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Thread: Has Bart become the Meg (Family Guy) of the show

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    Indeed, that vulnerability and likeability isn't there. My biggest problem with her current characterisation is that she's written more like a snarky, cynical teenager. It goes hand in hand with a push to be more "edgy" in the vein of Family Guy's misanthropy, and it's a bad fit for the characters and show as a whole. Like I said, Family Guy isn't really pulling it off anymore either, and it's meant to be their bread and butter.
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    Bart has always been the family martyr with Lisa he can't be better then her, because she can't handle it. when ever he get's money he spends it on the family, yet none of these things are ever mentioned or even remembered. first he was the bad guy for lisa, then marge, but now that they are trying to villinize him to make homer sympathetic it seems it's not going to be long before an episode just flat out says that Bart has to be abused for his abusers benefit.

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