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Thread: 2019 Emmy Submissions

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    2019 Emmy Submissions

    Here are the episodes submitted for various Emmy awards:

    Animated Program
    American Dad - Rabbit Ears
    Bob's Burgers - Just One Of The Boyz 4 Now For Now (gee, what a surprise, a Tina episode)
    Bojack Horseman - Free Churro (however, the writers have opted out of this category and have entered the Comedy Series Writing category separately)
    Adventure Time - Come Along with Me (the finale)
    Family Guy - Trump Guy
    The Simpsons - Mad About the Toy

    Comedy Series Writing
    The Simpsons - two episodes:
    Bart's Not Dead
    Daddicus Finch
    Family Guy - Island Adventure
    Bob's Burgers - 11 (count them, one, two, ..., 11) episodes:
    Bed, Bob, And Beyond
    Better Off Sled
    Bobby Driver
    The Fresh Princ-ipal
    The Gene Mile
    The Helen Hunt
    I Bob Your Pardon
    If You Love It So Much, Why Don't You Marionette?
    Roller? I Hardly Know Her!
    What About Blob?
    Yes, Without My Zeke
    Bojack Horseman - Free Churro

    Series Music Composition (Dramatic Underscore)
    American Dad - Rabbit Ears
    Bojack Horseman - The Showstopper
    Family Guy - Big Trouble in Little Quahog
    (neither Bob's Burgers nor The Simpsons entered any episodes in this category)

    Note that some categories do not make their entries public, including:
    Character Voiceover
    Music & Lyrics (i.e. original song)
    Individual Achievement in Animation

    Also note that these are just entries; the nominations themselves will be announced on Tuesday, July 18

    I would include links to the individual lists, but the Television Academy makes occasional revisions and uses different URLs when they do, so links can become outdated.
    Click Here for the complete list of entries

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    Quote Originally Posted by That Don Guy View Post
    Here are the episodes submitted for various Emmy awards:

    Animated Program
    Family Guy - Trump Guy
    Is this a joke? Who in the right mind voted to put that one in there?

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    Alec Baldwin got an emmy for his godawful trump impression so I think family guy submitting their trump episode is pretty savvy

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