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    Why did every showrunner want to bring the show back to the family?

    This weekend, I listened to some interviews on the Talking Simpsons podcast with Mike Scully and Dan Greaney, and it made me realize that when every showrunner took over the show, their main goal was to play it safe and bring the show back to the family. They feel like by the end of the previous showrunner's term, things have gotten a little too off the wall and they want to go back to more realistic, grounded stories. Then by their second season, they get bored and the show goes off the wall again.

    I'm just wondering why this is something every showrunner wanted to do if it was never something that worked out. It's like they wanted things to be more like season two, but then they realize that the show has gone to so many different places since then, the whole "bring the show back to the family" model wouldn't be sustainable by the end of their first season as the showrunner.

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    I think I can explain why this is happening. I also didn't understood that, but now I have two theories:

    1. I think it has to do with people's interest in their job. We can clearly see that every year we have one good season, one bad, one good etc. The show runners what to help, but boredom and other responsibilities don't let them. They just leave it to the writers and they are done! A show runner isn't a writer or an animator. He doesn't have to really help. He can just suggest an idea. Then the writers make the story. I think this is the main reason why the show is going downhill. They don't care about giving a good and funny storyline anymore! This is why they recycle things again and again, for example Marge and Homer's marriage troubles or Lisa being a failure, because of...something or Bart's struggling issues at school and even more Homer getting fired and Marge having a new job. Everyone just wants to end the show! Every show runner tries to make his first season the best season in this series, but then they just give up from laziness!

    2. I also think the show has run out of ideas! In this case, they try to make good episodes, but not enough with good results. The show needs a change! I agree with some people who are saying the show needs to move into new staff. Bart and Lisa literally are stuck in the fourth and second grade for 30 years! They have to change some things or the least they can do is to make episodes about supporting characters. I mean Miss Hoover, Herman, Rod and Todd, Hans Moleman, Luann Van Houten, Doctor Marvin Monroe, Clancy Bouvier, Lenny and Carl etc.! Man! They have so many characters that they don't use! They have so many opportunities for good and interesting episodes! They are in front of them! I think that the show should give a chance to Miss Hoover and Luann Van Houten, they are characters who aren't well developed! When are they going to make a storyline about Hoover! When are they going to show as a Luann storyline (really! Her husband has an episode and she doesn't!)! I even want to see Maude Flanders returning to the show! I don't know! They need something new! Or they can just start ageing the characters! They can put Bart and Lisa to college, Maggie finally has to start speaking, more friends for Marge, Homer with a new job. It would be interesting to make a change!
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