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Thread: Life to the Fullest (A Simpsons Fanfic)

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    Life to the Fullest (A Simpsons Fanfic)

    Hello everyone! I'm posting here today because I have a piece of work that I've been writing on and off for the past ten years or so, based off of one of my favorite cartoon families. It mainly follows the Simpson kids, their family and friends (along with many supporting or one-time characters) seven years in the future as they deal with the usual and not so usual stuff that comes with growing up. I mainly post on and Archive of Our Own so I'll link both but if you have an account with either one (or are even a guest), I'd appreciate some feedback there or here! Writing isn't my main passion, this is merely a hobby that I'm putting as much effort into as possible so constructive criticism or suggestions are welcome.

    If life was fair, then what would it be worth living? Maybe the Simpson kids and their companions will understand seven years into the future. Constructive criticism appreciated.


    Archive of Our Own

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    I'll be checking it out!

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