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Thread: Simpsons movie merchandising 7-11 displays

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    Simpsons movie merchandising 7-11 displays

    Hey guys,

    Just a newbie here but thought I'd pass on the info about what I have. When the movie came out in 2007 I'm sure you all remember when some 7-11 stores turned into kwik e marts and there was a bunch of different advertising pieces. Well I was a regular at a local store and the owner gave me a bunch of the signs that I have had in storage for 12 years. I am hoping to get these to their new home for a collector that wants something that wasn't sold to the public. Everything was used, so the shape its in is what it is. The window homer simpson sign is in nice shape, and the 6 piece store front banner is nice minus some cracks in the pvc, but a nice display. Also have the collector cup display and a cardboard bart sign. I have the wiggum decal that was on the donut case, but I am unsure if I want to let it go. I live in NJ...just hoping one fan to another, that I can find a home for these. Let me know what you guys think...def some cool history and some rare merch.
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