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    My episodes ideas

    Hello Everyone !
    I'll just want to post some ideas for new episodes. Sorry if i made mistakes, english is not my primary language, as french is.

    Idee 1 : The Melimelo

    Due to a new law, every Springfieldian have to make a new work during a week. Homer becomes the new music teacher and Marge goes to work at Macallister's place.

    Idee 2 : The new School

    When Lisa is too much pressured, she discovers a new service which allows to study online and stops going to school, but her absence causes problems as now Martin is the only one good student, Milhouse has no reason to go to school anymore and Lisa herself soon lacks of social life. Meanwhile, because of a bet, Homer must'nt eat pork and donuts and must'nt drink beer during a week in which Bart must'nt read comics or watch Krusty or Itchy and Scratchy and the two soon find themselves in troubles.

    Idee 3 : Captain Kirk

    Kirk Van Houten 's life take an another road when he is maked executive for a bio ethic company. Soon, the Van Houten become the richest people of Springfield and Kirk recruits some Springfieldians in order to help him. But how will turn the situation when Smithers decides to work for him and to forsake Burns who goes bankrupt ? And will Homer have to bear the fact to work for a magasin which bans alcohol ?

    Idee 4 : Treehouse of Horror

    a) Lisa discovers a parallel universe in which all roles are reversed
    b) Bart wishes he was'nt born and an angel shows him life without him. At first, all seems to be perfect, but then he discovers that it is not the case.
    c) Ned is given the opportunity to go back in time and save Maude, but it endangers the future

    Idee 5 : The Quest

    After Lisa discovered an another secret room, all previous files of the students to 1970 are shown. Principal Skinner learns that he was adopted and quits in order to find his biological parents, leaving Chalmers to be the new principal.

    Idee 6 : The New New Marge

    Marge feels that she does not give a seducing image of herself, and she decides to make a new haircut, buy new clothes and even change her voice. Can Homer stop that ? Meanwhile, because he owes a debt, Bart participates at Lisa's New experiment and have to show no emotion at all during 24 hours.

    Idee 7 : Ned the Flanders

    Ned has to give up his good personnality when a seminar helps him to say no, but due to a misunderstanding, he becomes a tyrant and even scares Burns.

    Idee 8 Disco Slump

    Disco Stu decides to re-introduce Disco and gets invited to a special show. Since he feels welcomed, he also wants to make some disco songs, but soon becomes a paria after an accident.

    Idee 9 Julius Love

    Dr Hibbert has always been a good practical. However, it turns out that several years ago, he wanted to create a bakery. Now, one day, he meets his ex girlfriend who seems to have succeed both in her professionnal and personal life leading him to question his choices.

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    Some are better than others but actually, several of those ideas sound really interesting, especially the C) in the THOH, it'd be a really neat way to use Maude. I wonder if in the first one for instance, you'd have Frank Grimes alive but Homer dead? Or whatever else, there's a lot of potential there. Ever thought about turning some of these into full scripts or anything?
    Season 31 thus far

    The Winter of Our Monetized Content 3/5 / The Fat Blue Line4/5 / Treehouse of Horror XXX 2/5 / Gorillas on the Mast 4/5 / Marge the Lumberjill 3.5/5 / Livin' La Vida Pura 2/5 /
    Thanksgiving of Horror 0/5 / Todd, Todd, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me? 4.5/5 / Bobby, It's Cold Outside 3/5 / Hail to the Teeth 2/5 / The Miseducation of Lisa Simpson 3/5 / Frinkcoin 4/5 / Bart the Bad Guy 1/5 / Screenless 4.5/5 / Better Off Ned 4/5 / Highway to Well (not sure yet, pending rewatch)

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    Thanks for your opinion, Venomrabbit. Actually, i thought as i was also on a french forum but as i explained to a moderator, i have the idead but not the Simpsons spirit with gags and mecanism. However, i actually admit that i planned to do this. Thanks also for the Grimes idea did not think about it, but maybe i'll turn it to full recaps.

