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Thread: My Best Friends....and yours?

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    My Best Friends....and yours?

    TERRY LOU HINTON-SIMPSON (Yes, her name IS Simpson!)

    December 12 1962-September 27, 2018

    Last week would have been Terry's 57th birthday....I have not heard from her in years, but she did have a Facebook account and her last entry was in 2014.

    I looked at her Friends List and noticed a name I recognized, but the last name was not familiar to me....I sent her an Instant Message and inquired "Are you Jamie GREEN Hawley" (Green was the name I knew when she and I were in junior high) and told her about Terry and knew Terry was not good healthwise (Terry was in a auto accident years ago when she was living in Arizona and as a result, has pins and screws holding up her head and spine...she also had intestinal problems that required surgery) and if she sees her on her birthday, tell her I said Happy Birthday to her."

    Hours later, Jamie answered my message: she told me Terry died on September 27, 2018 of another automobile accident.

    I read the San Antonio, TX (where Terry currently resided) TV news report that Terry drove too fast and made a very sharp turn that caused her to lose control of her car...the car hit an utility pole which broke in 1/2. Terry's car then hit a building, the car flipped over and the EMT's had to use the Jaws of Life to free her because she was trapped inside.

    Terry suffered a massive broken leg....she died on her way to the hospital.

    Terry was 55 years old.

    Excuse me, everyone...I'm starting to get weepy.

    I knew Terry when she and I were in 7th grade at Washington Jr High School in Vista, CA...we both had PE with Mrs. Jean Rath, who also ran the 'Clown Club'-a club for kids to dress up like clowns and entertain people at hospitals, parades, etc.

    Terry made junior high BEARABLE for me: in PE, I SUCKED: Charlie Brown and Sissy Spacek as Carrie White played sports better than I did and classmates put me down/humilated me for not being atheletic.

    Terry, however, encouraged me....she never criticized me, she was my cheerleader, my comedienne.

    When she and I were in high school, we...and jamie...had lunch at Terry's house, a mobile home.

    Her mother was elderly (at least to me) and she had a yappy Pekingnese dog that always barked at me when I came to Terry's house.

    Terry drove me home from high school...we were both military kids (fathers were in the Marines) and we usually went to the PX (a military store) to purchase items.

    The last time I saw Terry was in 1991...her family moved from Havelock, NC ...her husband was in the Marines and constantly moved from state to state.

    After that, she and I lost tough with each other.

    I had tried to contact her via e-mail and phone but to no avail. I brushed it off as to Terry being sick from her first car crash.

    I knew what happened to her last week.

    I was in shock, I was weepy all day long...I'm weepy now.

    I sent Jamie a xerox of us at a high school football was a newspaper clipping.

    Well....the shock and the sadness is all I ask myself is WHY?

    Why did Terry drive so fast? Was she upset?

    I'll never know.

    All I know is that I'm heartbroken that my best friend is no longer here with me and all I have are my memories of her.

    Do you have a best friend like who supported and stuck by you? Have you lost touch?


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    what kind of car was she driving
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    Makes me think the same thing, too...Terry had an old Ford that she drove when she and I were in high school....whatever happened that made her drive too fast, made too sharp a turn and then crash into both an utility pole and then into a building is beyond me.

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