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    Steven Universe has been COMPLETELY DESTROYED for me because of itís awful fandom on Reddit

    The title says it all. You know what happened. My love for this show and my obsession with Pink Pearl both lead to my downfall on Reddit. Plus most of the cyberbullies are SUtards. Let me explain what an SUtard is. SUtards claim that they are the true fans of Steven Universe, but in reality they are just idiotic fans who only tolerate hate, intolerance and bigotry against other fans even though the show itself does the exact opposite. These people also claimed that I was the one who brought out their behaviour because of my behaviour, and while they may have a point, it is an incredibly stupid thing to say. They brought out their own behaviour, not me. Everyone is in charge of themselves. They should have kept it in and instead should have tried to reason with me, but with the Steven Universe fandom being the worst fandom of all time (at least I think it is), you cannot trust anyone. Except for your friends or people who are actually nice. I cannot believe these people upvoted the cyberbullies and downvoted me. Absolutely disgusting. Well, so much for love and acceptance.

    Anyways, I know fandoms do not count as bad qualities for a series, but damn, this fandom is just horrible. It is filled with haters. You can find no happiness in this god awful cesspool of a fandom. I have my issues with the show though, not just the fandom. However, these people also probably donít know that bullying isnít criticism. This fandom is also one of the most dangerous fandoms on the Internet. Why? Well, the Reddit incident should tell you everything you need to know. I legitimately thought this fandom couldnít get any worse, until what happened on Reddit.

    Remember how I said last time the fan artist behind the White Steven AU comic, Chekhov, was indirectly responsible for all of this? Well, those god damn shorts have not been removed and the reformation still hasnít been scrapped, but above all, Chekhov is still f###ing with me with those shorts! I asked you all to go to that Tumblr page to tell Chekhov of the incident she indirectly caused and that she should remove Pink Pearlís shorts and scrap her reformation. But it still hasnít been done. Yes, Iím calling her a she because despite her calling herself ďagenderĒ, she was born female and science proves that no matter what she identifies as, she is still female because she still has her chromosomes she was born with. Also, fun fact: I never knew of the LGBT communityís existence until last year. Because of my religious beliefs (I follow one of the three Abrahamic faiths), it is taking me a long time to get used to the LGBT communityís existence and it is really hard as well. The fact that I was attacked by a pro-queer fandom (some of the fans themselves were in fact queer) doesnít help matters at all, and it pushed my tolerance further back. Thankfully, with me leaving Reddit permanently, getting used to the LGBT community should now be much easier. Back to the subject, I ask you all, kindly, to go to Chekhovís Tumblr page (which is this: and tell her of the Reddit incident she indirectly caused, and that she should remove the shorts and scrap the reformation of Pink Pearl. I promise all of you that this will be the only time I will interfere with a fan artistís work. I swear it. After that, I will not do anything like this ever again. A religious man always keeps his promises, you know.

    But what about Steven Universe? Am I going to turn into a hater and bash the show over and over again? No. Iím still excited for the movie, which comes out on September 2nd, but after the movie, Iím not even sure Iíll watch anymore of the show. I hope I do end up watching the show, but I am not entirely sure. Well, whatever happens next, Iím still watching the movie. Then Iím rewriting the entire movie as a chapter of my Deviantart fanfiction, Kirby's Bizarre Adventures. This is my Deviantart account in case you want to read it for yourself:

    The first chapter is called The Nightmare Begins. Just letting you know. Anyways, see you soon...

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