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Thread: My episodes ideas

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    Idee 99
    License to teach
    Charlie (the man who was expelled in Homer Last Temptation) admits he has to retake his driver license, with Ned as his coach.
    Idee 100
    Finale (Hey, i managed to find my 100 ideas :-))
    In this finale, Homer discovers that Marge and his kids actually could'nt be his. He actually could have an another family, what will be his choice ?

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    Well done for reaching 100 ideas! I've been enjoying them from the start.
    My Favorite and Least Favorite from every season.
    U1: Babysitting Maggie/Burp Contest, U2: Space Patrol/The Funeral, U3: The Bart Simpson Show/Bart's Nightmare, S1: Krusty Gets Busted/Homer's Odyssey, S2: Lisa's Substitute/Principal Charming, S3: Saturdays Of Thunder /Mr. Lisa Goes To Washington, S4: Homer The Heretic/Marge In Chains, S5: Deep Space Homer/Sweet Seymour Skinner's Badasssss Song, S6: Lisa's Rival/Another Simpsons Clip Show, S7: Bart Sells His Soul/Scenes From The Class Struggle In Springfield, S8: The Springfield Files/My Sister, My Sitter, S9: The City Of New York vs Homer Simpson/All Singing, All Dancing, S10: Lisa Gets An 'A'/When You Dish Upon A Star, S11: Behind The Laughter/Kill The Alligator And Run, S12: Trilogy Of Error/Simpson Safari, S13: I Am Furious (Yellow)/The Frying Game, S14: Bart vs Lisa vs The 3rd Grade/Helter Shelter, S15: I, (Annoyed Grunt) Bot and The Wandering Juvie/Bart Mangled Banner, S16: Don’t Fear The Roofer/On A Clear Day I Can’t See My Sister, S17: Girls Just Want To Have Sums/Bonfire Of The Manatees, S18: 24 Minutes/Rome-Old and Juli-Eh, S19: The Debarted/All About Lisa, S20: Coming To Homerica/Lisa The Drama Queen, S21: Homer The Whopper/The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed, S22: Homer The Father/Love Is A Many Strangled Thing, S23: Holidays Of Future Passed/Treehouse Of Horror XXII and Lisa Goes Gaga, S24: The Saga Of Carl/Love Is A Many Splintered Thing, S25: Steal This Episode/Diggs, S26: Simpsorama/The Musk Who Fell To Earth, S27: Barthood/Friend With Benefit, S28: The Town/The Last Traction Hero, S29: Flanders Ladder/Treehouse Of Horror XXVIII, S30: Baby You Can't Drive My Car/Treehouse Of Horror XXIX, S31: Highway To Well/Warrin' Priests, Both Parts, S32: Treehouse Of Horror XXXI/The 7 Beer Itch.


    Undercover Burns: 2.5/5, I, Carumbus: 3.5/5, Now Museum, Now You Don't: 1/5
    Treehouse Of Horror XXXI: 5/5 (Toy Gory: 5/5, Into The Homerverse: 2/5, Be Nine, Rewind: 6/5)
    The 7 Beer Itch: 0.5/5 - WORST OF SEASON SO FAR
    Podcast News: 3/5, Three Dreams Denied: 1.5/5
    The Road to Cincinnati: ?/5, Sorry Not Sorry: ?/5, A Springfield Summer Christmas for Christmas: ?/5

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    I Thank Dead of Living Bart again
    Now i made full recaps (at least i try). Just please take note that Homer is a sweet goofy dad but not a jerkass copycat Peter Griffin in it. I also changed a few plots.

    Idee 1 The Melimelo
    Because of the election day approaches, Mayor Quimby decides that the best way to be re-elected is to encourage citizens to teach a new job during a week. Homer decides to become a music teacher and every kid even the bullies like it because he manages to make a choir and inspire them to love the music. He even plans an orchestra while Marge who always was a housewife mother enjoys being on MCallister boat. As the others citizens, Burns finds himself in the Krusty Burger while Flanders works now at the tv show. After a while, all is reverted back, but as Lisa and Bart are sad because of Homer's departure, he quickly comforts them by saying that he always be here for them.
    Idee 2 The New School
    Lisa can't bear school anymore, between pressure, bullies and gym. So, she confides Skinner that she would switch and test a new kind of school which is called online school. Marge supports her and at first, everyting is good, but, after a while, without Lisa, Martin is now the only good student and his harassment is worse than usual, and Milhouse who is always a wimp, decides to take drastic measure in order to make Lisa come back (because without her, his life is not the same). Lisa initially refuses to come back until she begins to miss Janey and her other friends. In return, Skinner promises there will be less pressure. Meanwhile, Homer and Bart bet that they can stay as long as possible without their vices as for Homer donuts and pork ribs and for Bart, comics and tv shows and both try to tempt the other, but this is getting worse when Bart reminds that he won a prize in order to see a fair, comic fair and Homer has to be the parent who chaperone him and only eat snack foods.
    Idee 3 Captain Van Kirk

