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Thread: Anyone else do this with Frinkiac?

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    Anyone else do this with Frinkiac?

    Sometimes, I just like to go to Frinkiac, hit “random”, then view an episode’s script/gallery, before picking out a screencap with the living room in it? I then add it to a folder of other living room photos I’ve collected over time, and just look over them when I’m tired or depressed. Their living room, despite the visual upgrades over the years, brings me so much comfort just to look at.

    Am I creepy/mental for doing this? Does anyone else here do something similar?

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    Creepy? Mental? Of course not! Do what makes you feel good!

    I sometimes hit “random” on there when looking for a new avatar.
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    Man that is creepy and mental.

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    I could spend a while on Frinkiac and reminisce... nothing specific like the living room stills.. that's a little too specific for my nostalgic needs but I do appreciate the world the simpsons had carved.. nowadays I'm not so sure about it.

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    Personally, I like making rain gifs on there! Especially with seasons 3-4

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    Not quite the same thing, but there's an Instagram account that posts these quite serene images from the show. It might interest you
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    ^ My favorite Insta account

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