As you might know, I'm a website nerd. I know a lot of the Websites and the History of them. You know, I'm surprised there hasn't already been a thread on this.

For me, the list would look like this:

1: The Simpsons Folder/Springfield Zone/Calling Simpsons/WOO-HOO: The Simpsons World Site (1995-2012)
Content really is king! This site prides itself on original content, and has a nice section on past Simpsons websites.

2: The Homer Archive (1997-1999)
This it the greatest character fansite ever. Shame it didn't last long.

3: The Simpsons Archive (1994-)
A brilliant site, with lots of content. However, it lacks in design and lacks multimedia.

4: The (Old, New and Fandom) Simpsons Sourcebook (1997, then 1999-2003)

5: Last Exit To Springfield/The Simpsons Down Under/TASE (1997-)

6: The Simpsons Top 100/simpsonsRanked (1998-2007)

7: Evergreen Terrace/The No Homers Club (1998*-)

8: Cletus' Farm (1999-2000)

9: The Definitive Frink/Chief Wiggum and Professor Frink (1995-2008)

10: Little Miss Springfield/Kleine Miss Springfield (1996-2006 for English site, 2000- for German site)

11: Simpson Crazy/D'oheth!/Stoner's Pot Palace/Simpsons R Us (1998-)

12: (AOL and New) I Can't Believe It's A Simpsons Site! (1997-2000)

13: (Geocities and Current) (1998-)

14: Simpsons Surplus (1997-2002)

15: McBain: Lets Get Silly (Every now and again between 1997 to 2000)

16: Picks Tribute To The Simpsons/Picks' Marge Site (1995-)

17: Behind The Laughter/SpringShield/Krustylu Studios (2000-2007)

18: The War Of The Simpsons/Lisa The Beauty Queen/The Cutest Baby (2003-)

19: The Springfield Shopper (2000-2002)

20: Maggie and Eric/The Simpsons: Older (1999-2008)

21: Springfield Weekly (2000-2012)
This site deserves a spot, for being online for a long time

22: The Simpsons Showcase (2000-2003)

23: Simpsons: Realities (2001-2013)

24: That's Unpossible! (2001?-2012)

25: Collecting Simpsons! (1996-2010?)

26: Serious Burns (2002-2009)

27: Sound Of The Simpsons (1998-2000)

28: The Simpsons Treasury (1998-2002)
To be honest, I liked it better in 1998/99.

29: The Simpsons Channel (1998-)
Many people will say that it closed, but I can see archives from 2001-2009.

30: Simpsons Zip (2006-2011)

What are your favorites? DO NOT link to the sites.