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Thread: Continuity error in the Uncensored Family Album

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    Continuity error in the Uncensored Family Album

    I've always loved this book ever since I brought it from a book fair. Man those early Simpsons tie-in books were so good, especially Bart's Guide To Life...

    Let's stay true to the thread's title: On the page about Homer's unfortunate visit to Potato Rock National Park, which is also the last page with Homer's "older" hairstyle the image of Homer doing the Hustle before falling off features his familiar hairstyle yet the image of him after being injured (wearing casts) features his so-called "older" hairstyle as mentioned eariler. How did this happen? Also, I've forgotten if Homer gets his familar

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    I guess there weren't too many artists and someone just forgot to use the older hairstyle. There's a lot of drawing involved in that and it's to be expected there might be a slip-up or two.
    Reading back, it still is a nice lil book though. Definitely an early product, maybe from around S2? There's a lot of things that aren't entirely accurate (for instance, listing Nelson's last name as "Widmar" when it was "Muntz" since his debut) or seemingly made up but are kinda funny (like listing Mr Burns as a distant relative to Homer) My guess is they didn't have a ton to go off of or weren't told much, kinda like in the Simpsons Arcade where Sideshow Bob is actually a helpful npc.
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    Boy I Really Hope Somebody Got Fired For That Blunder

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