    Kirk Van Houten is not that kind of people who regularly play lottery but one day, he decides and wins the jackpot. Since he refuses to change his personnality and become a snob guy, he actually accepts to create a bio ethic company. However, the work is too much to handle, even with his relatives, so he decides to recruit some Springfield citizens and they actually make a good job. The company gets perpetually opened, even on public holidays because they're too much employees who can handle and create team services.Homer who gets fired from the plant after an accident, volunteers and soon, Kirk becomes the first businessman on Springfield. However, Homer learns soon that beer will be banned. Meanwhile, Smithers finally quits and join Kirk's, leaving Burns alone. Without any help, Burns is forced to shut down as every other employees have found better jobs. Homer at first is upset because he can't drink any alcoholic beverage, but finally gives in and decides to stay while Burns is now a hobo.

    The idea is that it could be continuity episode, for once. @patches had the brillant idea (sincerely, well done, ) to create 47 virtual seasons of Simpson by adding a fourth sibling and created a future which was specific, i chose to make the same concept (with differents paths for characters).

    Idee 4
    - A : Essentially the same plot that Cora Lisa, but with a few differences. The animation is the same, the door is bigger and Lisa arrives in a world where everything is reversed. Bart is a genius, Homer is a homemaker ... In order to find her real world, Lisa has to rely on her twin Bart ally. At the end, she arrives in a world in which this time, it's gender only who are reversed.
    - B : Bart has always been the troublemaker but one day, he gets perpetually grounded and ostracised and this time he wishes he was'nt born. An angel shows him a world where he does not exist. At first, all is like an eden , because without Bart, the familial climax is almost the same as E My Sport debut. At school, Milhouse and Martin are now the good students and Bart is very upset. But then, he sees that this is pure fiction. Without him, the children have no freedom since there is no leader and Martin and Milhouse butt-head because both want to be major of their promotion. And the familial ambiance is not better as Homer is now the only male in the house and has no potential ally in order to help him against the female family member. Bart pleads with the angel who agrees to let him live again and it turns out that his bad day finally comes good.
    -C : Ned is finally awarded because he made his thousand action this year. As a gift, he deserves to escape in time and chooses to save Maude from death. After a few tentatives, he manages to keep her alive but when he returns in the present, the reality has changed as now his sons are more freedom spirits, the leftorium has turned in a franchise and is no longer a small shop (but the bio ethic company still exists) and Ned himself finds that he forgot about Bible leading Lovejoy to find an another sidekick, Mr Lassen. Ned finally manages to have all he wants, Maud's love and affection and Lovejoy's support by making Lassen die instead of Maude. When he returns to the present, he finally decides to be more tolerant.

    I post the four following tomorrow. So, if there are new members, what do you think ?

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    It's Return of the Living Trab, sorry i mispelled your alias.

    Idee 5 The quest

    After a raining day, Lisa hides in the library because she does not want to be wet by rain. She discovers an another room, and when she opens it, she sees secret files regarding the administration members. Then, she discovers that Skinner's mother Agnès is actually his adoptive mother. It turns out that Skinner's biological parents worked in a circus and could'nt afford his education. Skinner hears this but wants to know why Agnès told him she was his biological mother. It's revealed that Agnès had actually dementia. Skinner leaves Agnès and meets his biological parents who are glad to see him. Though there is no trick in this episode, Skinner decides finally to become a gym teacher again (thanks to his parents who break his strict side) and Chalmers finally becomes the new principal of the school, leaving Leopold to be the superintendant. Meanwhile, Kirk's company finally expanded through the world and Homer meets some alter-egos who work in other companies but in other countries also.

