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Thread: The Simpsons as a Teaching Mateial

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    The Simpsons as a Teaching Mateial

    Hi, im Agung, undergraduate student from indonesia and currently working on my paper proving that the simpsons can be use as a teaching material in english class. i watch all the simpsons episode but i need your help guys. Im working on material that focus on analytical exposition. analytical exposition can be shown in the form of speech, legal defenses, lectures, essay, and letter. anyone here can help me find the perfect example of analytical exposition from the simpsons?
    looking forward for your help. thank you.

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    The show is known mostly for fast-paced dialogue and one-liners, so it might be hard to find any extended writing or speeches in The Simpsons.

    Off the top of my head, there's Lisa's speech(es) in Mr Lisa Goes to Washington:

    There's also a letter Lisa writes in Kamp Krusty that might be more useful:

    The show is very vast though, so there's bound to be other examples out there that I can't think of. If anyone else can think of something better, be sure stick it in the thread.

    Otherwise, sounds like an interesting paper. I hope it goes well.
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    hi, thankyou for the inspiration.

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