Ahhh such a classic, I can still hear that gameplay right now and suddenly I'm transported back to the old Holiday Inn in Grand Forks that existed before the Express moved in and it moved out (hey the place had the Simpsons Pinball machine too and I remember playing that and laughing maniacally every time I hit people that are considered Bart's Nemesis's) oh btw one of the holiday inns on my neck of the woods DID have the simpsons arcade game, there aren't that many arcades that exist these days, the last time I played a physical version of the arcade game was in the mid 2000s, there is one that does exist at a nice restaurant outside of Winnipeg, I didn't play it because they had the South Park Pinball game there

hey I don't know if there is as separate thread for this because there's no rate and review archive thingy like the episode reviews do

I actually did just play the game again in it's entirety...as Homer (yes there's a hack you can use when you're playing the game online) it kind of made me wonder, how would it look if it were made today would the writing be any different? would there be a different villain aside from Mr.Burns even though Sideshow Bob does make a cameo in the game, but he was less crazy then