    Idee 6 The New New Marge
    Since Marge does not want to being a bore mom (at least, in physical appearance) she decides to have a new haircut, new clothes and even a new voice. Homer is initially happy because she takes care of herself, but soon he fears that Marge forgets about him (remember the Jack Black episode ? Basically, it's a rewrite of it, minus the chirurgical operation). Marge instead suggests that Homer could make some more exercise, which he agrees and even gros his full hair back and no longer has his chin burned. Meanwhile, Bart agrees to be the guinea pig to Lisa experience but he has to be a no emotion guy during a whole day. The experimentation turns out to be a nightmare because Lisa finally is scared and Bart, afraid that his sister could be wounded, rushes to help. Though Lisa fails the experimentation, she realizes that her's brother's love is more important.

    Idee 7 Ned the Flanders
    Ned had always be the good old neighbor who tends an helping hand, but sometimes, he gets enough because he feels he is not respected, anymore, even by his own relatives, who, although, do ot use him as a punching ball, always request him. Homer and Marge decide to help him and advise him to go to a seminar introduced by Mr Burns, the formerly Plant owner. However, Ned soon becomes a tyran and nobody does not ask him something anymore. That is until he finally breaks his arm by sliding on wet leaves and receives help from Maude and some other citizens, who in turn, apologize for their bad behavior. Ned finally apologizes to , restoring the situation to normal. Meanwhile, Lisa is astonished when Bart something decides to mke a good action. Sooner, he saw a reportage about juvenile hall, recreation center and other unfamiliar places and now he wants to protest agains it because Bart does not bear to see broken families.

    Idee 8 Disco Slump

    Disco Stu decides to reintroduce Disco because he feels that nowadays kids don't listen this music anymore. To his surprise, some Springfieldian citizens, including Marge and Bart, like it. Stu is invited to the Kent Brockman Show, but accidentally reveals (while believing that his microphone was cut) that an old partner (currently deceased) taught him about Disco and that he is not the disco icone (forget the passage where Marge photographies him in Springfield Up) . The next day, Disco is given the silent treatment and is very pissed but Bart and Marge are the only ones not to turn their backs and when they talk at a meeting, they convince the town to give Disco Stu another chance, since, they liked his songs. Meanwhile, Homer and Lisa attempt to create cultural sports, since a show inspired them to do it.

    Idee 9 Julius Love
    Homer volunteers to test some new samples sent by the bio ethic company, and gives a few to his family. The next day, Homer has to go to the hospital because of Lisa's allergical reaction to a new kind of pepperoni. Hibbert tells him that it's not serious, and gives Lisa a medicine products , assuring her that she will get back on her feet in a few hours. But, for once, he does not joke and instead, begins to cry. Homer asks him what's wrong.
    Homer and Hibbert are at the Moe's tavern when Hibbert who, after many years, considers Homer as a friend, tells him that he saw the other day, his ex girlfriend. He tells Homer that they were in love, he and Jenda, and wanted to create a bakery with her, but Jenda's parents were against it and they broke up, leading Hibbert became the currently joke doctor he is today. Hibbert saw her but did not have the courage to approach her. Homer is sad, and his sadness continues when he comes home and the following day, comes back to work.
    Both Marge and Bart notice that Homer is not his usual self and even Kirk, who considers Homer as his best sailer, admits that for once, Homer does not feel pleasure at his position, and all want to now why. Homer finally tells them the reason of his sadness and while thinking about a solution, Lisa gives them the key of the mystery. The family, Kirk and Hibbert go to prof Frink who clones Julius. The clone has all of Julius memories, and competence except he is single. Hibbert switches with his clone and renames himself Emilio and rushes back to Jenda, managing to rekindle their romance.
    Idee 10 Lenny goes to Switzerland
    Since the plant closed, Lenny is now a butcher and likes it. One day, he receives a solicitor at his home. The solicitor tells him that he had a cousin who died recently and maid him his heir since he did not have any descendance. Lenny learns that in order to have his inheritance, he has to go to Switzerland. As Homer and his relatives throw a party for Lenny's departure, Lenny makes a new life in Switzerland (again no crook in this episode). After a few days, Lenny lives a renter existence because he does not miss the butcher job he had at all, though he liked it, once again. But he has trouble making friends and when he learns that all he had to do was to VISIT Switzerland in order to have his inheritance, he is delighted because he can now return back to his hometown , except he developped a passion for books and leaves his work in order to open his own bookshop which is a success.

