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Thread: Rate & Review: "Hail to the Teeth" (ZABF05)

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    Quote Originally Posted by John95 View Post
    @Wile E. the Brain, Did you also feel like some of the gags went on too long like I did, such as the end of the first scene at the dentist's office or Wiggum going to garbage island?
    Yes I did. Lisa being under gas wasn't funny to begin with but the fact they dragged it out made it even more annoying. Same goes to Homer in the elevator. The fact the elevator is struggling wasn't funny, and the comments of the two waiters, it looked like it was a child that wrote this scene.

    I believe that we had a thread about newcomers or freelance writers, by the way. The fact here is that Kiernan Averick is seemingly a part of the staff besides writing (she's a producer, isn't she ?), so I guess she's not a freelancer. If she have to write another episode, maybe she'll improve. This episode felt like she made a mistake as a newcomer but that doesn't mean that newcomers always fail these last times. I know it had a split reception but in my opinion, for example, Megan Amram did a very good job with her first script for the show, Bart vs. Itchy & Scratchy.

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    I'm with @Wile E. the Brain on newcomers & freelancers.

    For instance I did have some issues with 'I'm Dancing As Fat As I Can' (written by newcomer Jane Becker) but I still found it decently good episode with generally good writing and I think that Becker has shown considerable promise with her effort there so I'd welcome more scripts by her (same with the abeformentioned Megan Amram with 'Bart Vs. Itchy & Scratchy').

    Like I've said before, It's not easy for a new writer, let alone a freelancer, to get it perfectly right on their first try so there's certainly some kind of learning curve, therefore I'm not quick to judging them by just one episode, good or bad. Kiernan Averick, even though not nailing this one, I'm open to see more episodes by. Maybe the next one will hit the right notes.

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    I can't pretend that I know what it's like to write for such a well established series but there are a few things I generally don't like in a simpsons episode. I don't care for intricate visual animations.. I don't go for gag heavy episodes because it's usually at the expense of a plot.

    I'm not sure if that's a direct influence from family guy on the younger set of writers. I'm not a fan of family guy, I used to watch it before it was cancelled and when they brought it back, it quickly devolved into a stage for gross out jokes. I have chuckled a few times at the idea of some of the jokes but the execution is so lazy.

    I also wonder if the writers feel the need to have an A and B story, has it always been this way? two very separate stories that don't intertwine ? I don't think so, although I feel like now, after 30 years, there are probably more episodes with two separate plots., then why do the writers feel the need to have two different plots for every episode they write. I don't think it's a bad thing by itself, I think that sometimes it may stretch the plot a little too thinly. There's nothing wrong in my mind with small stories.. like small movies, not everything needs to be a blockbuster. As with a lot of creative or professional endeavours in life, a reduced scope is often wiser, be it because of lack of budget or talent, sometimes you would be better off tugging back on your imagination.

    Last season I really enjoyed the episode that nancy cartwright wrote, it was her first episode but technically I don't think she qualifies as a newcomer. what do you think?

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    Not all modern episodes have an A and an B story (or main plot and subplot) and I believe some newcomers & freelancers have written episodes that just has one plot, but it's true that not all episodes need two plots. However, sometimes it can work out fine depending on the talent of the writer, even if it's someone new to the show.

    Regarding Nancy and her episode last season ('Girl's In The Band', which I think was a really good one), even though she's part of the main cast since the start of the series and technically not an full on newcomer per se, I'd argue that she could be counted as one since she since it's her first writing credit for the show and as as a solo writer (having co-written an 2017 movie previous; that and this episode being her only writing credit thus far according to IMDB).

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    Quite honestly a very bizarre episode. As others have said, Lisa's plot was basically a rehash of Simpson and Delilah. The only honest laugh I could muster was Martin's bumbling of the app. On the other hand, I wish they would have made Artie's plot the opposite-- the robot should have been more obsessed with Artie and Homer and Marge had to stop them. The plot was already outlandish, so why not just go all out? I mean Lisa could have been there, smiling as she helped saved the day.

    2/5... and when did they get rid of voting in a Poll? I guess the future is now...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad Lascelle View Post
    So we're going to try out something different this season and forego the traditional R&R thread poll. The reason being that we've had some unfortunate issues with people employing alternate mirror accounts to log multiple votes in the weekly polls and effectively skew the consensus score for the site. This has been happening unchecked for a while and this is an attempt to curb that behavior.

    Now I still want you guys to score the episode as you would normally. And you can do it without much additional effort if you choose by simply posting a quick reply and leaving a clear score out of either 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 out of 5. No half scores. No letter grades. No scores out of 10 or 42 or 1,000... although you're welcome to leave scores in that fashion if you don't want them counted in the consolidated community score for the thread.

