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Thread: I like to aplogize

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    I like to aplogize

    For pulling a prank about car crash and cancer. I have even gone as far as to consider killing myself to make up for it. I have however decided to keep on living but im still much sorry for what i did. Sorry.

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    Just promise never to do something like this again.
    Quote Originally Posted by scully apologist;bt39949
    "KONY 2012"

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldSchoolerSimpsons View Post
    Just promise never to do something like this again.
    I promise on my life.

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    If i do it again i will kill myself.

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    This guy got banned again? Ok, he definitely deserved it, but he did make some fun threads as well. I always hate when people who can make good threads and posts feel the need to take trolling too far and get themselves banned on various forums

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    Yeah, he makes good Simpsons threads but he's clearly a mess.
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    i was hoping it was a clever ruse because no man should die immediately after watching season 26 of matt groening's subversive and nonconformist animated comedy "the simpsons". nobody deserves that. nobody

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    no homers dot net make Treehouse of Spoopy go crazy

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