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Thread: Watching season 26 right now

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    Watching season 26 right now

    My ratings so far:

    Clown In The Dumps: 1/10
    The Wreck Of The Relationship: 1/10
    Super Franchise Me: 1/10
    Treehouse Of Horror 15: 7/10
    Opposites A Frack: 6/10
    Simpsorama: 9/10
    Blazed And Confused: 8/10

    So far it´s actually not that bad. Hated the first three episodes but the last four i have seen are surprisingly good for a modern season so yeah liking it a lot more then 22-25 so far. Keep it up and i will continue watching.

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    The Treehouse Of Horror was surprisingly good and Simpsorama was all right too. The rest of them I hate though (except Wreck since I haven't seen it).

    And if you think Clown In The Dumps is bad, it gets even worse with the next season's premiere...
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    Will watch some more when i get off work.

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