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Thread: Why does the family hate bart?

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    Why does the family hate bart?

    Bart Simpson is hated by the Simpsons characters (not just his family) just because of his idea of fun. Instead of helping him put his energy and creativity into something constructive and helpful, his family makes him an outcast. They push him around, laugh at and tease him when he does something constructive, and blame him for doing bad at school and doing bad things because everyone hates him. In reality, his first teacher told him that there's no hope for him, and his parents basically agreed with her. The school counsellor gave terrible advice on how Bart could live happily, and they just left him to get along on his own, thinking that he would go to prison as an adult, or be Kirk No.2. They didn't help him, they helped Lisa because 'she's gifted'. If she's so smart, then why doesn't she tell Homer and Marge that Bart needs serious help, and that he's actually very intelligent, he just needs encouragement. Some people say that Bart has become a sociopath, I say that he becomes more and more frustrated, so he does worse things to get attention. In Marge Be Not Proud, she completely ignores him because he did a bad thing that he never did before, and she thinks that she mothers him too much, but that is better than she treats him nowadays, and honestly, I think he's the depressed one, not Lisa. He ought to get out of town, get a job (cause he can since he emancipated himself in Barting Over) or a new family, and lose complete contact with his real family, because they're completely abusive and they hate him.

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    They hate him because he messes up at times. Even though he can't help it, they just think that it's intenional and not because of his issues. It could also be that they believe Lisa is the future, and they believe that Bart has noo future.
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    I don't believe they hate Bart, and they never have. He does get the short end of the stick sometimes (like in "Daddicus Finch") but they don't love him any less. Maybe Lisa resents him a little, but that's it.

    I think the whole "family hates Bart" theory has only gotten stronger because of the current state of the show. In the earlier years, Bart was public enemy number one but he thrived off of that. He loved being everybody's biggest problem. Nowadays, he's a lot less confident and secure, which makes him an easier target.

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    Bart intentionally makes it his life mission to be a nuisance to everyone around him. Of course the people close to him are going to have some negative feelings towards him.

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    @Kangdos But I think it goes beyond that. Bart's a troubled and misbehaving child, so people are going to have some negative feelings towards him like you said, and they did in earlier seasons. But once all was said and done, he loved the family and they loved him. In later seasons however, they seem to have genuine spite for him as a human being rather than just a distaste for his behavior.
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    It’s their victimization complex projected onto Bart. He was unplanned and they resent him for it. it’s also important to remember that Bart isn’t just performing wanton destruction from the very beginning of the series Bart is shown to respond better to positive attention. They don’t have to become super parents as the itchy and scratchy movie and judge harm shows all they really have to punish him and not let him off the hook due to laziness or pity or just be there and his grades skyrocket. To bart negative attention is preferable then out right neglect.

    With homer he also projects his childhood onto bart and is using him as a sort of misplaced revenge. Another recurring plot bart finding someone who treats him like human being. From Tom to ned Homer’s response is not to is not to see how his treatment of bart drove him to this, but to become angry and jealous and to start hanging out with some other child as some kind of childish revenge.

    Marge is a useless bystander parent. She would often only offer token resistance to the abuse Bart suffered, acknowledging that it was happening, but never really doing anything about it. I just realized homer married someone like his mother as while she’s incredibly neutering she’s the most likely to give up on bart and not be there when he needs her most.

    As with Lisa it’s mainly the result of homer and marge continuously pitting the two together. As well as a bit of Chris griffon. She only started dropping how bart will be a failure in life after watching her parents do it for seasons.

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