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Thread: Itís 20 years to the day since Maude Flanders died.

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    Itís 20 years to the day since Maude Flanders died.

    ... in the un-classic episode ĎAlone Again, Natura-Diddlyí.

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    Seen a lot of hate for that episode lately. I don’t think it’s that bad. Continue RIP-ing, Maude.
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    I think it gets too much hate as well. It's one of the few episodes in season 11 attempting deep emotion, and does a damn good job at it. Ned's pain is very realistically depicted and sad. It's not all doom and gloom however, it's also hilarious throughout.

    This season sure emphasized Flanders' sex appeal. First the hot ski bod in Little Big Mom and then just over a month later we see him in the shower naked.
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    Happy 20th Death Day Maude. I guess.
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    Interesting fact: there is now more time between the present day and M Flanders death than there was between M Flanders death and John Lennon’s death.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajsmith1234 View Post
    Interesting fact: there is now more time between the present day and M Flanders death than there was between M Flanders death and John Lennon’s death.
    Whoa. Wild. make Treehouse of Spoopy go crazy

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    I just realized: Maude Flanders and Charlie Brown "died" on the same day - 2/13/2000 was also the day of the last Peanuts comic strip. Ironically, Peanuts author Charles Schulz died the night before.

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    you guys are such freakin downers, my gosh
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