    I'll post some other ideas later, i also have ideas with others characters, for instance Lenny or Hibbert who barely had episodes on their own.
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    Yeah I don't think Lenny has had anything so that'd be pretty nice.

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    There was already a BTTF parody in THOH XXIII
    Best and Worst Episode per Season:
    1: Krusty Gets Busted/Homer's Night Out 2: One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish/Bart's Dog Gets an 'F' 3: Bart the Murderer/Saturdays of Thunder 4: Homer the Heretic/So Its Come To This: A Simpsons Clip Show 5: Cape Feare/Lady Bouvier's Lover 6: Homie the Clown/Another Simpsons Clip Show 7: Raging Abe Simpson and his Grumbling Grandson in " The Curse of the Flying Hellfish"/Scenes From the Class Struggle in Springfield 8: The Springfield Files/The Old Man and the Lisa 9: The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson/Miracle on Evergreen Terrace 10: Mayored to the Mob/Homer Simpson in: Kidney Trouble 11: Grift of the Magi/Eight Misbehavin' 12: Trilogy of Error/I'm Goin' to Praiseland 13: The Blunder Years/The Lastest Gun in the West 14: Moe Baby Blues/The Strong Arms of the Ma 15: My Mother the Carjacker/Co-Dependent's Day 16: The Heartbroke Kid/Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass 17: The Seemingly Never-Ending Story/The Bonfire of the Manatees 18: The Mook, The Chef, The Wife, and Her Homer/The Boys of Bummer 19: Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind/Husbands and Knives 20: Gone Maggie Gone/Lisa the Drama Queen 21: The Squirt and the Whale/The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed 22: Homer Scissorhands/The Fight Before Christmas 23: The Book Job/Lisa Goes Gaga 24: The Saga of Carl/Love is a Many-Splintered Thing 25: Brick Like Me/What to Expect When Bart's Expecting 26: Sky Police/The Musk Who Fell to Earth 27: Barthood/Every Man's Dream 28: 22 for 30/The Caper Chase 29: Flanders' Ladder/Singin' in the Lane 30: Woo-hoo Dunnit?/I Want You (She's So Heavy)

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    @Homer Sampson : There was indeed, but it was more focused on Marge and Artie's relation. My idea is an hommage to french writer Guillaume Musso, and his Book seras-tu là ?

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    Idee 10 : Sweet Switzerland

    Lenny receives an inheritance and goes to Switzerland in order to find it. While there, he learns how life can be sweet and decides to live in Europe, prompting the Simpsons to localize him and to try to convince him to go back to Springfield.

    Idee 11 : The referees

    Because Ned lended his house, the Simpsons welcome Freddy Flanders, his cousin. Unlike Ned, Freddy is catholic but also more open minded and quickly bonds with Homer. At the same time, the other neighbor's house is occuped by the Sompson, a family who is the total opposite of the Simpsons but their orthodox religion soon clashes with Fred leaving the Simpsons caught in a religion war.

    Idee 12 Camp Lovejoy

    Because he discovers that church is no more interesting in summer, Lovejoy decides to open a campsite for families. Soon, he recruits some various citizens like Homer as his assistant, Duffman as the barman (he also gives non alcoholic beverages), Helen as the new secretary and Luann Van Houten as the sport responsible. However, Lovejoy discovers that his former activity could resurface as many vacationers complain about their personal problems.

    Idee 13 Herbert Hoover

    Herb returns to Springfield, rich again. He has all, except a wife. Homer decides to help him, and for once, he does not screw up , but is unsuccessful. At the same time, Lisa reminds Marge that tonight there is a meeting parent teacher. Seeing Mrs Hoover single, Marge and Homer decide to introduce her to Herb and the two hit it off. But how will Mrs Hoover react when Herb announces her that his way of life differs from hers ? Meanwhile, Bart, Lewis, Janey and Alex Taylor decide to write a tv show.

    Idee 14 The Cyramoe

    One night, Moe decides to help a depressed guy by talking to his wife at the phone. His plan succeeds, but he panics when he has to say to the guy who inspired him. So he says Homer was the source of his inspiration. Now Homer has to help every guy who suffers from divorce, or separation, leading him to become paranoid. Meanwhile, at the Springfield Elementary School, it's the opposite day. Bart becomes a good student, Nelson a nerd, and Martin, a thug.

