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Thread: What if The Yellow Album had singles?

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    What if The Yellow Album had singles?

    Everyone knows it wasn't as big as Sing The Blues, right? While it does have good cuts (such as Twenty-Four Hours A Day and Hail To Thee Kamp Krusty), I'm surprised over that fact, right? (maybe it was issued to compete with SITKOS)

    In my opinion, both My Name Is Bart which was possibly removed from the album on Prince's request, but in this context would be retained and The Ten Commandments Of Bart would've been the singles (as with Sing The Blues). The video for MNIB would've been a straight-forward parody of the original My Name Is Prince video, with Kent Brockman in the role of the newsreader and Bart wearing his "gangsta" clothes.

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    Update: My Name Is Bart was actually the first song recorded for that album, created with Prince's permission. It was on a near-final config of the Yellow Album but got removed due to it being older than the rest.

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