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Thread: R&R Family Guy S18E04 "Disney's The Reboot"

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    R&R Family Guy S18E04 "Disney's The Reboot"

    In a special meta episode of FAMILY GUY, the network decides that it's time to explore some unique ways to reboot the series. When three versions of the reboots are shown to a focus group, the feedback takes some surprising turns.

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    I love women.

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    Stuff I liked
    Peter begrudgingly agreeing to listen to Lois as he attempts to sleep.
    "C'mon people, don't screw me!"
    Theme song for The Q.
    H. Jon Benjamin voicing the characters.

    Stuff I didn't like
    Peter ripping his face off.
    Random Meg shaming for the sake of it in the form of her eating Arby's.

    For those who don't keep up with AD! anymore, this was basically what Top of the Steve from earlier this year was: Just referencing sitcom clichés for the sake of referencing them with said reference being the joke. Though for some reason, this episode didn't feel as up it's own ass as that one was maybe because I can actually believe this kind of episode happening on this show whereas on AD! it was wildly out of place and just guaranteed that the episode wouldn't be all that good (outside of it having all the other standard problems that makes current AD! suck).

    And despite this one being very light on laughs and without much to say as well as being a little boring I thought it was OK-ish, at least slightly better than last week's episode and the premiere (again).

    1.5/5 rounded up to a 2 for the poll.
    Family Guy Season 18 Ratings - Yacht Rocky: 1.5/5 Bri-Da: 2.5/5 Absolutely Babulous: 1.5/5 Disney's The Reboot: 1.5/5 Cat Fight: 1.5/5 Peter & Lois' Wedding: .5/5 Heart Burn: 1.5/5 Shanksgiving: .5/5 Christmas is Coming: 2/5 Connie's Celica: 0/5
    American Dad! Season 15 Ratings - Fantasy Baseball: 1.5/5 I Am the Jeans: The Gina Lavetti Story: 0/5 Stan & Francine & Connie & Ted: 0/5 Rabbit Ears: 1.5/5 Jeff and the Dank Ass Weed Factory: 1/5 Lost Boys: 0/5 Shark?!: 1/5 The Long March: 2/5 The Hall Monitor and the Lunch Lady: 0/5 Wild Women Do: 2/5 An Irish Goodbye: 3/5 Stompe le Monde: 0/5 Mom Sauce: 0/5 Hamerican Dad!: 0/5 Demolition Daddy: 0/5 Pride Before the Fail: .5/5 Enter Stanman: 0/5 No Weddings and a Funeral: 0/5 Eight Fires: 1.5/5 The Hand That Rocks the Rogu: 0/5 Downtown: TBD Cheek to Cheek: A Stripper's Story: TBD

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    Moe is their leader. Captain_Smiley's Avatar
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    I want to see a spinoff where Joe Swanson is a bodyguard for a super scientist and his twin sons.

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    Hercules Rockefeller Homer Samson's Avatar
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    Tbh I liked the second segment, the first one was eh, and the third one could have been decent had they not just abandoned it. I still thought the stuff after the 3rd segment was decent, especially the H. Jon Benjamin joke. 3 out of 5
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    i expected pretty much the same shit as the emmy episode where it would just be fg bitching about popular shows and how no one likes fg anymore so for the most part this exceeded my expectations even if the second segment was really the only one that was funny. first one just kinda happened tho it was pleasant seeing every fg character being portrayed as likable and third one got a little too cluttered and angry though it still had some good jokes (the diving scene and mustard guy in particular)

    also peter as bojack was much less cursed than the time marge was bojack 2.5/5

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    Remember Me As I Was 1010011010's Avatar
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    Third act was pretty funny. Woulda taken a whole ep of just quick Netflix/Fox parodies with FG characters.

    Just because I'm stupider than them, they think they're smarter than me!
    Simpsons Season 27 Ratings:
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    I made the decision to stop watching new episodes after last season because this show had just fallen off too much for me to care about it anymore, but I read about this episode and decided to watch it.

    Usually, when Family Guy does experimental episodes like this, they tend to be the standouts of the season, because it's obvious that the writers hate these characters now and aren't interested in doing anything with them as they are. These episodes allow the show to ignore the rules and have more fun, and it was pretty much what I expected. I wouldn't say this was as good as "Emmy-Winning Episode" or "Family Guy Through the Years," but the concept was at least interesting, and the third act almost saved the episode singlehandedly.

    Of course, this episode reminded me of one of the major reasons I stopped watching: The dialogue. It's painful to listen to because almost every single line that everybody says is either telling us what the joke is or just explaining exactly what's going on or who they represent. I don't know when they started writing the dialogue like that, but it stopped being funny a long time ago. Nobody talks like that in real life, and it takes you out of the show because you can't take anything that happens seriously. It's just constant sarcasm with no self-awareness, and it pretty much ruined every single reboot segment.

