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Thread: Worst DVD menu in your opinion

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    Worst DVD menu in your opinion

    Don't really know if anyone cares about DVD menus anymore in 2020, but I'll give it a shot.

    I recently took out a Warner Archive DVD from the library. This particular one had the most generic menu I've ever seen. No title of the movie, just the Warner Archive logo, a PLAY MOVIE button, and a little thing about selecting chapters with the remote. You could only skip in 10-minute increments, so I guess there was no point in putting in a scwne select option. Not all Warner Archive titles are like this; I guess just the least noteworthy ones?
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    Man that's rough

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    Cheezy Flicks' DVD release of The Legend Of Boggy Creek has a pretty awful looking menu. The transfer of the film itself isn't stellar either.

    I highly recommend you check it out though. It's the kind of movie that slowly crawls up on you rather than bringing out the guns right away.
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    Some of the newer Hanna Barbera DVD menus are pretty bad like Loopy De Loop's. Great cartoon series like those and they get pathetic menus.

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