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Thread: Thoughts on the Ricardo Bomba appearance

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    Thoughts on the Ricardo Bomba appearance

    I don’t know why this guy popped into my head today. But as you might remember, there was a big contest in 2009 where a person could create a Simpsons character who would be on the show. This was the winner, and he appeared in Million Dollar Maybe, crashing his car into a mountainside and dying immediately.

    What did you think of how this was handled? I think it’s pretty funny that they drummed all this up only to have the character die immediately, but I also feel bad for the person who made him and who was expecting him to be a recurring character. Even thought this was in the HD era, I don’t think the show would have the balls to immediately kill the character. I kind of admire them for doing it.
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    It's the funniest thing the simpsons had done in a decade

    It's probably really weird for people who hadn't heard about the contest though

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    Woooow I didn't know that story. I watched this episode yesterday and I overlooked his appearence because I didn't find any special there. But now that I understand the scene, I think it's great. It's another sample of the writers' rebellion. They recieved 25,000 designs to select one for a brief scene in which the character die. If I would be the creator of the character, I'd be proud of my creation and I would hung a picture of him in the living of my house.
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    I really liked it. In another thread I called it a throwback to the rebellious spirit of the classic era, and I stand by that: "We'll do your cheesy competition, but the character is only going to get brought in to be killed off".
    A little less Generic than before.

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    I haven't really got that much of a strong opinion on it one way or the other but I'd say I sort of like what they did. It's a pretty amusing thing they did with introducing this one new contest-winnin character and settin him up to be a recurring one only to get rid of him in the same scene, but at the same time it does feel like kind of a bummer they did the whole contest thing and then scrap the winning character right away, especially when having his creator in mind (though I think that if he had been allowed to stay he would probably have had a limited use as he felt like an almost too perfect, one note kind of character).

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