The Dobbie era. Ah. The old classics. It started off fairly simple, with just the regular people-centred awards, but for 2 years there was also something aimed at the Simpsons-focused posters. If you wanted to double the fun, this was a great way to do it. What's also interesting is how some of the awards also had a poll attached to them.

The Dobbie years:

1. The 2013 NHC Awards
2. NHC Awards 2014
3. Simpsons Awards 2014
4. 2015 NHC Awards

Pkkao's guest spot:

5. Simpsons Awards 2015

Yes. It's easy to forget, but pkkao John Olivered for Dobbie in 2015. Maybe he felt it was too much pressure keeping up two awards at the same time, so he shared the responsiblity with his very Simpsons-enthusiastic friend. Overall, he did a pretty good job. He didn't do much differently from Dobberman, except for linking people's names in the results instead of just writing them, a practice that never got repeated.

The OldSchoolerSimpsons years:

6. 2016 NHC Awards
7. 2017 NHC Awards
8. 2020 NHC Awards

And here we enter the modern age. With me, OldSchoolerSimpsons, taking up Dobbie's duties. The awards returned to their humble beginnings, purely Free For All-centric. Why was this, you may ask? It could be the low voter turn-out for the second edition of the Simpsons Awards. Maybe I didn't feel like it. But in reality the answer is probably that handling one award was already a lot of pressure as it is. I forgot to count votes, my system for counting them wasn't very well thought out... long story short it was tough. But I pulled through, and I guess it could have gone worse. One change I made was adding a bit of humor to the award category descriptions, as well as brand new categories whenever I saw fit.
Sure, this was the death knell. After all, 2018 and 2019 were completely awards-free, and after the first year the votes got much fewer. But I did the very best I could, and I don't think anybody else was willing to try reviving the age-old tradition in the solemn year of Two-thousand and twenty.

Here's a chance for you to experience some nostalgic memories. Or if you're new, get to see how it looked like before you first laid eyes on it.