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Thread: Scully or Scully-esque third acts you actually like

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    Scully or Scully-esque third acts you actually like

    I honestly never had a problem with those. At least they could show creativity.

    I think during the Scully era, Brother's Little Helper and TCWMC (yes, I'm being serious) have outlandish 3rd acts done right. I also like the third act of In Marge We Trust, yes that was an Oakley and Weinstein episode, but it's pretty Scully-esque.

    Which of these plots do you actually like?

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    The ending of Mom and Pop Art is beautiful. The idea of flooding the entire city is absolutely wacky but it is fantastic, visually amazing, inspiring, and in-tone with the rest of the episode (it's the definite work of art).

    Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder's third act is completely unrelated to the others, but I actually liked the scenes between Homer and Maggie, including the absurd rescue in the sea and in spite of the annoying explanation provided by Hibbert.

    I actually used to hate the third act of The Computers Wore Menace Shoes but now I think it is kinda interesting even if it's ridiculous.
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    All the stuff with the chimp researcher in Simpsons Safari is really entertaining.

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