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Thread: Sketchy Details: An Analysis on Adult Animation

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    Sketchy Details: An Analysis on Adult Animation

    This is an unusual thread to start as it's not directed towards one animated show in particular, but I finally began writing essays on adult animation a few years ago. This was originally going to be a near-hour-long video with a lot more illustrations, but I decided to publish it in essay-form instead as I'm not really ready to be in front of a camera, or in the mood to edit something with my own voice. The first article I've written regards a comprehensive history on Animation Domination, which originally was going to end on discussing its demise and not its eventual resurrection as I didn't have the foresight in 2018.

    On that note, the first post can be read here. Unless of course, you'd prefer me not to self-promote and post the entire essay within a post. It's been a while since I've done much activity on the forum and want your thoughts on whether or not I should.

    The next essay I plan on writing will probably be about Animation Domination High-Def as it has ties to AD, and somewhat of a bearing on its initial demise as well. Past that, I'll probably explore other unusual topics such as how a show so obscure could last several seasons, then come back as mildly popular several years later.

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    I've been meaning to talk about adult cartoons myself, but I have kind of limited myself to the ones I watch, so likely not the best option for me. I wish you the best.
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