    It wasn't until Peter started taking everybody's suggestions that the episode became funny. I don't know if the writers/producers forgot this, but Family Guy is supposed to be a fast-paced show. When it was at its best, they would have rapid-fire gags and things were constantly moving. They didn't spend ten minutes on a single joke, or just point out what they were doing and act like that was the joke. The last couple minutes were exactly what the episode should have been: A bunch of quick parodies that at least keep down the show's annoying tendencies somewhat. Longer segments expose too many weaknesses.

    So, in the end, it was a passable episode, but not enough for me to want to watch the show again, and it wasn't the best experimental episode they've ever done. I still think "Emmy-Winning Episode" was the best. And I wanted to point out that I legitimately laughed hard at "That quote was taken out of context and widely misunderstood." The James Corden segment set it up perfectly, and it was a great punchline. I can't tell if Peter was telling the truth or the writers were just messing around, but it was the best line in the episode regardless.


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    Pin Pal
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    As always, Family Guy delivers when it's a gimmicky episode. I enjoy those type of episodes more than regular episodes. Right now, Twitter's cartoon community is blowing a fuse over that one Bojack Horseman joke, but like the Bob's Burgers, I don't think the FG writers hate them, it's a harmless jab that they like to do. All the spoofs/reboots were great, but they kind of got worse as they went on tbh. Lois was the best reboot, followed by the Q, and the last segment before they suddenly give up. 9/10

    Also, since this is a new production season (JACX), here are the producer credits (supervising directors has the been the same since 2012):
    Executive Producers:
    Seth MacFarlane (while he does voice act, he's not much of a writer anymore)
    Alec Sulkin & RIchard Appel (showrunner)
    Steve Calllaghan
    Danny Smith
    Kara Vallow
    Mark Hentemann
    Tom Devanney
    Patrick Meighan

    Co-Executive Producers
    Peter Shin
    Alex Carter
    Kevin Biggins
    Travis Bowe
    Kirker Butler
    Anthony Blauscci
    Mike Desilets
    Artie Johann
    Chris Regan

    Consulting Producer
    Chris Sheridan
    John Viener

    Gary Janetti
    Alex Borstein

    Supervising Producer
    Damien Fahey
    Maggie Mull
    Shannon Smith
    Kim Fertman[/I]
    Emily Towers

    Things to notes:
    Man, Janetti love coming back and forth with this show, eh? I lost track how many he left and then eventually return. Also, Alex Borstein gets a consulting producer again, but will she write another episode for the first time in almost 13 years?
    ALMOST every single veteran writers that has stayed with the show for so long are now either executive, co-executive, or consulting producers.
    Two new writers and they're both women - now that Cherry Chevapravatdumrong is gone, they have bring in two writers and Borstein on staff (I mean they didn't any female writers until season 3 came). One of them is the daughter of actor Martin Mull.
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    Hercules Rockefeller Homer Samson's Avatar
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    Apparently this is actually the first episode where Richard Appel is a voice actor

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    Ehh, "Treehouse of Horror XXX" was actually better ("Family Guy" has the habit of skipping over Halloween when the Simpsons and "Bob's Burgers" do Halloween episodes), but it had its' moments. I enjoyed the satire of reboots and Disney owning 20th Century Fox. And even though we had the usual bits of blood and gore, I was surprised by the lack of bleeped profanity (they probably just replaced any extreme profanity with less-offensive words.)

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    This wasn't bad. It's not as good as the Emmy episode but it had its' moments. The same goes for the directors' episode. I'm glad that the writers tried something differant to make the characters more likeable. To wiley207, they did a Halloween episode called "Halloween on Spooner Street". Trust me, it wasn't that good. Here is how I rank the segments:

    1. The Q: It was good to see the youth of Quahog step into the spotlight. Seeing Chris, Neil, Patty and Ruth hot and sexy was great. I'm glad that Peter played the role of an adult and not a teenager. I wished that Connie was killed and not Meg. It would have been great to see Meg hot and sexy instead of the usual Meg bashing. Brian as werewolf was cool and he was better here than the fairy tale episode. Overall, this the best of the segments.

    2. Lois: This was meh. It was nice to see Lois get a lead but it was bland.

    3. This one was a mess. It was nice that Chris got married to Connie but after that, it went down hill fast. I agree with Dr. Hillistic . I hate the dialogue too. Especially when it comes from Peter. Nobody talks like that in real life and I don't want a joke explained to me. You explain the joke, THERE IS NO JOKE!!! Talking and talking for over 5 minutes without getting to the point is lazy writing. We're not stupid but it feels as if we are.

    Overall, this gets a 2.

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    I forgot to mention when the person at the end of the episode says Family Guy is perfect the way it is, it's not. It's needs to go back to its' roots.

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    Junior Camper erichoff's Avatar
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    1. Where the hell's Meg in this you lazy writers?
    2. Ooooo a bitch likes a winery! I've grown to absolutely despise wine-fetished people myself since last year.
    3. Chris might've been a good concept but they could've done better.
    4. I completely lost track in the last few minutes and it got way out of control.

    They've done way too many of these mini-episode episodes the past 5 years. I definitely agree this show needs to go straight back to its' roots Sideshow Ken.
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