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Thread: Boy-Scoutz 'n the Hood - First Draft Script

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    Boy-Scoutz 'n the Hood - First Draft Script

    A few years ago, I obtained a copy of the first draft of Boy-Scoutz 'n the Hood, and I just got around to scanning it. Click that link!

    A few notes:
    • The script is at an impressive 61 pages (though the draft I got has at least one page missing at the end), while most of the finished scripts in those days ranged from 42-45 pages. There's a lot of material in here that was cut
    • In the first draft, Bart get his pocketknife shortly after he rejoins the Junior Campers (then called the Young Rangers) in Act 2. He has to work a lot harder for it in the final script, which makes Homer's gift to Bart in Act 3 (which was originally just an ice pick) more meaningful.
    • Ernest Borgnine appears in a grand total of one (1) scene in the first draft. The subplot of him getting lost in the woods was added later.
    • Other notable additions after the first draft: The entire peanut scene, "Cartoons don't have to be realistic", "Hey, there's a New Mexico".
    • That said, a substantial amount of Dan McGrath's first draft survived to the aired version and the basic story structure is the same.

    (Apologies for the quality of the scans, I'm still getting used to this scanner)
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    pretty sure im beginning to appreciate the rewrite process since this episode would be much worse without the sea captains "arr, i don't know what i'm doin'" and homer not actually singing the sugar song

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    In the treehouse, out back.

    One of my all-time favorite episodes!

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    Help yourself, but stay above the equator.

    Wondering if you could get a Slurpee entire made out of syrup?
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