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Thread: Why is Homer so injury-prone?

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    Why is Homer so injury-prone?

    I can't think of another character more prone to getting hurt, with the possible exception of Hans Moleman. Is it supposed to be funnier when Homer gets hurt? As opposed to Marge, Lisa, or some other character?

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    My guess is like Hans, Homer is damn near invincible at this point. The Homer They Fall even lampshaded Homer's extreme tolerence to pain at that point.
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    Homer is the primary vehicle of slapstick humor in the show, yes. Though I don't know he's as invincible to pain as we think. We just don't see the unfunny aftermath:

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    It's only natural that a lot of the humor of a character like Homer is him getting hurt and having assorted pratfalls and he does have quite a high tolerance to pain as clearly shown, even though he's not invincible and has suffered various injuries that he didn't just immediately walk off immediately after they happened (and speaking of which, the aftermaths with hospital stays, bandages and casts and so forth has also shown to be a source of humor. The ride never stops).

    As to why he's so prone to accidents and injuries, I'd say it's a combination of him being dumb, careless and unlucky.

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