Anyone of you (I assume all) who are regular users of YouTube will have noticed over the last couple of months that there has been a huge influx of FG clips on the site, from various channels. These new videos usually last between 5-15 minutes and are essentially click bait as they leave the thumbnail and title description scene to the last minute or stuff it somewhere in the middle. These videos try to bypass copyright by being slowed down, distorted etc. I hate these videos and hope YouTube puts an end to them as I have no interest in watching 15 minutes for a 45 second scene and their always infesting my recommended section regardless of how many channels I block and the fact I have no animation videos in my watch or search history!

I'm curious to know if there's a general opinion on these videos being a plaque on the Internet and taking trolling/click bait too far, or if no one really cares or indeed, views these videos as far game as far as Internet click bait material goes?