Homerland: 1/10
Treehouse Of Horror 24: 1/10
Four Regrettings And A Funeral: 1/10
YOLO: 1/10
Labor Pains: 1/10
The Kid Is Allright: 1/10
Yellow Subterfuage: 1/10
White Christmas Blues: 1/10
Steal This Episode: 1/10
Married To The Blob: 1/10
Specs And The City: 1/10
Diggs: 1/10
The Man Who Grew Too Much: 1/10
The Winter Of His Content: 1/10
The War Of Art: 1/10
You Don´t Have To Live Like A Refree: 1/10
Lucas: 1/10
Days Of Future Future: 1/10
What To Expect When Bart Is Expecting: 1/10
Brick Like Me: 1/10
Pay Pal: 1/10
The Yellow Badge Of Cowardage

Same quality as 24. Absolute garbage through. After this season i gave up on the show and i have not watched a single episode since then.