    I will tally each unique score from a unique individual and a unique IP to go along with them and update the opening post throughout the season with a consolidated score so it really won't be much different that it has been already. We just need an added safeguard to ensure that folks are voting honestly and ONCE... employing multiple accounts while the rest of us only vote once doesn't exactly reflect the views of the NHC community now, does it? Every person that contributes to the overall consensus score will be referenced in the opening post along with the score given so there will be no question as to whether your grade has been counted or not.

    And leave comments with your scores as always. We want conversations in these threads about the episodes so be sure to share your impressions, what you liked and what you didn't like just as you always have. Most of you have always provided your score along with your impressions so this won't change much of anything at all outside of saving you an extra step. Heck, there's even an added bonus now in that you can CHANGE your vote over time and I will note the change. So it won't always be locked in based on your first impression.

    Please don't hesitate to follow up with me via PM should you have any questions regarding this change. Thanks and happy reviewing!
    Favorite and least favorite by season
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    I think Phil Payton does the best reviews I tend to agree more with him than AV Club, Bubbleblabber, or Den of Geek. Not just for the simpsons but any animated show (Bob’s Burgers, Bless the Harts, Family Guy, South Park, etc).

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    The Simpsons started their fifth decade. My sincere congratulations for that impressive record. They started the 2020s with an episode that must be one of the weirdest, most random from this show until the date. Not in a good way. Not in a bad one either. It just feels different. It was an atypical episode of The Simpsons.

    If it is not one of the strangest images of the show, it is close.

    So, Artie Ziff came back to star an episode after almost sixteen years -excluding his appearance on Treehouse of Horror XXIII-. He brings us a kind of a Black Mirror's story in terms of how we can use technologies/robotics, and how twisted could be the mind of some people. Artie was accurate for the role since the characteristics needed to build a robot and get married to it were part of him in each one of his previous interventions: smartness and perversity. And resources, obviously, but it was explained how he recovered his richness, through a stupid invent that fascinated people like Homer. Overall, it was a new opportunity to shine for the character. Although I wouldn't say he was outstanding, at least he fulfills what I may expect from him. Eccentric, extroverted, extremely braggart -although he doesn't have anything to brag beside money-, and with a certain mental disorder that makes him simulating a wedding with a robot just because he wanted to generate jealous on an ex-couple of twenty years ago. A lazy plan taking into account that he is one of the smartest guys in the city. Their interventions through the projector were too long, and it wasn't clear if he could or not interact with watchers. Then we see how he uses money in the bachelor party. The honeymoon was the highest moment of the story, where the truth is revealed and we see those imperfect robots built by Artie, with a Terminator-reference included. Finally, we see how he apparently learned something, creating an orphanage with his Marges, but how then he tries to have a party with any of her. A normal use to the character and a fantastic voice-acting from Jon Lovitz.

    It might be interesting if he would learn a lesson but, you know, the status quo.

    Marge and Homer played a silent role in Artie's story. We have them discussing if they should or not go to the wedding, and taking an affirmative decision just because they were tired to hear Artie. Once again, a bit lazy. Their other moment as a couple was when they decide to say Artie's wife what was actually going on. It was a weird situation for them but I am not sure if they had to meddle in that affair. It wasn't the best way to reveal what was happening. Their individual appearances were more effective than those aforementioned. Especially from Homer, who was the encharged to lead the funniest scenes and, as a consequence, he was useful for the pacing of the story. Among his best moments, I'd like to highlight his interaction with Artie about his Money to Burn invent, and the one with Kent Brockman, although that scene was fine thanks to the journalist. Anyway, my favorite of them was Homer walking down the aisle. It has a classic-moment touch for me. However, no all of them were well handled. Scenes like the one where he eats the pig and needs medical attention for that or where he steals everything from the hotel were too predictable and bother for me. Marge (the real one, obviously), for her part, didn't receive important scenes, except for the speech that she said to Artie about his intelligence and his goals. It was pretty nice, and the joke of a robot kissing him was clever. But overall I think she could be the focus in more moments, especially after understand what were the intentions of her promo date. She was relegated to a second plane.

    I will be surprised if this Money to Burn thing won't be in Tapped Out.

    Meanwhile, Lisa's subplot was absolutely empty of content. Since I read the synopsis, I knew it would be completely forgettable. Lisa has braces. Seriously, again? That is maybe the most iconic premise of the show in its entire history. How did they think they would be capable of improving it? The reason for her necessity was convincing but I think it might be a lot better if another character would be the one who has braces now. The rest of the story was absolutely predictable: smiling makes she popular but then she lost her smile when the dentist adjusts her braces; she runs for the presidency of her class but loses with a random character (a random Spuckler boy, trying to be more exact); she is happy for a moment but then she is sad again because, apparently, that's the eternal destiny for her. Lisa's visits to the dentist don't offer anything special, although the best moment of the episode was a consequence of one of them (Wiggum looking for Ralph's retainer in the ocean instead to pay a new one). Her success in school was another time where she is momentarily popular. I liked the scene when Mrs. Hoover said the class finished in a positive note despite the sad narration from Lisa. Also, her campaign was uninteresting for the most part. It has some elaborated jokes, like Bart's comments about polls or Sideshow Mel -and his show- appearing in the school. But it was not something different than the same story we've seen many times before. The best thing about the entire story was Yeardley Smith's performance. Once again, Lisa had some expressions of sadness, excitement or anxiety that put her in a stand out place.

