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Thread: Most Scully-like Pre-Scully episodes?

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    'Marge In Chains' is one to me. The way it gets increasingly cartoonish and ridiculous (up to eleven in the last act with the entire town going to shambled just because Marge is in prison for a month for accidental shoplifting, which can be seen as ridiculous in itself) and has some pretty mean-spirited moment (including Jerkass Apu) really makes it feel like a Scully episode to me. It's kinda insane how this one was written by Oakley & Weinstein, whose showrunning tenure ended up being such an contrasting opposite of Scully's.
    According to Oakley, a lot of what him and Weinstein wrote ended up being cut. When they took over as showrunners, "Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily" was their way of getting what they originally wanted from "Marge in Chains."

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    @Dr. Nihilistic, that would explain a thing or two about 'Marge In Chains' (it honestly is a mess in my opinion, but a funny one). Luckly they got their chance to shine with two seasons (and 'Home Sweet' turned out great and a favorite of mine).

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    Interesting. So you could almost say Marge in Chains was "Scullified" before Scully even joined the writing staff. Of course, the Jean/Reiss era did get kind of wacky towards the end of season 4.

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    That's a good point, @Jerkass Scully. The writers wanted more gags instead of a realistic story. Around that time, I'm sure a lot of them knew they were leaving the show and wanted to have as much fun as possible on their way out. Jon Vitti said that in any other scenario, "Cape Feare" wouldn't have turned out the way it did because there were barely any rewrites on the script. But at that time, everybody was exhausted and out of ideas so they didn't care.

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