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Thread: Who is the better parent Abe or Mona

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    Who is the better parent Abe or Mona

    the problem with Mona is pretty much the problem with all female simpsons characters. she's put on a massive pedestal. She had a great first appearance but gets worse after every subsequent appearance until she was completely ruined upon her death. even after that they tried say what she did was wrong while still making her in the right by having Ape do a deathbed confession and presenting her as this saint.

    this video takes away more of her sympathy points. she's been depicted as a sympethetic adulterer as though she cheated on abe they had a horrible marriage and he cheated on her first. this timeline shows that abe never cheated on her so her cheating on him and chastising him for having as son out of wedlock was unfair. Abe was far from perfect but at least he was there and tried mona is the deffinition of a disney land parent.

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    This is an obvious no brainer. Mona did leave her family, but she kinda had to.

    Abe is just a straight up abusive father who doesn't really care about his son at all. In the flashbacks he embodies the deadbeat dad stereotype, drinking beer while watching a crappy TV, living in a crappy home, wearing a white tank top, drinking a lot, every single stereotype.

    If his senility as a senior citizen wasn't so goddamn hilarious Abe would be one of my least favorite characters.
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    I disagree with the above comment. Yes, Abe is a terrible father but he did stay to take care of Homer and later on he was a better grandfather to his grandchildren.
    And it's not like all Abe did was being abusive. We saw a lot of good sides of him like when he sold his home so that Homer could buy a house for his family.

    On the other hand Mona left Homer and was never part of his life again. Yes, I understand that she had to run away, but she also decided to get involved in what she did.

    Basically they're both terrible parents.

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    Both of them are pretty awful parents in their own regard, so it would seem kind of hypocritical for me to say I agree for one of them, because I don't.

    Emotional and physical abuse is not a funny or happy subject to tackle, because people have been in abusive relationships/friendships/families and have seen things I could never imagine living myself.

    Homer grew with a father that stayed beside him through the whole ordeal with Mona's disappearance sure, but he was also an abusive, alcoholic and bitter man. He never treated his son well, he never had high expectations for him and even when Homer was good at something, Abe never seemed to encourage him. I understand being left alone in your house by your wife with your son can be melancholic, but that doesn't give Abe any excuse for the way he acted towards Homer for all his life.

    Mona, on the other hand, is a completely different story that I do understand and respect, but still feel like it wasn't the best decision for the family.

    Mona did some really irresponsible things as a mother, especially when she joined the hippies in their activism against Burns. I am not one of those people that hate activism, because I do believe it makes us stronger, more capable and teaches us valuable lessons, but when you have a family and a young child to take care of, you have to know when to stop. Mona didn't know or didn't want to stop, because she thought she could make the world a better place, which ended up tearing her apart from her family. She could have just have a normal conversation with Abe and they could figure out what to do next, but instead of doing that she left, without even considering the possibility that there may be another solution to the problem.

    I know that most people like Mona and Abe and I think that they are/were nice people, but we can't ignore the fact both of them did some pretty unforgivable things that scarred them and their loved ones.

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    I agree with you there is not really a bad guy here they weren’t really bad people but awful parent because they were both just doing half of the work. Even in their marriage no one was either in the right or wrong.

    I like Jims discovery of how Abe doesn’t handle emotional confrontation well he either goes down with the ship or ignores it hoping it goes away. He was emotionally distance and not very encouraging, but it didn’t turn emotional abuse until after he was forced to give up bongo and homer resented him for it.

    Mona by contrast is extremely emotionally supportive while at the same time really selfish. While she wants to make the world a better place she doesn’t take other peoples feeling into consideration. She knows how much her repeatedly entering and leaving homers life has hurt him yet she still returns to Springfield to stop mr burns. Then when she died she manipulates him into doing her bidding using her will. With abe she has this holier then thou hypocrisy.

    They met she brushed him off so he met another girl at the carnival and slept with her. When they met again she decided to give him a chance later when abe found out about herb and told her she used it as an excuse to cheat on him, while at the same time holding it over his head. It was pointed she didn’t even know who homer’s father was at the time yet still chastised him about herb. By the time she finally decided to forgive him he had completely checked out emotionally and stopped trying which she used as an excuse to join the hippie lifestyle and continue to cheat on him.

    This warts and all is a good thing as it really puts the three’s relationship into perspective. As self sacrificing as abe was he still abe ultimately a disinterested, neglectful, unsupporting and sometimes downright emotionally abusive parent to Homer. Mona mean while was far from the angelic saint that homer remembered her as.

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