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    Need advice

    Just for you to start from scratch I recommend c# scripting language, as the primary goal of this language is to let the developer write as little code as possible. So you'll get a fundamental knowledge for learning more advanced languages in the future.
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    Well thats a loaded question. Last language I played around with was C++.

    I guess the new language is Python but Java is still popular. You might have to plug and play with something until one works for you on what you are trying to do. Language has least come along were if you make one mistake you can't go back and you're fucked.

    Good luck mate.

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    Thank! What do you think about Ruby or Java?

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    If you have already started this thread, I think you if post my question here


    I have a really annoying issue with my wireless earbuds on my phone. Whenever I talk to someone, doesn't matter whether it's a phone call, a whatsapp call or any other sort of app with voice communication, I hear the other person really badly, and they hear me bad as well.

    I thought my galaxy buds+ were defective, but after turning on my old Redmi Note 3 Pro, and pairing the buds with it, suddenly people started hearing me fine, and the microphone was great too.

    It sounds really bad, it almost as if I'm actually talking to someone over the phone, even thought I'm on discord or something else. This issue doesn't just affect my mic quality, but the incoming voice quality as well.

    Has someone else experienced a similar issue with their true wireless earbuds? I'm running the latest MIUI 11.0.9.

    I have no issues with the earbuds when I'm just listening to music. It's just super annoying that I can't use it for communicating.

    I tried AAC as well, didn't solve the issue.

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    No, I haven't.

    For the OP, Java is a good code to build small games, along with Python, which is easy to learn. For bigger things use C or any in it's subcategory.
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