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Thread: Worst Lisa-Marge conflict episode

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    Yeah there's a lot of these that really could have been done better. Pay Pal in particular gets hit hard by this, what with the actual plot of the episode coming in at the half way mark before they even mention Lisa. Maybe in that time, we could have had, say, Lisa being put down by some of the other girls but Tumi's still there to cheer her up or maybe even a montage of some of them hating the things they and Lisa were doing together but Tumi was fine with and give Lisa a real sense that this was someone that truly accepted who she was, it'd give the reveal the proper punch it needed. But then it only had about ten minutes to go through the whole thing.

    Similarly, there were probably better things to use in How Lisa Got Her Marge back that would have made Lisa seem far more reasonable. Lisa's often confided in Marge over a lot of her troubles and maybe her expressing annoyance about something she was just told about could have been the betrayal it was made out to be.

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    The Marge-ian Chronicles is the worst! Even Marge said that Lisa is turning everything into a competition! This episode got really on my nerves, but I kinda enjoyed it. Just a little!

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