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Thread: Movies/TV shows you've never completed

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueRibbonCommittee View Post
    I want nothing to do with Louis CK anymore.
    Why not?

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    I used to love watching The Big Bang Theory. Never thought mixing science and humor would be fun. Stopped watching after season 9 because I couldn't stand anymore the insults they're throwing at each other. I recently signed-up for Netflix and found some interesting new shows suggested by this website.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kupomog View Post
    I watched qty. 1 episode of Breaking Bad I am interested in the show, but it keeps getting pushed back on my list because other things just seem more pressing at the moment.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bart's treehouse View Post
    The Simpsons
    Then you just might be in the wrong place my friend.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDuffBlimp View Post
    Why not?
    He openly admitted he masturbates in front of women without their consent.

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    You can still like his comedy without supporting him.

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    The Walking Dead. I kept up with it up until Negan showed up and smashed two particular characters' brains in, partly because the way it was done was a cheap ratings grab and partly because it's one of the most disgustingly violent scenes I've ever watched in media.

    Last episode I watched before I stopped entirely was when Sasha died (just before the All Out War), and I have had no incentive to continue when anyone who was ever the least bit interesting has since left the show/been killed off, so there's no point in following it anymore.

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    I stopped watching Doctor Who the day I learnt about the biggest regenerational change, as it seemed to follow a pattern of "woke plots" and/or "woke lines". Then I've learnt that it's probably because "it's a BBC show". Yes, modern BBC shows tend to be what Doctor Who became some years prior to the biggest regenerational change: "straight white men are evil", "black people are good", "all Tories are the same: outright villains", "it's okay to punch someone when they're racist", etc.. Then I was told that the political messages in the subsequent episodes were as bad, or even worse: The Doctor's speech at the end of Orphan 55 was not subtle at all. There are also morally questionable problems, like the Doctor thinking asphyxiating spiders is more humane than mercy killing them, the "New Testament added the "Love thy neighbor" twist" thing, or the Doctor using the Master's skin color against him (actually, some Indians worked for the Nazis). We are also supposed to believe who the Timeless Child is, when no further evidence was shown. If the Master knew it, why didn't he show any evidence to the person concerned? Oh, and about the supposed "fixed" plot hole... In the episode that originated it, the person said they rembered those faces. When the "Matrix's mind was blown", maybe the Master simply hypnotized them with the trigger phrase being "You are the Timeless Child".

    Given that I'm already talking about BBC shows, I will talk about another one. That's not actually the subject, but I didn't find the thread fitting what I want to talk about.

    About the not subtle political messages, I think that the RTD years were less "woke" than RTD's Years and years. His Doctor Who wasn't propaganda (or not that much of it) and addressed rather well-executed, decent political messages. Actually, in Years and years, I was told there are also unrealistic problems: China wouldn't have let such an attack unanswered, such an economic crisis would have caused more unemployment (instead of changing jobs) and more depression from other people, and the younger people (children, teenagers and young adults barring Bethany) are here depicted as way too oblivious. About Lincoln being trans, it was apparently triggered by a disguise which led this character to decide liking to be dressed like a girl (that didn't make this one trans as the character still identified as a boy until the flash forward)... Except we are supposed to be in a rather realistic near future. Why didn't Edith pretend "her daughter" (actually her nephew pretending to be a girl) was a tomboy?! Apparently, Lincoln wasn't "feeling easy with himself", according to some viewers, which would eventually lead this character to transition (feminized appareance and breasts). Except that not all trans people "feel uneasy with themselves" and/or want to transition. Also, the script indicates "beautiful". Beauty is subjective. If it's a reference to "Trans is beautiful", I don't think it was ever said. I just find the "beautiful chinese girl" either average (not ugly, just average) or "so beautiful the reveal is ugly on the indide": as an Aspie struggling to be integrated in the society, I find the "Lincoln being trans is treated as being normal" extremely offensive. That's my problem with the last episode, hackers burst into the camps so easily as the guards do barely anything (if it's a reference to the Berlin Wall fall, it's a complete failure, as the Wall was here for almost 30 years, while Rook was in power for barely 3 years!), and filming what's in the camps being apparently enough to arrest a PM. It's so optimistic, and everything is suddenly perfect, sweet, glittery, etc. by 2034, as even Edith's mind was probably successfully uploaded to the cloud (a female voice could be heard on Señor, a device that usually "speaks" in a male voice). For such a show, I want realism, not idealism. World will be far from perfect by 2034. One last thing about the show: The jerk of the family had to be the cis straight white male. What else did you expect? It's a BBC show!
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    "You're perfect! In fact, you're better than perfect! Next to you, perfection is crap!"

    It was said in a 1997 episode. But if it were said in a recent episode (from the mid 2000s to for now), I'd take it as irony.

    I don't believe in modern Simpsons nor golden era: I'm an atheist

    Don't fear the roofer!

    I'm a post-20th century Simpsons episodes defender.

    The ones who say "Zombie Simpsons" make me laugh.

    I'm a girl but I say #NotMyDoctor anyway.

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    Have not caught up with SpongeBob yet seems too much like a chore.

    Riverdale I lost track but I intend to finish it.
    Ranking every episode of the season:
    Winter of our Monetized Content 7.5/10
    Go Big or Go Homer 5/10
    The Fat Blue Line 8/10
    Treehouse of Horror XXX (30) 7/10
    Gorillas on the Mast 7/10
    Marge the Lumberjill 4.5/10
    Livin' La Pura Vida 9/10
    Thanksgiving of Horror 9/10
    Todd, Todd, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me? 6.5/10
    Bobby, It's Cold Outside 8/10
    Hail to the Teeth 7.5/10
    The Miseducation of Lisa Simpson 7/10
    Frinkcoin 8/10
    Bart the Bad Guy 9/10
    Screenless 8/10
    Better off Ned 6/10
    Highway to Well 8/10
    The Incredible Lightness of Being a Baby 7.5/10
    Warrin' Priests 8/10
    Warrin' Priests Part 2 7/10
    The Hateful Eight-Year Olds 8.5/10
    Way of the Dog 9.5/10

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