    In France, this is morning. I'll post the sixth following this afternoon.
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    Idee 11 The Referees
    Since he managed to save Maude, Ned reluctantly has to adjust to this new future, being the only one who remembered the previous timeline. Ned's cousin Fred lives in the house because Ned allowed him to, while leaving with his family at San Francisco. Homer is at first afraid, but finally quickly bonds with the family, hle sharing amusing stories and knowledges. However, the Simpsons learn that Freddy is catholic and though they are open minded, and he does not force them to go to the church , their new neighbors at 740 are th Sompsons a family with Hammer, Midge, Bort, Louisa and Meggy, orthodox characters. Soon, the Simpsons are left with the referee options and have to be judge between the Sompsons and Fred who clash over religions, but Ned finally returns and tells them that every religion belong to Christianism. I know this episode looked like the season 16 finale, but i thought the idea would be better with some kind of bottle episode, implying only Flanders and Simpsons and Sompsons family.

    Idee 12 Camp Lovejoy

    Summer approaches and the bio ethic company maid exceptionnally revenues. On the other side, Lovejoy feels that church do not attract any citizens anymore because of the heat, and decides to fulfill an old dream, opening a non-religious campsites. Not wanting to portray a stay home guy, Homer agrees to be his assistant, while Duffman is the barman (and also serves non alcoholics cocktails), Luann becomes the sport responsible and Helen Lovejoy herself is the new secretary. All turn sour because Lovejoy's new activity lets more complains and soon, he has to stay awake even during nights, in order to listen to them. Lovejoy decides to sell the campsite, but the citizens have a last surprise for him.

    Idee 13 Herbert Hoover

    Homer is glad because his half brother Herb comes to visit. Herb shows the family all his belongings and business but gets also sad because he does not have a girlfriend. In an almost remake of Principal Charming, Homer decides to help hm, and this time, takes his job very seriously, but he is unsuccessful because he does not find any match, even with Bart's help. Meanwhile, Marge attends a reunion teacher parents with Lisa's teacher, Mrs Hoover and notices she is lonely. Thanks to helping hands, sparks between the two characters come and they form a couple, but when they expect, Hoover wants the future child to become a classic student, while Herb prefers instead homeschooling. Initially, Herb has trouble because he does not know how to announce it to his wife , but with some Bart's encouragement, he does and they finaly decide to homeschool their child, even if Hoover has to be a part time student now.

    Idee 14 The Cyramoe
    Even if he does not drink anymore does not prevent Homer to go at Moe's in order to eat some tapas. However, Moe previously helped a depressed guy by finding the right words in oder to recouncile with his wife. But because he did not want to take any credits, he said that his name was Homer. Now, the guy (who called him by accident and received help via phone) believes Homer is Moe. Homer agrees to help but finds quickly overhelmed by too much requests and has trouble being the same guy. However, Moe later expresses some psychosomatic pains which appear via bleednose and confesses (it's a reference to Frasier). Meanwhile, Chalmers decides to make some new traditions and instaure the opposite day. During this day, Martin becomes a though, Bart is a good student, Lisa lashes and Nelson is a nerd. This proves to be a success but since Martin does not have the same strength as Nelson, he instead uses mental sychology and Nelson ends up tortured in a mental asylum.

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    Idee 15 Wendell's Chance
    Because she is fed up with her family always being late for dinner, Marge imposes a curfew. With a lot of free time, the whole family has an incredible night, but the following day, Bart , who is supposed to mke a home project forgets his at house, since for once, he made it. He still have to pesent it but obtains the right to read it the next week. However, Wendell has to take his place and since he stresses everytime a guilty Bart decides to help him.
    Idee 16
    Eddie' s case
    Being the third wheel is not simple for Eddie, until one day he manages to accidentally save Lisa from a kidnapping tentative. Since Eddie feels proud of himself, he decides to take a solo career as a private eye and Bart, who was previously a cop replaces him but he now suffers from nightmare and pressure with his new job and his student career and Lisa, meanwhile, is overprotected by Homer and Marge, since she does not dare go outside alone.

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