    Idee 15 Wendell's chance

    Wendell has the opportunity to perform during a show, but his stress nature does not help.

    Idee 16 Eddie's case

    Eddie has always been in the shadow. One day, he decides to becomes a private in order to gain celebrity. Soon, his fame gets to his head. In his absence, Bart, who previously was a cop, replaces him but the work becomes stressful for a guy who also has to go to school. Meanwhile, Homer decides to move in the plant in order to be always the first co worker.

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    All 16 episodes are awesome and I could see them on the screen. Better than the modern episodes now.

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    Thanks SideshowKen, i'm glad to have a feedback especially
    Wanted to post some news ideas today, but i'll post tomorrow

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    Idee 17 Tea Feet

    During the opening credits, after Bart jumps on Barney's stomach, Barney gets a stomachache and goes to the hospital. Diagnosed with a high blood pressure, he has to give-up beer for six months. As he can't return at Moe's because of the temptation, he decides to open a tea bar. At first, things go well and even Moe helps but then, he makes a pact with a strange man who sells tea bags which can predict the destiny. Meanwhile, Lisa finds love with a guy who seems perfect, only to find out that he is actually a foot female fetishist.

    Idee 18 Reconstruction

    Remember that Kearney has a son right ? So when his girlfriend or rather his ex girlfriend shows up, he decides to rekindle a romance with her, but he also gives up his bully side. Without him, Jimbo and Dolph decide to replace him by Uter, which brings chaos. Meanwhile, Homer and Marge recast the british series The Avengers with several citizens.

    Idee 19 Willie the Kid

    Willie is told that he couldn't be a teacher during a day. He braves the challenge and succeeds but then, Bart helps him to stand up with pre kids. Meanwhile, Homer and Marge try to have a romantic meal but can't decide on the restaurant.

    Idee 20

    Drastic Changes (beginning from this episode, my ideas will become more continuity . What i'm trying to say is that i'll post some ideas which will continue on the next episodes)

    Bart has to make an expose at the library. While there, he meets Allison Taylor and though he already saw her, he becomes smitten with her. For once, neither change their behaviors, as Bart continues his pranks but now he has a small job (it's a show, heh ? So he can works two hours per days or even just one hour after school) in a prank store. Meanwhile, Homer finally manages to shave his beard (remember the episode Teenage Mutants caused with Milk Hurdles)

    Idee 21 The new job

    When Prof's Frink new invention kills for real some characters including Mr Burns, Agnès, Nelson and Gerald, the power plant shuts down as Smithers sells it. Soon, every characters try to find a new job, and Homer replaces Bart's boss (the jewel guy who always says yes) and works with him, the two building a new relationship. Meanwhile, as Lisa broke up with Vince, the feet female fetish, Marge sets her right in order to make her understand that she must accept nobody is perfect.

    Idee 22 Family splits

    Apu and Manjula are tired because they have to take care of octuplets, so they keep two of them and Bernice's sister, Lou and Dedrick Tatum and partners and spouses grant custody of the six others.

    Idee 23 Match

    The Rich Texan and Aristotle are now the two millionaires alive amongst older citizens and challenge a giant fence game in order to see which one is better in sports.Meanwhile, Smithers teams up with Lisa in an ecology project, but Vince can't stand on him at all.

    Idee 24 Comic Cook Guy

    The CBG's wife expects and he hopes that it'll be an avid reader. However, he soon learns that he must share half of his dunjeon with an another guy, a man who was his wife'ex and works as a cook. In order to prevent Nuriko to fall in love with her ex again, CBG turns into Marge in order to become an excellent cook .Meanwhile, Otto coaches John Wilkes Booth, Zack Vaughn, Lassen (who since has reverted his good self) and Don Bookner in an accordion group.

