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    Exclamation Season 32 Information Thread

    Season 32 Information Thread

    Welcome to the Season 32 Information Thread, where we keep track of news and information about the 2020-2021 season of The Simpsons. Please keep in mind this information can change at any time.

    Latest Updates
    • 7/13: Musical episode in the works, plot detail for "Do PizzaBots Dream Of Electric Guitars"
    • 7/9: New title, "Burger Kings," written by Rob LaZebnik
    • 7/6: Plot detail for "Do PizzaBots Dream Of Electric Guitars" and "Diary Queen"

    Upcoming Episodes

    To discuss episodes that have already aired, please check out our Rate & Review archive.

    ZABF15 - The 7 Beer Itch
    • Olivia Colman "playing the most down home femme fatal ever who attracts every man she's ever met but falls hard, harder than she ever imagined, for Homer Simpson." (James L. Brooks/Twitter)
    • Colman will voice a character named “Lily” in an episode titled “The 7 Beer Itch” that will air next spring, a Fox spokesperson told TheWrap. (TheWrap)
    • Written by Joel H. Cohen, John Frink, and Al Jean.(Al Jean/Twitter)
    • Directed by Mike Polcino. (Al Jean/Twitter)
    • Pushed back to fall. (Al Jean)

    ZABF17 - Treehouse of Horror XXXI
    • Written by Julia Prescott. (Al Jean/Twitter)
    • Directed by Steven Dean Moore. (Al Jean/Twitter)
    • Jean: "We're writing a segment next year on the 2020 election so who knows how that will turn out... we can always write it and reanimate it within a few months." (Newsweek)
    • "One part is this really fantastic 'Into the Homerverse' where you see all different versions of Homer from different dimensions." (/Film)

    ZABF18 - I, Carumbus
    • Written by Cesar Mazariegos. (Al Jean)
    • Directed by Rob Oliver. (Al Jean)
    • Showrun by Matt Selman. (The B)
    • Flashback episode. (Al Jean)

    ZABF19 - Undercover Burns
    • Written by David Cryan. (Al Jean/Twitter)
    • David Harbour will play an alternate version of Mr. Burns in a season 32 episode. In a take on Undercover Boss, Mr. Burns, voiced by Harry Shearer, spots some graffiti on the wall at the nuclear power plant (“Burns is not excellent”) and decides to go undercover to root out the problem. “Like Mission: Impossible, they give him a whole new body and face and voice so that this people in the plant won’t possibly recognize him,” shares Jean. “He’s supposed to be a blue-collar guy from another part of the plant, but everything he says is like Mr. Burns. He wants to go to karaoke and sing songs from the 1890s, but the guys don’t see through it.” (Entertainment Weekly)
    • "[Burns] has a suit so he can go undercover boss inside the plant and David Harbour plays the voice that he uses when he’s in the disguise." (/Film)
    • Directed by Bob Anderson. (Al Jean)

    ZABF20 - The Road to Cincinnati
    • Written by Jeff Westbrook. (Al Jean)
    • Showrun by Matt Selman. (The B)
    • Matt Selman: " There’s one coming up in the fall that’s basically just a Skinner/Chalmers road trip show because we know those characters can sustain. Their own relationship is so interesting and compelling and f*cked up that we could do that. I’m always on the lookout for that kind of thing [...] The steamed hams will make an appearance but we don’t want to try to overcapitalize on the steamed hams because then it seems like we’re desperate to try to take old internet passion and feed off of it. It’s more I would say in an Easter egg area. Easter ham. Right? Everyone loves Easter hams." (/Film, Al Jean)
    • Directed by Matthew Nastuk. (Al Jean)

    ZABF21 - Now Museum, Now You Don't (Al Jean)

    ZABF22 - Podcast News
    • Written by David X. Cohen. (Al Jean)
    • Showrun by Matt Selman. (The B)

    QABF01 - Sorry not Sorry (Al Jean)

    QABF02 - Three Dreams Denied

    QABF03 - A Springfield Summer Christmas for Christmas
    • Written by Jessica Conrad. (Al Jean)

    QABF04 - Dad-feelings Limited

    QABF05 - Diary Queen
    • Written by Jeff Westbrook. (Al Jean)
    • Directed by Matthew Nastuk. (Al Jean)
    • Has a lot of Ned Flanders. (Al Jean)

    QABF06 - Wad Goals

    QABF07 - Yokel Hero
    • Written by Jeff Martin & Samantha Martin. (Al Jean)
    • Cletus episode. (Al Jean)

    QABF08 - Do PizzaBots Dream Of Electric Guitars

    QABF09 - Senior Moment
    • Written by J. Stewart Burns. (Al Jean)

    QABF10 - Uncut Femmes (Al Jean)
    • Written by Christine Nangle.(Al Jean)

    QABF11 - Burger Kings

    Loose Ends
    • Season premiere scheduled for September 27, 2020. (Al Jean)
    • There will be a musical episode. (Al Jean)

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