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Thread: Why was the classic seasons originally disliked?

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    Why was the classic seasons originally disliked?

    I searched for old classic seasons reviews and i saw that none of them were recieved too favorably back in the day. Saw a lot of fans saying that the show is overrated and they should cancel it. Anyone have a idea why?

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    I assume some of it was down to bias towards Season 3 (and possibly 4), and thus hatred or disappointment with the way Mirkin, Oakley and Weinstein and Scully (if you include Season 9) all deviated more and more from those seasons

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    That's just media in general. It's not exclusive to The Simpsons. The reason the first eight or nine seasons are seen as classic is because they aged well over time, and more people appreciated those seasons as the years went by. A lot of things don't get love in the moment. The show changed a lot in its early years and it probably alienated a lot of fans, especially after the first four seasons.

    I think Al Jean said the show was accused of declining as early as season two. Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein enjoyed communicating with fans in the beginning, but even they got tired of it because of the complaints. The classic seasons didn't reach untouchable status until the Scully years, and then the early Jean years where Entertainment Weekly put out a list of the 25 best episodes with almost all of them being from the first nine seasons.

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    I think @Brad Lascelle could have some interesting input on this; he’s been chatting Simpsons since 1993.
    Favorite and least favorite by season
    1. Life on the Fast Lane Homer’s Night Out 2. Bart Gets an F Dead Putting Society 3. Homer at the Bat Like Father, Like Clown 4. Brother From the Same Planet Krusty Gets Kancelled 5. Cape Feare Lady Bouvier’s Lover 6. Homer Badman Another Simpsons Clip Show 7. King-Size Homer Lisa the Iconoclast 8. Homer’s Enemy The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase 9. Bart Carny The Trouble With Trillions 10. Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo Homer Simpson in: “Kidney Trouble” 11. Guess Who’s Coming to Criticize Dinner? Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder 12. HOMЯ Tennis the Menace 13. Tales From the Public Domain She of Little Faith 14. The Dad Who Knew Too Little Helter Shelter 15. I, (Annoyed Grunt)-bot Bart-Mangled Banner 16. A Star is Torn On a Clear Day I Can’t See My Sister 17. My Fair Laddy Bonfire of the Manatees 18. The Haw-Hawed Couple You Kent Always Say What You Want 19. Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind All About Lisa 20. Gone Maggie Gone The Good, the Sad and the Drugly 21. The Bob Next Door The Color Yellow 22. Donnie Fatso Love is a Many Strangled Thing 23. The Falcon and the D’ohman A Totally Fun Thing That Bart Will Never Do Again 24. Hardly Kirk-ing Moonshine River 25. The War of Art What to Expect When Bart’s Expecting 26. Sky Police Let’s Go Fly a Coot 27. Halloween of Horror Lisa With an ‘S’ 28. There Will Be Buds Moho House 29. Springfield Splendor Throw Grampa From the Dane 30. Daddicus Finch I Want You (She’s So Heavy) 31. Thanksgiving of Horror Warrin’ Priests (Part Two)

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    You can understand why the writers probably didn't realize their show was declining in the early 2000s (and why they may think the show is still in great form today). Since people had been criticizing the show and claiming it was going downhill since as early as season 2. I know a lot of the writers reject the idea that the show has a "Golden" or "Classic Era".

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    Because the people on were hypercritical nerds. And ironically they thought the Scully seasons were an improvement at the time.

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    There's a difference with getting bad reviews at the moment something is premiered in contrast to getting bad reviews after many years have passed.
    Today it's universally agreed that seasons 1-8 or 1-9 are the best years of the show. Since more than 20 years have passed since then we can assume that the concensus is generally right because lots of years have passed. We've had enough time to evaluate things and yet this concensus has hold for a long time.
    When those classic era episodes were being criticized it was at the same time they were being released, not a lot of time for evaluation and retrospective.

    Most works by Tchaikovsky like Swan Lake or the Piano Concerto received terrible reviews at their premier. But they have become classic over time. Same with the classic seasons of the Simpsons.

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    What means classic ?
    *Some people call seasons 1-2 or 1-3 classic and 2/3-(8/HD) golden
    *Others call seasons 1-(8/12) classic
    The Simpsons change their style often.
    Early Episodes were a combination of modernism (a European/Soviet thing) and Free Speech (an American thing), that slaughtered sacred cows of the establishment and got hate from the establishment critics. Fans liked it however and the offensiveness caused Bartmania.
    Later classic Episodes had more fast paced-comedy, there punchlines come at high speed. This was the death of the laugh track (that is incompatible with that style of comedy but not generally bad). It got some hate from early fans that prefered modernism, but was liked by a larger crowd.
    All in all, cutting edge comedy will get hate from established critics, but become succesfull because it is something new.
    There is a general trend, that things that start as lame become classics, while things that get hyped become forgotten. Also note parody-episodes and "Treehouse of Horror". Somthing that was classic then the Simpsons parodied it (like Citicen Kane) stayes classic, while somethis that was hyped (Twilight;Hunger Games) gets annoying. The classics were often less hyped, then they came out.

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    Because people didn't know how crappy the the show could get. Show them a random season 30 episode in 1992 and they would change their tune really quick.

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