    I have illimited ideas, but notice that actually i try to give secondary characters a day in the timelight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azzureau View Post
    Idee 17 Tea Feet
    During the opening credits, after Bart jumps on Barney's stomach, Barney gets a stomachache and goes to the hospital. Diagnosed with a high blood pressure, he has to give-up beer for six months. As he can't return at Moe's because of the temptation, he decides to open a tea bar. At first, things go well and even Moe helps but then, he makes a pact with a strange man who sells tea bags which can predict the destiny. Meanwhile, Lisa finds love with a guy who seems perfect, only to find out that he is actually a foot female fetishist.
    im going to put you in touch with Mr. Matt "Fat Fuck" Groening himself i think u two might be thinking on the same wavelength here

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    It could be nice.
    Idee 25 : Coaching of love

    Snake robs a jeweler then gets arrested. He has to make community service and soon his first task is to help the teenage with pimples to seduce Laura Powers.

    Idee 26 Meet the parents

    Homer and Marge have a dinner with Allison and Vince's parents, and Bart and Lisa assist to it.

    Idee 27 Lisa goes Vegan

    Lisa complains about both Bart having a small time part job and the lack of Fast food. She finally gots a small time part job too at Krusty' Burger but Krusty goes bankrupt and has to sell some restaurants. Artie Ziff buys the one where Lisa works and turns it to a vegan place. Meanwhile, Krusty finds some new audience, the old folks who live in springfield retirement home especially the old jewish man.

    Idee 28 A fulfill dream

    Clancy has to fulfill an old dream : He will get promote and now leave his position to Lou. As Clancy is always on field, he begins to miss family's life . Meanwhile, Sara and Ralph spend time together.

    For this idea, i know that i made a similar about Eddie in 16, but this time, we focuse on Sara which rarely happens in the Simpsons. Also, Clancy manages to hold both his new job and his family life at the end of this.

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    Idee 29 A Place of My Own

    Lisa's suggestion to have a library and some various cultural places at her vegan fast wood's work is submitted.

    Idee 30 Blues Hair

    Milhouse accidentally helps The Blue Hair Lawyer and becomes his new sidekick. Things take an another path when the lawyer tries to make a law in which only blue haired person can live in Springfield.

    Idee 31 The Opera

    Sideshow Bob and his brother Cecil and family are released for good behavior and start an opera with Fat Tony and his goons, much to Pittbul's (one another convict who also was a sport director) jealousy.

    Guess for this, it could be nice to have an episode in which not only Bob tries to spares Bart's life but also has no interaction at all during the plot, with the Simpsons. Do you know Frasier ? Since Mahoney is gone, maybe an another actor could fill his role. Also, Dan Butler as Bulldog could lend his voice to Pittbul.

    Idee 32 Free Love Cruise

    Sea Captain fools both Selma and the mustache bald man (i don't know his name, but he occupes various jobs and he also was the guy who told Homer not to eat lame candies in Please Homer d'ont hammer them) by telling them that he can create couples in his ship.

    Idee 33 From the sky

    Several characters talk about their lives from heaven as Maud Flanders, Edna, Murphy, Troy McClure and Lionel Hutz (for those latters, they seem to be still alive but their voice is not).

    Idee 34 Ascension

    Cletus becomes the new richest man after he won the lottery and also, he owns now a bank. Meanwhile, Chalmers challenges Bart who planned to create the perfect student week.
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    I'll try to reach new ideas until i get 100, then i will make complete recap.

    Idee 35 Jasper's dream
    The Simpsons go to visit Grampa at the Retirement Castle when they learn that Jasper actually can take car of himself and wishes to return to his house with Grampa as a roomate. Homer wows to help him when le learns that Rex Banner prevents Jasper from living in this house. Meanwhile, Lisa teaches Bart how to eat good food, though he remains a meat eater at the end.

    Idee 36 Giant Heart

    The Giant Man who made fun of Nelson in 22 shorts about Springfield finds love when he dates Cookie Kwan, but she is afraid of giants being cruels.

    Idee 37 Sideshow Helen

    Sideshow Mel gets tired to be Krusty's sidekick and quits. Helen gets tired to be just Lovejoy's wife. The two meet and decide to form a friendship.