    Doesn't anybody smile in that school? Look the popularity she gets for that.

    It is strange, comforting and annoying, everything at the same time, how the show is treating feminism nowadays. They proved they can handle the topic in entire episodes through the last year, in episodes like Werking Mom or Bart vs. Itchy & Scratchy. But lastly, they are including a lot of random moments trying to be politically correct about machismo/feminism we're it is not the most accurate place. The episode started with an old man flirting with Lisa in just another weird scene. What were the point of creating that character and his posterior appearances? I just find funny how robot Marge takes him at the end of the story. It was a smart way to connect both stories. Then, we have Milhouse doing many compliments to Lisa, and she reacting negatively. Okay, that's what Milhouse deserves, but are those scenes necessary? Should it be funny? Why we have scenes like that? Well, I'd say it is just to clear out the posture of the show. And those are not the only ones. We have Martin failing with Lisa's cheats because, when he said he could edit the image, "his machismo was talking". Seriously? Martin? Machist? That's the way to finish the episode? Man, it was actually irritating. The cassette she finds in the school is also a way to talk about it and bring a message in the wrong context. I am in favor of women on the staff, and also of a change in the perspective of the show about currently popular questions. But the progress must have a place when the episode requires it.

    Their relationship is in danger if the focus is on Lisa reacting negatively.

    Not sure if it would work better as a Treehouse of Horror segment as some you said. I can't see enough potential on it not even for that. When the best of the episode is the voice-acting of some actors (Lovitz and Smith) is when I realized that I didn't like it at all. Neither the message nor the pacing, not the originality of the story. It was bad and not because it's weird. But because it was unoriginal, repetitive and predictable.


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    Returning from my hiatus just in time for next week's new episode.

    I don't have anything to add that others who rated similarly haven't said already. Hail to the Teeth was a bizarre episode in which some pretty outlandish things happened and yet all the characters seemed muted in response to them. My response to the episode was equally muted. There were some mildly interesting ideas bubbling beneath the surface, but the execution was way off. The pacing was off too and there was barely anything worth a chuckle. Just another day at the office for season 31.

    I'll give this a score of 2/5. I'm hoping J. Stewart Burns can save us from this tedium next week.
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    The polonaise/chopin posters in Largos classroom in the opening are new, right? Not sure why those were changed, they aren't jokes, and it's already clear it's a music room.

    First time I heard Martin's new voice. Sounds more like Itchy than Martin. Would have to hear Grey do one of Russi Taylor's voices for a bigger role.

    Ziff's line about the toaster Marge robot was the closest thing to a laugh for me. Scene is dumb as shit, but seeing all the Marge robot designs made me wake out of my coma for a few seconds.

    So in about 20 years in the future or so, the Oprah expy character the show made back in 2005 will be the exact same age. Can't even remember when they showed that character last, or why I should care for that to stick out to me.

    Forgettable. Boring.

    Just because I'm stupider than them, they think they're smarter than me!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodySimpsonChibi View Post
    Well this was a weird one. The Artie plot felt like it would be more at home in a TOH as FP said and frankly came off a little creepy. As for the Lisa plot, it kinda felt like I was watching an older Lisa-centered episode which to me is a good thing. Also, I'd be lying if I said I didn't think that Marge bug carrying off that sexist old guy was satisfying.

    Hey BSC... am I rounding this score up to a 4 or down to a 3 for the community poll?

    Quote Originally Posted by binary View Post
    The Ziff plot with a Marge clone caught my attention at first, but after that robot reveal I simply lost interest. The Lisa plot seems like something i've already seen many times so I didn't care.

    Hey binary... am I rounding this score up to a 2 or down to a 1 for the community poll?
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    It's a 4 from me.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kaine View Post
    I'd imagine patting Lisa on the head would sting, damn kids with their spiky heads.

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    2 from me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nitsy View Post
    Still waiting for the crazy wedding where something happens and do-do-do-do...
    That was "Rome-Old and Juli-Eh".

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    Season 31 Ratings
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    I actually liked this episode. The main plot with Lisa and Bart was fun but the subplot with Artie was dumb. 3/5

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    I prefer Russi over Grey everyday.

    Anyway, my rating: I didn't enjoy this. The subplot was just a rubbish rehash of LETS and S&D. Didn't really get into the main plot either, but I liked it more than the subplot. 1/5.
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