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    Post your favorite talk show clips

    While I rarely ever watch a full episode, one fascination of mine is watching clips from talk shows. It's just fun to watch great actors, directors, singers and whatnot talk about themselves, their profession or tell stories about others in the industry. Of course, there are great hosts and others who are not as good, but no matter who it is I still enjoy most of them if they have someone I like, and as long as it doesn't get too ridiculous. Though I did quite laugh at Clint's subtle annoyance when Fallon asks him to do something stupid near the end:

    The Dick Cavett Show is pretty much guaranteed to always have something good though. Even when the interviews are less than smooth, they're still interesting from a time capsule sense. Plus when Dick and a guest click with each other, it's a pure joy to watch.

    Janis Joplin is very cute and entertaining in this clip.

    This made me die with laughter. God bless you, Robin.

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