    Idee 38 Switch Jobs

    Ned finds that Lovejoy is too boring and Lovejoy find that Ned is too passionate when come the Church's time so they switch jobs and remain as the new Reverend and Teacher.

    Idee 39 Old Bad Luck

    The cat lady can now talk normally and she, Old Gil and Moleman talk about their unlucky lives.

    Idee 40 Radio Kent

    Kent Brockman feels that he is not interesting enough and decides to host a jazz show. He quickly finds inspiration with Lisa who agrees to help him again. Meanwhile, Homer gets selected to be the new anchor but this creates conflict when he also has to choose between the career and Bart at the prank store.

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    More !

    Idee 41 Vince or Vance ?

    When Bart sees Vince sniffing other girl's bare feet and soles, and toes Vince has to pretend that he has a twin brother whose name is Vance (or more a doppelganger, since ep 26 was about their parents)

    Idee 42 Lonely Guys

    Bich Barlow and Arnie Pie meet at a coffee shop and discusses about their mutual love for Mona's sister and how Homer became their nephew in law.

    Idee 43 Dogs, Cats and Hypno

    Sven Golly returns, but this time he decides to be an animal hypnotist and ends up hypnotizing both Santa Little Helper and Snowball which become talkative animals. Can Bart and Lisa stop him ?

    Idee 44 Marge a Noid

    When Herman's longlife dream comes true, he finally gets the opportunity to have both arms. But in his absence, someone must replace him and Marge gets selected, prompting her to become obsessed with bunkers and wars.

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    Idee 45 Some Old Friends

    Bart and Allison agree to see their friends separately in order not to interfere with their personal couple life. Homer reconnects with an old friend, but he soon becomes ashamed with him (same way that he embarrassed Grimes) and does not have the courage to tell him the truth. Marge accidentally befriends one of Lisa's friend who resents her because she thinks she tries to steal their friendship.

    Idee 46 Hank a guy with action

    Hank Scorpio comes back, this time, he seems to realize what a jerk he was, and offers Smithers to work with him in a Solar Plant, which Smithers agrees. But when Smithers sees a beautiful woman, he begins to question his own sexuality.

    Idee 47 Ling and Yang

    After Patty dies, Selma is now alone and tries to change her look, again. This time, Homer agrees to help her and for once, it works and Selma becomes a male target. All gets wrong when she meets a guy who does not like children and though her love for Ling, receive also a letter from her daughter's birth parents.

    Idee 48 Seymour song

    Seymour is now free because of Agnès's death. In a ballade, we learn how he traveled in order to find the true love of his life, Melody Juniper who never ceased to love him.

    Idee 49 Super Marge

    Marge wants to develop a business alone (though she manages to have time for her family) since Maggie begins to talk and walk like other characters.

    Idee 50 The Break First Club

    Jacques, Mindy Simmons, Ben (from Dangers in a train) and Lurleen Lumpkin join the break first club, a club which is animed by Homer's former neighbor Julia who tries to teach them fidelity's values.

    Hey, guess what ? I'm on half !

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    Idee 51 Ecologist 10
    Lisa convinces principal Chalmers to be an ecologist, but she has the most biggest surprise on her life, when he actually out performs her.

    Idee 52 Nick's motel

    Nick decides to give up medicine. He tries an administration work, but when it does not satisfy him, he changes his career and runs a motel.

    Idee 53 The New Class

    Bart finally gets a new class but also finds a bench of new classmates when Homer and Marge agree to take him to a new school. Lisa , meanwhile, gets also a new school Montessori.

    Idee 54 The importance of being Julio

    When Julio and Grady split up again, Smithers become Grady's new boyfriend and the Simpsons help Julio to be with a guy who tried to seduce Moe in Flaming Moe's. Meanwhile, Bart and Allison celebrate their one month anniversary in the same restaurant as Vince and Lisa.
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    Idee 55 A Simpson's Choice
    At Bart's new school, he has the opportunity to create new matters. He decides to invent a love coaching in order to fight for your ex in order to have him/her back but things get complicated when one of his friends happened to be Allison's ex.

