and that was at the wedding. He congratulated his Dad on bagging such a fox. Burns didnít know what the devil he meant. There was no Fox, just his lovely new step-mother.

Marge Simpson: Marge is the Simpson that Bunny seems to have the closest relationship with. Bunny met her at the stationary store when she was picking out the invitations to her wedding. Marge remarked that the classic style is classic for a reason. Bunny liked her naivety and sweetness and had Marge help her plan her wedding.

Marge: So whoís the lucky groom?
Bunny: Oh. C.Montgomery Burns.
Marge: Nyaaah?!
Bunny: Oh? Youíve heard of him?
Marge: Okay so...Whoís going to be your flower girl?
Bunny: My what?
Marge: Flower girl, you know the little girl that throws flowers on the isle before you walk down.
Bunny: Ah. The common people never cease to amuse me with their little traditions..I donít know any children.
Marge: I have a little girl. You could borrow her.
Bunny: All this talk of borrowing children for labor makes me feel at home. Thank you, Marge.