    Idee 56 Old Good Guys

    After Moe's bar is in renovation due to a fumigation, Moe is temporary jobless. Homer finds a new bar which is owned by Eugene Fisk, Jack Marley and even the guy during the first Simpsons intro who ate sandwich at the plant. These guys are more friendly and soon, Homer decides to find them a job but he has trouble since in this society, old people aren't taken seriously.

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    Idee 57 Quimby and Co
    Mayor Quimby has to find a hobby since he is either with his wife either with his crew. He finally chooses to be a gardner and creates his own garden group facebook, Quimby and Co, but time comes he has to make a choice.

    Idee 58 Milhousator

    Milhouse feels bad since Bart changed school. Even if he made new friends , he feels that his friendship with Bart is dead. So, he goes to his medical visit alone but the nurse mistakes and injects him with a shot which immunizes him against various diseases.

    Idee 59 Solar Houses

    Smithers convinces Carl to be his spokeperson in order to make all Springfield's house solars.

    Idee 60 THOH II

    a) Cookie Kwan finds herself the only person left in a town.
    b) Homer accidentally finds himself in the past and meets his former child self
    c) Bart is the only witness to notice some people's disappearance.

    Idee 61 Jessica comes out and Karl comes in

    Jessica Lovejoy notices that since her love for Bart is over, she developed feelings regards female people including Rainer's daughter, and Jenny who appeared in the Good, The Sad and The Drugly. But because she is afraid to tell the truth to her parents, she recruits Karl, Homer's former assistant in order to coach her.

    Idee 62 Road to Dwight

    Dwight from (I don't wanna know why the birdcage sings) escapes and this time, kidnaps Laura and Ruth, in order to travel with them in Wisconsin. But why ?

    Idee 63 Uber's World

    In a continuity of My Fare Lady , Slava gives up his taxi career and finally decides to become an uber driver.

    Idee 64 The Crossovers

    The Simpsons imagine what life could be if they were others cartoons

    - SLH is a dog who is constantly afraid of everything and has to decide how protect his family.
    - Lisa has a lab and Vince constantly interrupts her
    - Homer is a CIA agent and Allison lives with the family.
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    Idee 65 Supersimpson

    The Simpson have to help both Vince and Bart who are very superstitious after a prediction they planned finally happened.

    Idee 66 The Birthday Ventilation

    When Homer and Bart for once decide to organise a surprise birthday party for Lisa, Marge who always hated surprise birthday party hyperventilates and never shows up. A few weeks later comes Allison's birthday (not a party) and when Marge attends,Lisa now thinks her future sister in law stole her place in Marge's heart.

    Idee 67 Vade Retro Salinas

    Principal Dondelinger needs Homer's help when a former relation tries to expose him as the not so clean man he was during his freshman years.

    Idee 68 The gift

    Akira learns that all his neighbor wants is to be reunited with his wife.
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    Idee 69 The Judge knows best
    Judge Snyder remembers his first trial.

    Idee 70 Rod Darling
    Rod Flanders dates a girl who lives in a bachelor style.

    Idee 71 Scoutch

    We follow one day in Scott Christian's life as he decides to entertain a scout camp.

    Idee 72 Mother for a day

    Since Allison's parents always travel for their business and Vince's are very busy with their schedules, Marge becomes a sort of parental substitute for them. But the more she becomes involded with them, the more she misses her own kids. Also, for the Father's Day, Homer receives both DVD seasons for Bart and Lisa. Bart gives him the whole Home Improvement Series and Lisa the whole Last Man Standing Series, letting him know which series is the best, even if it means that he will disappoint one of them.

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    Idee 73 Safeland
    In a spoof continuation of the episode in which Marge protests against violent cartoons (i don't have the english title), this time, Ned as the new reverent, decides to ban all non religious show from TV leading Homer forge an alliance with some others citizens in order to fight back for their rights.

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    Idee 74 Humor and Consequences
    Bart tries stand-up but has trouble when he begins to tell embarrassing jokes about his entourage. Meanwhile, Homer decides to create a salary wage per month.

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